Original vintage French Army Canvas Water Bucket. These are designed to allow troops to easily retrieve over a gallon of water from streams, lakes, or rivers.

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  • Heavy water tight canvas construction
  • Wooden circular top and base
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Wooden insert in carry handle
  • Holds over 1 gallon of water

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Customer Reviews

Good for everyday use
Review by Will
Verified Buyer
I purchased several of these for my father to use around the house and for reenacting. He loves them and lots of people want to know where to buy them.
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
I have yet to test it with water, but what a cool item. Very sturdy construction, like brand new condition. Was a good buy. Keep in my get-home kit in the truck.
Useful historical artifact
Review by Jim K
Verified Buyer
Dated at 1953, this IS a bit of history, nicely made and will stand alone upright once filled with water, as well as after emptied, and dried, so a very decent, compact and portable way to fetch water. As many have said, it weeps, but does the job none the less. A comfortable, easy carry too.
Awesome piece of gear
Review by Joe
Verified Buyer
French army 1950's! Great piece. It is stitched very well and and the wooden piece in the handle helps you to comfortably grip the bucket when full. The canvas is thick and will leak a short period of time, but once the canvas swells it is watertight. I bought two and use them for everything. Foraging, gathering, holding parts, washing, gathering water. Light weight and multiple uses make it a must have piece of gear. And keepshooting has the best price that I can find.
campers must.
Review by allen
Verified Buyer
Recently bought the french canvas water bucket and it is great. fill it up an you plenty of cooking , drinking water. after awhile water begins to slowly seep through but remember it's canvas and not meant for long term storage. great water bucket and a great price. all you preppers, campers, survivalist its a must. get one before they are gone.
A Good Tool
Review by josh
Verified Buyer
Strong canvas, and feels very durable. Holds a lot of water, and is mostly water tight - it drips slowly, but it holds so much water that 99% of it will still be in the bucket when you go to fill your containers. Its not for storing water, just for transporting it from a source back to camp. A good addition to a camping bag.
Review by RM
Verified Buyer
I keep one of these in the truck and have used it twice already. Folds up nicely and holds water well enough. Hang to dry when done. I will buy more.
Good deal!!
Review by Jacob
Verified Buyer
Great little item for carrying water and such. There are soo many uses for these I keep one in bob bag and one in garage.
bug-out must
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
This is a great way to fetch water and bring it back to camp for filtration. It carries lite and compact so you won't be tempted to leave it at home.
Good quality
Review by Jason
Verified Buyer
I picked up one of these on a whim. I was surprised at how well made the canvas bucket is made. The handle has a wooden insert and the canvas cover is tacked to it using brass tacks. Also the bottom has twine supports to add rigidity to the underside of the bucket. I am keeping my canoe's anchor and anchor rope in the one I purchased. Hopefully I will never need to use it to bail out the canoe. However, I can see picking up a few more; keep one in the shed for carrying odds and ends around the yard while working on stuff, and pack one in the camping gear to put out the campfire when needed.

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