French Canvas Water Bucket

French Canvas Water Bucket

Original vintage French Army Canvas Water Bucket. These are designed to allow troops to easily retrieve over a gallon of water from streams, lakes, or rivers.

Description / French Canvas Water Bucket


  • Heavy water tight canvas construction
  • Wooden circular top and base
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Wooden insert in carry handle
  • Holds over 1 gallon of water

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Manufacturer French Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great bucket for truck and camping locker.
Review by Dark Earth
Good quality, very sturdy and good size, about 2 gallons? Handle is strong and comfortable and the whole things packs down compact.

I filled it up on a 90º day at 5,200 feet elevation with no wind, set it on a stump in the shade, measured the depth, set a stopwatch and then measured loss at intervals. Mine leaked about 20% in the first hour, then slowed down to where it was about half full at four hours and still a bit in there the next morning.

I take it car camping, fill it up at the stream, lake, or campground water spout, and set it near the campfire for emergency and wash-up. Looks pretty cool too.
Update field review!
Review by Valentino- Banat Wilderness & Urban Survival Training
I just had last weekend this "French Canvas Water Bucket" up on Mt Hood and I was more then impress with this piece of the history. Once the canvas will get soak in the water you will have just light water dripping from the bucket. I left over night a almost full bucket with water hanging on my truck hitch ( yes, its fitting just perfect and you can look after pictures too.. ) and in the morning the water in the bucket was about 2 inch or so above to middle of the bucket. I am looking forward to get few more and use them on my wilderness survival classes for water filtration and fire building .. . The robust build its a guaranty for me that will hold in any hands...
Liked it so much I ordered more
Review by Craig W.
I ordered more for gifts to friends. Big smiles all around.
A great canvas water bucket to have for camping, hiking, keeping in your car or just for the historic value!
Review by Valentino- Banat Wilderness & Urban Survival Training-
I got lucky and I got a brand new one! I am more then happy with this French canvas bucket and I am looking forward this weekend to give a field test and in two weeks to bring the bucket on my wilderness survival workshop and to recommend to my students too.
Its a law here in East Oregon on high fire season to care a bucket with you in the woods and this bucket will be just perfect for a family that don't have enough space for extra gear in their truck.... A bucket for each member of family and you can have a squad of Wildland Firefighters :)
Great work Bucket
Review by Lock N Load
These are tough canvas, one was dated 1952! I had ordered 2, one was in great shape, the other has some fuzz texture to the outside of the canvas as if used? Both are great for what I'm using them for, buckets to haul tools in, work great and cannot beat the price!
Camp gear with a hint of the past
Review by Lionel
Love them, good quality, and they do the job intended for. I got four, they were all new dated from like 1960 , there is an authentic stamp on the bottom . Can be used to carry tools also.
Wonderful ...I plan to buy more
Review by Craig Channel Islands Harbor
I can use this on my boat, RV or at home. Collapses down for storage just nicely. It will hold about 3-1/2 gallons of water. As expected, after about an hour a third of the volume will seep out.
Get one for your bugout gear!
Review by KC
I just added one to my order mainly out of curiosity. Really heavy duty, folds flat as a pancake. Takes up hardly any room.
Great camp bucket.
Review by joe
Stows easily just about anywhere. Perfect for backpacking or just to have in your vehicle. Good quality, looks new.
Review by Paul
So cool! I stashed one in my camper and plan on buying another for my truck. I haven't actually used mine yet (except playing around with the hose in my backyard), but if ever I need a bucket, I have one at hand! And it's CANVAS! I can't be the only one who just needed one of these on principal alone?!
Great Bucket
Review by S.
Great looking bucket, original markings on bottom. Tough wooden handle. Sturdy all around. Water will eventually leak out over about an hour but possibly after a good waxing it will hold better. Excellent for collecting kindling when camping. Can find same exact bucket for 4-5x the price at fancy outdoor stores, as always keepshooting is a steal.
Great bucket
Review by Stephen
I bought several of these a while ago. They have performed great! I store a few, and use the rest off and on as needed. One of those uses is as a well bucket - we lose power here all too often! I've only had one go bad, and that was because I put it away still damp and it got rot. All the rest have held up great - and now I'm sure they're dry before I put them back!
Compact and durable
Review by Billy d
Collapses for minimal space in jeep or car. Not brittle like plastic in the wintertime
Excellent Piece of kit.
Review by Rodney
I've purchased several of these buckets and they are very handy to have if you are into camping and backpacking/hiking. I also keep one in my truck for those "just in case" situations.
Review by Stuart
I bought two, one for the truck and one for the yard. Since we harvest rainwater, it's perfect to have by the barrel, to take care of overflow in the monsoon season.
Like New
Review by RANDALL
Great water bucket,can't beat the price. before i put any water in it i water proofed the outside of it with canvas spray let dry,then tried it out no leaks at all perfect for camping will buy more.
A must have!
Review by tom
Very nice canvas bucket that collapses. Just returned from a camping trip and found it very useful, put out the fire, fetch water for boiling,etc. Thanks KeepShootin!
Solid and useful
Review by Willy
I've used these buckets while camping at glacier national park. Super handy and solid construction. Useful things to have around when you need them. You can think of tons of ways to use them. Will buy more in the future. is great!!!
I have used these buckets at a camp in Pennsylvania for several years now. Forgot to pack them up when returning home this spring, so I had to buy some more for camping here in Michigan. Great buckets and a great value!
Review by James
I have used these buckets at a camp in Pennsylvania for several years now. Forgot to pack them up when returning home this spring, so I had to buy some more for camping here in Michigan. Great buckets and a great value!
Nicely made, and solid!
Review by Michael
This will be on duty for fetching water from the creek at our family plot of land. We've continually wanted to douse a fire, water a sapling, etc but had no convent "bucket." This is our answer! Thanks, KS for such an awesome deal on this! It feels so rock solid and well built. It's just what we needed.
Good for everyday use
Review by Will
I purchased several of these for my father to use around the house and for reenacting. He loves them and lots of people want to know where to buy them.
Review by Brian
I have yet to test it with water, but what a cool item. Very sturdy construction, like brand new condition. Was a good buy. Keep in my get-home kit in the truck.
Useful historical artifact
Review by Jim K
Dated at 1953, this IS a bit of history, nicely made and will stand alone upright once filled with water, as well as after emptied, and dried, so a very decent, compact and portable way to fetch water. As many have said, it weeps, but does the job none the less. A comfortable, easy carry too.
Awesome piece of gear
Review by Joe
French army 1950's! Great piece. It is stitched very well and and the wooden piece in the handle helps you to comfortably grip the bucket when full. The canvas is thick and will leak a short period of time, but once the canvas swells it is watertight. I bought two and use them for everything. Foraging, gathering, holding parts, washing, gathering water. Light weight and multiple uses make it a must have piece of gear. And keepshooting has the best price that I can find.
campers must.
Review by allen
Recently bought the french canvas water bucket and it is great. fill it up an you plenty of cooking , drinking water. after awhile water begins to slowly seep through but remember it's canvas and not meant for long term storage. great water bucket and a great price. all you preppers, campers, survivalist its a must. get one before they are gone.
A Good Tool
Review by josh
Strong canvas, and feels very durable. Holds a lot of water, and is mostly water tight - it drips slowly, but it holds so much water that 99% of it will still be in the bucket when you go to fill your containers. Its not for storing water, just for transporting it from a source back to camp. A good addition to a camping bag.
Review by RM
I keep one of these in the truck and have used it twice already. Folds up nicely and holds water well enough. Hang to dry when done. I will buy more.
Good deal!!
Review by Jacob
Great little item for carrying water and such. There are soo many uses for these I keep one in bob bag and one in garage.
bug-out must
Review by Michael
This is a great way to fetch water and bring it back to camp for filtration. It carries lite and compact so you won't be tempted to leave it at home.
Good quality
Review by Jason
I picked up one of these on a whim. I was surprised at how well made the canvas bucket is made. The handle has a wooden insert and the canvas cover is tacked to it using brass tacks. Also the bottom has twine supports to add rigidity to the underside of the bucket. I am keeping my canoe's anchor and anchor rope in the one I purchased. Hopefully I will never need to use it to bail out the canoe. However, I can see picking up a few more; keep one in the shed for carrying odds and ends around the yard while working on stuff, and pack one in the camping gear to put out the campfire when needed.
It's a Canvas Bucket
Review by Dave
Got four of these, very handy, cheaper that ones at "Tractor Store", don't fill one and leave it on the coffee table over night, they'll seep through. It's A Canvas Bag! Great for next to the camp fire, carrying livestock water etc. Way better than a Plastic bucket, collapses down to 1 1/2" x 9" put one under the seat of your truck, and It will get lost in the burger doodle wrappers that seem to collect there. 4 stars for quality only because it's a CANVAS bag!!

very cool
Review by cody
Great addition to my camping gear! Folds up nicely. Taking it camping this weekend ;-)

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