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The French Army Protective Suit is a two piece suit designed to protect the wearer from exposure to hazardous materials. This suit was widely used in France by the military, civil defense agencies, and Paris water and sewer workers.

We think this suit will serve our customers needs for both protection as well as a great Halloween costume. Imagine wearing this suit at a Halloween party or event where you want to scare people, you can be sure there will be no one wearing anything similar.

The French Army Protective Suit is a great suit for doing messy cleanups, working with chemicals, or handling any dirty job. This protective suit doesn't stop there, it also makes a great Halloween costume or prop for a movie or play.


  • Two piece suit - Coveralls with Draped Hood
  • Cuffed ankles and wrists - Perfect for chemical gloves and boots
  • Made from tough polyvinyl material - Impervious to liquids and gases


  • Dimensions: Legs 30" Inseam, Torso - 40" Waist, Arms - 23", Height = 83"
  • Recommended for those 5'10" and less, will fit a 270lb 5'10" man
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