French Tanker Water Proof Bag

French Tanker Waterproof Bag

The French Army issues these water proof tanker bags to tank crew members. The bags are constructed from a tough water resistant material with taped seams and a unique cloth tie closure.

Description / French Tanker Waterproof Bag

The French Tanker Waterproof Bag is a great multipurpose water resistant bag.


  • 25" Tall x 15" Wide
  • Olive Drab Color
  • Water Proof Material Construction

More Information

Manufacturer French Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Strudy material
Review by Steven
Nice tough canvas exterior with smooth vinyl/rubber inside (with the smell to prove it). Wish it had a roll-top like closure but the drawstring is sufficient. Heavy-duty feel, definitely not thin material, still subtle and rolls nice.
Nice lightweight bag
Review by Ben
I got this to keep things in while boating and fishing and it is a great size for that. I just took it out to the yard and sprayed it with a hose for a while and sure enough, it is water proof. Good luck finding a bag like this for this price in a normal retail store.
Great dry bag
Review by Joe
This bag keeps all my clothes dry in my rucksack. It's a very simple design but it works great. I use it in my French rucksack which I also bought from keep shooting.
Another hit from Keep Shooting!
Review by tom
Used this on a tubing trip this past weekend. Cell phone,keys and wallet went into one and everything stayed bone dry! Sweet!
Review by Andre
for 5 dollars this is an extremely rugged and effective bag, definitely worth the money.
Good so far
Review by Sandro
I haven't tested it with water yet, but the rubberized material looks solid. The "cloth tie closure" has rotted away and came off in my hand with only a mild pull, so I'll tie some 550 cord around it, I suppose.
small & light & functional
Review by Rob
Perfect size for my bed roll & can be compressed with the dutch camo straps also on this site. Also adds very little weight. I am adding another to my next order.
Nice waterproof sacks
Review by Jim K.
Well made and in perhaps unissued condition, will be perfect for keeping clothes dry inside packs. Purchased a second pair after my first order, all 4 were in super condition, as new.
Very nice Waterproof Bag
Review by 39bore
Don't even want to think about how many times over the years I needed a few of these. Nice bag, decent size. AND they WORK!
Kind of makes you wonder what those wacky French were doing with their Tanks?
Review by Tim
It was a little small for what I had originally planned to use it for. However, I found an awesome use for it: This bag will PERFECTLY accommodate 2 USGI pup tent halves (properly folded and rolled, of course), a ground tarp, and small blanket. All without being so tight that it would hurt the stitching of the bag. This will keep my tent dry if the canoe tips over again.
keep it dry!
Review by AKMike
I have been using these to throw my cell, extra batteries, friends cells, and various other water hating things in when I go hiking/camping. This has been very helpful so far. Its much tougher than a plastic bag, and its less likely to become litter.
Great little bag
Review by Michael
If you have the use for an item of this type. This is perfect. The one I received is new so it is in pristine condition. I will use mine for keeping photo equipment and other sensitive items dry when boating and camping. This bag does not have a water proof closure system but will still do the job great.

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