G3 Collapsible Stock

The G3 collapsible stock is an original surplus stock from Germany that was manufactured by Heckler & Koch. Our G3 collapsible stocks are all in excellent condition. Best of all, swapping it out with your current buttstock is more than simple. Just remove the stock pins, remove the current buttstock and slip the collapsible stock into place. Insert the stock pins back into place and it is ready to go.

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The G3 collapsible stock is a telescoping buttstock that, when mounted, is found at the rear of the trigger pack. It is held in place via two stock pins. As noted, the G3 collapsible stock is an original factory part made in Germany by HK. The buttstock of a rifle is designed to be held against the shoulder during aiming and firing as well as spreading the force of recoil. In the G3, the buffer assembly is located within the buttstock and backplate and serves to reduce the amount of recoil delivered through the buttstock. This collapsible buttstock provides the shooter the ability to adjust the length of pull of the stock.

Spare parts and accessories are an important consideration when it comes to firearms. Like any machine, firearms rely on a series of parts to function properly. In the case of the G3, the buttstock is necessary for proper functioning as the bolt carrier would fall out of the receiver if it were missing. If a part breaks or fails, a repair or replacement is necessary.

It is also important to consider availability. At this time, Keepshooting.com has a wealth of authentic, original factory parts from HK for the G3/HK91/PTR91. Not only are they readily available, but also they are cheap. Now is the time to take advantage.

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Overall Rating
Review by STEVEN
Looks good, fits tight, locks in and out solid. Fits PTR91 well. Probably arsenal refinished but looks good. Good price. Another win for Keepshooting.
Overall Rating
Excelent condition take-off from a G3A4
Review by Alex
This stock looks like it came off a rifle that was stored more than even carried. The last three digits were neatly crossed over with an armorer's stamp. Both the spring and nylon guide o-ring looked super clean. Great value. Fit an functioned perfect on two PTR-91s.
Overall Rating
Review by Roge
I ordered mine on Monday and I received it Thursday, really fast shipping, the stock was in a plastic bag and oiled, haven't had time to shoot it yet, but it sure looks good on my PTR91
Overall Rating
don't even have a G3 yet, but got this
Review by Chris
the price was right, the quality was excellent. I couldn't ask for more. gonna save up for a G3 to put it on and use the inexpensive mags I got. Great value.
Overall Rating
Excellent Condition
Review by RemMax
I bought one of these to go on a brand new G3 I am building and the stock I received is in as near New condition as you could possibly ask for!
It is the correct military issue black color and matches my rifle perfectly and slides in and out and locks up like a factory new stock
If I had to guess I would say it had been installed on a military rifle, then sat in storage in some Government Armory for however long, was never issued and/or fired
Quite happy with the Stock I received and would order another one right now for my Cetme kit I'm building next.
Overall this stock is like new condition and I am quite pleased with it. If they still have these when I get paid again I will be buying another one from KS since they have the best prices on most items and provide excellent service to go with it
Thanks KS, keep the great deals coming
Overall Rating
HK quality
Review by roy
Received mine yesterday. It came in very good shape and great time. Finish is excellent but not new. Color is greenish and not a match to the commercial HK91 nor the PTR91. There is some play in the stock when extended to be used and as noted the stock is quite narrow. I use it with the .22 LR adapter so lock-up and recoil are not a factor. Great value.
Overall Rating
Getting Hard to find
Review by Jose USMCR
I purchased one of these For my CETME and it needed a little fitting. These are getting hard to find and with the political climate being what it is I would get one now! Super H&K quality.
Overall Rating
If you own an H&k/PTR/CETME get one of these
Review by ELI
Came in nearly perfect condition, only some slight scuffs marks on the finish that were virtually unnoticeable. Great addition to my PTR-91 and took only a second to replace my old stock with. I was a little worried since I ordered one when there was only 10 left, thought it might be a little banged up, but that was not the case. Came sealed and oiled just like other peoples orders. The price was the best I had found and the quality was to match. Get on of these you won't regret it!
Overall Rating
Review by Nato
These stocks really look good on a rifle, but be warned, the felt recoil from about a one and a half inch square butt contact area is painful without some padding. It is acceptable when wearing a coat, shooting jacket, or tactical gear. These stocks were made for portable handling rather than battle comfort.

This stock design on the 223/5.56 rifle is excellent, but these stocks would need to be extensively modified for use on the smaller caliber rifles.
Overall Rating
2nd stock i ordered both fresh and clean
Review by Matthew
this is the 2nd stock i ordered, one for my CETME, and one for my PTR-91. the first one was mint, with factory oil still on it. The second one has a very very slight wear mark up top next to a crease in the metal, barely seen, and i may just hit it with a sharpie. Was covered with factory oil sealed in a bag, would another, and this is the only place i go to for my gear as i have not had one thing i really could complain about from KS.comi have ordered stuff from the "big" surplus sites and things pale in comparison to KS, the description is always dead on, its a crap shoot with the big sites, always a better deal most of the time, and shipping is SUPER SUPER fast

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