French Army Wool Blanket - Orange Rescue Blanket from the French Army

French Army Wool Blanket

These French Army Wool Blankets were designed to be used by rescue forces in the French Army. You will find these wool blankets to be among the nicest wool blankets ever fielded by any military force. With the purpose of these blankets being to assist rescue forces, the large dimensions and orage color can also be used to signal rescue helicopters or other aircraft.

Description / French Army Wool Blanket

The French Army Wool Blanket is an excellent wool blanket that is ideal for rescue and emergency situations. Made from thick wool with over-stitched edges, you will not find a nicer wool blanket anywhere else. We've been importing military wool blankets for many years, and these are by far the nicest blankets we have ever had.

  • Authentic French Army wool blanket
  • Rescue Orange / Blaze Orange Color

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Manufacturer French Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great blanket
Review by Michael
My two were not brand new (wasn't expecting them to be) and the tags were washed out. The edge finishing was not the same on both. Just letting you know. However, they are fantastic for what I want them for (car camping). A great value. Buy them while you can!
Easily Fits a King Size Bed
Review by John
Bought 2 of these, one for our bed and the other for our daughter's bed and they quickly became our favorite Maine winter blanket. If this thing doesn't warm you up then you're already dead. No smell, no frayed edges, no stains, and no holes. Perfect in every way.
Had higher hopes
Review by Joseph
I purchased this blanket because I was very happy with the green French wool blankets I picked up a year ago from KS.
The orange one is thick, large and in fairly good condition with no markings.
First impession, I like the color.
Then I opened the bag and I became stuffed up and started sneezing. Huh, I don't have allergies? Anyway, I washed it and it's all good now.
I guess I'm not surprised by that, what was a bit of a disappointment though is the wool of this blanket is way rough, much more so than the green French ones and yes it was just as rough before I washed it.
I'm happy enough to keep it, maybe these weren't made for prolonged use like the others?
Best value in a wool blanket!
Review by Steve
This blanket is as described on the ks product description. Very large and much softer than a typical military issue blanket. Mine arrived only slightly used and in great condition. Slight warehouse smell that came out after washing. The color is somewhat like a burnt orange (go Longhorns!). I would buy another if they come back in stock. I don't know how ks finds these incredible surplus deals but keep em coming! I haven't decided if this one is going in the truck, as my camping blanket or used in the house for winter. I'm very happy with this purchase. Thank you ks
Perfect for Car or Emergencies
Review by patrick
Excellent like new, perfect for Camping, Car, or Emergencies. I always feel better with wool around.
Too big for camping or emergency kits
Review by Max
I bought this blanket hoping to add it to my bug-out bag, but the blanket takes up more room than my fully packed Yugoslavian army rucksack does! You could keep it in your car, or use a bigger backpack, but it's just not compact, lightweight outdoors gear.

That said, it's got to be the cheapest wool blanket around and will be a welcome edition come winter. As with some other commentators, mine came with edging and a tag indicating "laine/chlorofibre" composition, so bear that in mind when buying.

Oh, and the rust orange color makes great camouflage if you are ever stranded in the 1970's. Worth the price alone ;)
Another Winner~
Review by W. Crow
While orange isn't my favorite color, these French wool blankets measure up in quality, thickness and warmth. The two that I received were "about" the size listed, one being a bit larger, the other a bit smaller but both will cover a full size bed. While the green French blankets are a bit easier on my eyes, the orange ones will keep me every bit as warm. The blankets are used, but no thin spots, holes or repairs. They are a great value and much thicker than the US olive drab blankets.
Surprising quality and size
Review by Gary
I have bought other surplus wool blankets, but never any as nice as these. They are a heavy weight, huge and comfy. I keep wool blankets in the back of the car and in the Ranger for those in case moments, but these are just to nice for that. The orange color is unique and the edging is something I was not expecting. I wish I would have bought more and will keep an eye out for them in the future. These are the best blanket value out there. 100% wool, thick, soft and warm.

I am not dreading winter nearly as much, these are that good.
Great Buy
Review by mineman
These blankets kick butt. Wish I would have bought more than one. I most definitley will buy more the next time they come in. Thanks again KS!
Best wool blanket, surplus or otherwise
Review by James
I bought four of these when I read the description and saw the size. I've only ever found one other surplus wool blanket that would cover a queen-size bed. Two of the blankets are in like-new condition; the other two have some minor surface staining but are otherwise clean. I'll wash them someday and see if the stains come out, but it doesn't really matter at this quality:price ratio. These blankets are the thickest and densest wool blankets I've found. I've been sleeping under one since they arrived - just right for the cool nights in Iowa this time of year.
The tags on mine say "laine/chlorofibre", so the blankets may not be ALL wool. Then again, the "chlorofibre" might refer to the (nylon?) edge binding. Whatever, these are fantastic blankets, totally worth the $25, and I may buy a couple more if they're available again.
Amazing Quality & Value
Review by Michael
I have used military surplus wool for years... French. They are consistently, like new, without smell, thick, and HUGE! I have two from the '50s I sewed together to cover a king bed. These are way too big for that!.. almost covering the king completely. The rust orange color could make a good rescue signal. I think these are from the '80s. Like the others say, can't go wrong with these.
Super all wool blanket
Review by Al
Very heavy weight wool blanket, mine are marked with letters and numbers, CM 83. Blankets shows little or no wear. Well worth the price, especially with the discount. Fits my queen-size bed and will be toasty this winter. I bought four of them, take advantage of this now as you will not regret it.
Best Wool Blanket Value
Review by Robert
Bought 4 before they sold out and would buy several more, Have 2 in my long term kit, 1 in my truck kit, and gave one to my wife, Excellent quality 100% wool. Can not go wrong- especially at this price,
Best Blanket Around
Review by Daniel
Heavy duty,large,warm,well made almost too good for military,seam commercial quality for home use.bought 5 & should last a lifetime.Edges finished with pro edging
Nice Blanket
Review by Skip
Bought 4 of these blankets before they sold out which are very hard to get. This blanket is a must have for the price and quality Very satisfied with them.
Largest wool blanket on the market
Review by don
I love wool blankets, and have been collecting them, this winter. I have the USGI issue OD blanket, Polish wool blankets, and now this one. This blanket came with no funky mothball odor, its large enough to cover a queen sized bed, and its well made and very warm. I am not a huge fan of its rust orange color but I can live with it. Excellent purchase for 21 dollars.

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