French Mess Kit

French Mess Kit

Original French Mess Kit as issued to the French Foreign Legion and French Army. Each mess kit has three pieces that nest down into a compact size for easy transport.

Description / French Mess Kit

  • Two Cooking Pans with Handles
  • One Eating Tray
  • Size is about 7" x 5" x 2.25"
  • Authentic French Military Surplus
  • D-Ring for ease of carry
  • Marked on bottom with French manufacturer
  • Surplus Very Good Condition

More Information

Manufacturer French Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

A great deal
Review by Paul
The most sturdy mess kit I own. Heavy but light. Better than US and fits in a small compact spot. I have a ton of gear and this is part of my mess kit. That says a lot
A very good buy
Review by Guy
These are a very good buy. I have bought 2 of these mess kits. I will get another one for my car kit.
Very heavy duty received in excellent condition
Review by Bernard
Great value nice compact design with room inside for two esbit folding stoves. sturdy aluminum construction easy to clean good buy. Will order a nother one for my wifes bag.
Clean well, then a charm
Review by Lucas
Great mess kit for the price. For all surplus things, your going to want to clean it very well. Tough as nails and it will last you a life time
Good mess kit for money
Review by Lee
Heavy duty and built to last. Mine cleaned up nice. Fits well into molle canteen/utility pouch. Esbit stove stores inside if you want. Wife and I both have one in our bug out bags.
Nice and heavy
Review by Brandon
This kit was what I expected from the description. Mine is marked 1981, and gently used. It is heavier than some commercial kits out there, but for the value it looks very durable. As another reviewer mentioned, an Esbit stove fits inside, with a little room for fuel and a spork. Overall I am pleased with my purchase, I think I am going to get many years of service out of this kit.
Needed some clean up
Review by William
Alas mine was not mint. It appeared to be NOS, except it had some kind of water stain- a corroded area on two of the pans. I soaked it in a solution of baking soda and cream of tartar and gave it a once over with a scotchbrite pad in the affected areas- which cleaned it up OK; but it still has some markings. Remember that aluminum pans will develop these kinds of stains with use. You can go full on with abrasive pad, but then you start to get micro-scratches, which is about par. Would that these were stainless steel... (for my purposes). On the upside, it is a very compact set with a pleasing retro aspect and the pans lend themselves to certain kinds of meals. Not the best for soups, but glurpy stuff like chili or heavy stews do OK, and warming up standard 3-course leftovers has worked well for me.
the best ones must be gone --- Sept 2016
Review by Alex2222
Well, based on the reviews, I ordered three kits. They ARE heavy aluminum and well made, but all three I got were 'quite used'. Dents and deep scratches. But what do you want for ten bucks each. However ....... if I had it to do over again, I would have bought new stainless steel and spent the extra on really good stuff. I also put mine through the dishwasher which actually improved the look --- now they have a 'slightly tarnished, multi-colored, antique steel look'. Mine are date stamped 1959.
Useful and compact
Review by Cedar Creek Sam
The other reviews summarize this kit well. It's sturdy, compact and has a shape that is a bit more useful for one person especially than the round pots for both cooking and packing (the Czech one I also use).
One thing to add is that this mess kit fits perfectly into a US IFAK pouch if you want to store is and keep it from getting loose or beaten up when carrying it. With a little Esbit stove tucked inside it's a great combo.
These IFAK pouches are handy and inexpensive too by the way.
Like everyone else!
Review by Jack
Very impressed with the whole thing! Old and good quality, looks like someone else was doing the cooking.... This looks brand new. I prefer the rectangular shape (2.5 x 7.5 x 5) for packing.
Stamp on the bottom reads "JAPY" 1953. So I have an antique on my hands, I do not think this was made in Japan, I went to school with enough of these that would never learn how to cook, none the less have anything to do with a mess kit!
Great little cook set
Review by Sam
Nice little cook set made of high quality thick aluminum. Set locks up tight with little to no rattle. In my mind If one is looking for a 1-2 person cook set that will last a lifetime this one is hard to beat.
Excellent set at a great price
Review by Kruk
These are really neat. I tucked an Esbit stove into the smallest pan, which then sit nestled inside all the others into a neat little package. To protect against bumps and such, I put the Esbit into a plastic Ziploc bag. You get three rectangular pans with this, that fit neatly inside of each other. The smallest fits in the middle, the next size up has a handle that folds over itself, then the largest encases those with another handle. Mine was in used but totally acceptable condition. I feel great having this ride along with me in the car, for a little stove when I need it, along with cookware.

Nice kit
Review by Sixgun
Got one to try out, mine looked pretty and was covered in some kind of oil or light grease. I tried numerous times to hand wash with a scrubber and liquid dawn but it still felt very tacky. I made the mistake of running it through the dishwasher and it turned yellow and is still tacky. Good quality build and a good value overall. Maybe someone can post how they got theirs cleaned up.
great mess kit
Review by Kriegshunde
This is a great mess kit for a great price. Sturdy locks up tight not to heavy. Will give years and years of service.
One of the better mess kits available
Review by Jordan
Nice kit being aluminum it's nice and light, but sturdy and a good locking fit for storage. I prefer the pan style over pot.
good but
Review by Kyle
item is sturdy however has a lot of nicks and blemishes but i buffed them out and cleaned it
Great Piece of Gear
Review by Glen
Exceptional little mess kit, can eat out of, as well as cook in it in a pinch, bought two.
Excellent Kit At A Great Price.
Review by Rodney
I ordered one of these kits and my first impression was, wow... this is a great mess kit. It's made out of a very thick and high quality aluminum. I was so impressed with it that I ordered two more. The other two kits I ordered are just as nice as the first one I received.
Review by David
The piece nested together tight and make no sound. The inside looks new. Great buy.
Best mess kit for the price
Review by John
Great quality and the price is unbeatable.
Very Nice
Review by RANDALL
Nice little mess kit,in very good shape and clean,can't beat the price anywhere on the web,will buy again before there gone,very good quality.
Great mess kit
Review by tom
Ordered 2 to go into me and the wife's Alice packs. I looked new and the other a little used but still serviceable. Nice!
bullet proof piece of kit
Review by Benjamin
I ordered one of these on a friday morning and recieved it the following tuesday..great service so far...the kit itself is built like a tank..much better than a USGI kit IMHO and i have a lot of experience with the USGI...the dimensions are better (deeper pans) and it packs up much better (halves dont come apart unless you take them apart). three days after receiving this kit i ordered two more..
Review by Dave K.
Best price on the internet for this kit! I like it MUCH better than the US one as it is deeper and has 2 pans.
Nice mess kit
Review by tom
This mess kit will work nicely in my bug out bag. Ordered 2 and both in great shape.
Nice heavy duty aluminum mess kit. Handy form factor.
Review by Jeffrey
Very good quality aluminum. Like the space left in the center, good for Esbit type stove. The plate makes a great lid/double boiler for the smaller pan. Can't beat the price.
Very nice compact mess kit.
Review by skm
This French Mess kit is a very nice space saver quality product at an awesome price. I always try & order two of these nice camping items. Thanks again KS.
Nice Kit
Review by William
Arrived in good shape, no dents or no deep scratches. Cleaned up real nice.
Great container for an emergency kit - and a solid mess kit
Review by Stephen
The 3 nesting pans fit together nicely, and the inner pan is about 2" deep, and 4 1/4" x 5 3/4". This is much more space than your typical survival tin, so you can fit quite a lot inside it. If you need more space, you can leave out the inner pan, and just use the outer shell. A bit large to fit in a pocket, but I'm making a kit for each vehicle. This can be bounced around in the trunk or under a seat without worrying that it will get crushed. It's not water-tight, but should survive anything less than full immersion with no problem. Or put it inside a gallon ziplock, and solve that issue. A great deal.
A good buy
Review by Jim K.
This is a very nice, moderately sized and well made item. The shape is what I like, I know of no other rectangular, (as opposed to oval or round) mess kits. Somewhat bigger than a USGI kit but not by much. It ultimately provides 2 "pots" and a tray/ pan, in a compact size that packs nicely. Thick gauge aluminum construction make it a good "piece of kit".
Perfectly made kit
Review by Ernest
I had no idea this mess kit would be of this high-quality prior to receiving it. I have used it on some fishing outings at the lake and his stood up to wood-burning,fuel tablets and charcoal burning and alcohol stoves and always cleans up perfectly well. I will be ordering another one. Just to have it on hand. Thanks KS!
Another Great Deal
Review by Rob
I just received mine. I was skeptical at first due to the size. I was pleasantly surprised when it came. It's really nice, sturdy, well made and a great size. Other mess kits are larger and take up more space in your pack. I will be getting another one.
Mess Kit
Review by Anon
As other users have stated, it comes in excellent condition and is the only mess kit you will ever need for the rest of your life.
Great product
Review by Kenny
These nice, sturdy mess kits will last me a lifetime and will accompany me on every camping trip I take for the rest of my life
very nice set will be great for camping
Review by Robert
Arrived in new condition, just what I needed for my camping trips will be very handy for cooking in field
Will last a lifetime
Review by John
I purchased 4 of these, planning on giving them as gifts and keeping one for myself. They are very heavy duty and pack very well because of their shape. This will definitely be in my kit form now on when I go to the woods!
French Mess Kit
Review by William
I purchased a few more of the French Mess Kits for myself and friends. These mess kits are a must have for any Prepper, Camper, Hiker and any Emergency Situation. Very well made mess kit and at a great price I have to give the French Mess Kits and Keep Shooting 2 Thumbs Up
Introducing the last mess kit you will need.
Review by John
French Mess Kit two rectangle cooking pans and a rectangle bowl. They are made of thick aluminum and are perfect for one. They will last longer than any of the cheep or more expensive aluminum cookware being sold on ebay or amazon. The pots and the bowl nest together and lock to be one unit with room in the smaller pan to store eating utensils and or extra fire starting tinder and a ferro rod.
This mess kit is one that you will be able to pass along to your kid and grandkids.
very nice mess kit.
Review by allen
Received the French Mess Kit today and was very satisfied with it. not as large as the reviews I seen on You Tube, it's perfect size and weight and stores perfect in my ruck sack. can't wait until my next weekender. great work guys, keep those products comming an all those still thinking about this ket, quit thinking about and grab a couple before they are gone.
French Mess Kit
Review by Richard
This set is well built and locks up tight. A little bulky for the conservative backpacker, but I can't really think of a better kit for the money. This will definitely be tagging along on my next camping trip in the woods.
Can't ask for a better Mess Kit
Review by William
I just have to say that I bought 6 of the French Mess Kits and have already given 4 of them to friends who loved them as much as I do. The French Mess Kits have got to be the best made I have ever come across and will last me a life time. They all were in excellent condition just needed to be cleaned up a little and now look like new. It was definitely money well spent. I plan to purchase a couple more before they are gone forever
Nice Mess Kit Set!
Review by Vigo the Carpathian
I'm a mess kit hoarder, and have collected them for years--I probably have 40+ different mess kits. This is the French mess kit that I believe is the Model 1953; historically, you see them in use from Algeria through the 1990's. They replaced the French Model 1935, which was a large 3 piece pot set that followed the typical European style.

This model was designed by the French after their troops were issued large stocks of US military M1942 mess kits--you can see where the similarities lie. However, the French model utilizes a three piece set, and have steeper sides to the dishes--so you could cook with it as a fry pan or a small pot. The fact that there is 3 pieces is great, as it gives you more options. The set is made from aluminum, so it heats up quick, and holds the heat well. It is also easy clean. The whole set is smaller than the US M1942 set. In total it is about the size of the smaller pan on the British/Commonwealth mess set.

For less then 8 dollars, this is a great mess kit set, and you cannot go wrong!
Review by Ethan
This mess kit is excellent, collapsible and very space-efficient in my rucksack. Well-built too. Great for outdoor camping.
Mess Kit
Review by William
Coated in a light layer of oil, it was easily cleaned up. Rectangular shape is great for storing in a backpack and for storing utensils and a fire-starting kit inside of it.
Review by Jason
These seem like excellent little cook kits, especially for the price. The gauge of the aluminum is thicker than expected. I had a Danish cook kit for a while, which is a copy of the older British cook kits; these French kits are smaller. However, the extra pan really seems like a bonus. The two I received and ordered have very small dings and dents here and there, nothing major and still quite serviceable. I am impressed with them, and if you are looking for a cook kit, you might want to give these a try.
Great, Sturdy mess kit
Review by Jake
Love this mess kit had others like this before but none as well made as this. Can't wait to try it.
Great mess kit bargain
Review by Edward
I grabbed 2 of these kits to outfit me and my son. These kits are rugged, nest together for compact storage, and have a nice weight ( not too lite and not too heavy ). They fit in my French ruck, and my Swiss ruck auxiliary pockets which is a nice bonus.
bulky but best!
Review by Michael
I like this mess kit better than the US made ones. It is more bulky and all, but it is great in the field! Will buy again.
Review by Joe
I have wanted one of these for a long time. Mine has no date stamp but looks to be 50's or 60's. I don't think it was used much, there are more marks inside the pan than out, practically brand new! Will be trying very soon. Already has a spot in my rucksack.
French Mess Kit
Review by Nick
Wonderful, sturdy mess kit. The kit I received had a date stamped 1953. They don't build them like this anymore. It looked unused. I would highly recommend. If your looking for a quality well built mess kit look no further.
French Mess Kit
Review by Jeffrey
Excellent mess kit. Well constructed, fits together nicely and securely, in great shape. Another nice feature is how deep the pans are which makes preparing food in much easier than the very shallow pans on the mess kits I already had. I bought 2 of these and I'm glad I did. I have several different mess kits but this is honestly my favorite one.
Well worth the price
Review by Logan
I challenge anyone to find as good of a quality cook set at this low of a price. Yes, they are used, but a simple cleaning and you'll be glad you got them. The size and weight are perfect for light packing.

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