French OD Wool Blanket

The French Army OD Wool Blanket is a French army surplus olive drab green blanket made from wool. Soldiers in the French army used this type of blanket while on patrol, in the field, and back at bases. Most soldiers in the French Army raved about this blanket as it was one of the nicest army blankets that was ever fielded by the French and helped keep hundreds of thousands of soldiers warm.

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The French OD Wool Blanket is an authentic French army wool blanket that is in excellent condition. We have had many wool blankets in the past, none have been quite as nice as this newest blanket we've imported from France. The wool is less of the "itchy" type and more of the soft, comfortable, and warm that you would find on a commercial wool blanket. When the French army produced these blankets, someone in the production chain clearly wanted the French soldiers to be not just warm but also quite comfortable.

Wool blankets have always been in demand due to the versatility of wool when compared to synthetic fabrics. Wool tends to be very warm, even when wet, so that when used in tough climates you can count on it performing. You can also use a wool blanket to make a makeshift shelter, carry gear in it by folding it into a knapsack, or turn it into a poncho or cape for additional uses other than a blanket.

  • Authentic French Army Wool Blanket
  • Olive Drab Green Color

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Brand French Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Best Mil-Surplus blanket I have purchased
Review by Kevin B
Verified Buyer
This blanket is the cleanest wool blanket I have bought from any military surplus store. No flaws, no odor, soft wool. Mine has a satin hem on all sides.
All wool blankets should be this good
Review by Chris
Verified Buyer
Looks and smells new. No repairs. These blankets are worth there weight in gold. Get'em while you can.
Awesome Blanket
Review by Rory
Verified Buyer
Larger than most military surplus blankets. I would say that they are lighter weight than Bulgarian surplus blankets, but have sew edges and are plenty big for a double bed. I bought two and I am not disappointed.
french wool blanket
Review by casmedic
Verified Buyer
A very heavy,nice ,thick blanket of excellent quality.Large size. Very much worth the price. For a blanket of this quality would cost 4 xs the price. The service and delivery time was very quick. I highly recommend others to buy it while you can.
Buy this.
Review by Phil
Verified Buyer
This is one of the best wool blankets I have come across, on par with MUCH more expensive Pendleton blankets, which I have one of. Yes, this blanket's edges may not be as well hemmed as the Pendleton, but as far as the soft, thick, warm qualities go, there is no difference worth mentioning. I also like the color, but that's more a personal thing. This is an excellent choice as a normal bed blanket, but with the price, will also fill an emergency/bug out/vehicle blanket role quite well.
French OD wool blankets
Review by Rich T
Verified Buyer
Bought one and liked it enough to buy another.
Used but excellent condition - no smell, no damage/repairs, just a little itchy, more forest green than OD. Big enough to cover a full size mattress with a few inches overhang at the sides. One has stitched edges, the other a satiny hem.
good quality
Review by Matt
Verified Buyer
good product Just be aware they are little slow in shipping but good otherwise
Very Satisfied
Review by dart
Verified Buyer
excellent condition not scratchy. warm blanket big enough to wrap my whole body. loved so much i ordered a second one. im hoping is in excellent condition as this one. for the price is well worth to get one.
Hit or Miss Condition
Review by JMD
Verified Buyer
The blanket I received has 4-5 rough repairs that vary in size, up to about that of a half-dollar. There is also some slight unraveling on the boarder. Otherwise a nice warm blanket that arrived looking and smelling clean.
An excellent blanket
Review by not1word
Verified Buyer
This is worth buying. I really like the color. It's thick. Mine does feel a bit scratchy, as most wool does to me, but I understand that's a personal thing. It doesn't keep this from being an excellent purchase, in my opinion and I have already recommended it to friends.

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