French SMG Mag Pouch For Sale

French SMG Mag Pouch

This is authentic French Military SMG Mag Pouch! Each one is in very good to excellent condition, and will hold four 30 round magazines. We've tried the pouches out with Sten Mags, M3 Grease Gun Mags, and Thompson magazines and all fit great! The SMG Mag Pouch is made of water resistant vinyl and heavy canvas, with a large velcro type closure.
SKU MSI-0015

Description / French SMG Mag Pouch

  • Surplus but in Very Good Condition
  • Fit up to 4 SMG Magazines
  • D-Ring on the back
  • 4 Separate Cells (3 dividers)
  • One big Belt Loop on the back as well for easy carrying
  • Imported from France

We also have French Canvas Mag Pouch for sale if you are interested in French Military collectibles.

More Information

Manufacturer French Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Very nice
Review by Milsurp guy
Apparently I ordered the last one, because they're out of stock now. Fit Grease Gun mags almost perfectly. "Almost" because the velcro only engages about half the surface area, but still holds the flap secure.
36rd Suomi fit perfectly, you might even benefit from having the ones with finger loops so you can pull them out of the pouch easily.
Like new condition
Review by Don
It came in almost new condition. I ordered multiple items and actually I didn’t mean to order this but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.
Review by Dave
Work for M10 mags as well.
Built like a brick merde house...
These puppies are tough! Heavy "ballistic-type" nylon construction in excellent condition. Ordered 2 of these. Perfect for straight column mags like the Uzi, Sten and M3 Grease Gun. PPS43 (curved) mags will fit in the cells, but are extremely tight and may hinder extraction during "high stress" situations.
French SMG pouch
Review by Andrew
An uncommon piece of French field gear at a reasonable price. Let's have more stuff like this!
Great for Sterling 34rd mags
Review by Bobbie
This new nylon pouch is perfect for Sterling 34rd mags.
Tuff, sturdy and gets the job done - without any rattle!
Review by wolff
Have owned two of these nylon French pouches for about 7-8 years, and I really like them.
They hold 30 rd. STEn mags perfect, and are NOT a tight fit if you
put one mag in facing front (lips up or down, doesn't matter), then slide the next mag in - front facing the pouch's backside. ;-) That way the 'bevels' of the mags mate up, instead of fighting for room.
The Velcro is strong, and I rate overall construction as very good to excellent -- not quite USGI, but darn close - almost five stars!
Tuff, sturdy and gets the job done - without any rattle!
Review by Wolff
Have had two of these nylon French pouches for about 7-8 years now, and I like them a lot. When filled, they're stable - laying flat you can stack them and they'll stay stable.
Holds 30 rd. STEN mags perfect = the big Velcro patch on the flap lines right up, not halfway up the pouch like it's too small.
Also, they are NOT a tight fit if you load the mags like this:
Slide the first mag in, thinner side facing front (lips up or down, doesn't matter), next mag goes in opposite the first one -- thinner side facing the pouch's backside. ;-) and so on. That way the 'bevels' of the mags mate up, instead of fighting for room.
The overall construction is very good to excellent -- not quite USGI, but darn close - almost five stars!
P.S. if you couldn't make it out, the canvas strap on the back (what the D ring attaches to) is indeed a loop.
SMG Pouch
Review by J.
This is a great way to carry your stick mags around. Very nice.
SMG Mag Pouch
Review by Richard
A very solid mag pouch for UZI or Sten mags. Comfortably fits four 32 round Tapco magazines for my 9mm MasterPiece Arms Defender (Mac-10 clone). Also closes with plenty of velcro to spare. If I had more mags I'd probably buy another one of these.
They Fit!
Review by RemMax
I took a chance after reading the other 2 reviews on these and ordered one with my last order to try my Grease Gun Mags in.
Well finally I found a pouch that will actually hold my Grease Gun Mags!
This pouch does indeed hold 4 Grease gun mags in and they still close and fasten!
They ARE a tight fit but that's not really a bad thing as they don't rattle once placed in the pouch.
I did notice that when the mags are loaded they get a little snug about fastening but that may have just been me and because the pouch is like new.
Overall if you have Grease Gun Mags you need to store and carry these are the best fitting I have found so far.
Also the pouch itself is like new. I like it well enough that I will be ordering 2 more when I place my next order, (now if those CZ82 mags will just come in).
P.S. I placed my order on a Thursday evening and received my package in the following Monday mail!
Don't get service like that very often these days! Thanks KS
Great for grease gun mags!
Review by ROBERT
Fits 30 round grease gun mags. The cells keep mags from rattling against each other. Very nice fit.
great pouches
Review by dave
very handy and compact. fits most of my double stack stick mags!!!

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