G3 OD Buttstock

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As noted, the G3 OD buttstock is an original factory part made in Germany by HK. They were stripped from service rifles, which means you are not only getting a complete, fully-functional buttstock, but a piece of history as well. This injection molded synthetic buttstock could originally be found on the G3A3 variant. It can be located on the rearmost part of the rifle mounted to the receiver and the trigger pack via the lower locking pins. The buttstock of a rifle is designed to be held against the shoulder during aiming and firing as well as spreading the force of recoil. In the G3, the buffer assembly is located within the buttstock and backplate and serves to reduce the amount of recoil delivered through the buttstock.

Spare parts and accessories are an important consideration when it comes to firearms. Like any machine, firearms rely on a series of parts to function properly. In the case of the G3, the buttstock is necessary for proper functioning as the bolt carrier would fall out of the receiver if it were missing. If a part breaks or fails, a repair or replacement is necessary.

It is also important to consider availability. At this time, Keepshooting.com has a wealth of authentic, original factory parts from HK for the G3/HK91/PTR91. Not only are they readily available, but also they are cheap. Those with an interest or need for any of the parts and accessories offered should realize that now is the time to take advantage of this offering.

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Customer Reviews

Review by David
Verified Buyer
Mine came in. Looks almost new. Even better condition then the buttstock assembly my PTR91 came with. Very pleased. Only thing I recommend is you take a little more care in packaging. The recoil spring and rod was sticking out of the box when I got it. But wasn't damage. Wrap the guide rod with foam padding or something.
Steal of a deal !
Review by Alex
Verified Buyer
For $14.95 you get the whole recoil assembly and an OD Stock.

Worth more than the sum of the parts!
I hope they have more in stock.
Solid G3 Buttstock (put one back for a spare)
Review by rodney
Verified Buyer
If you have a Cetme or HK91, this is a great buttstock. For the most part the G3/ hk91 /Cetme rifle's are out of production, and this is a spare part you must have to keep your HK91 working in the future. One I got , metal/spring, looked good , stock was nice, buttplate showed signs of years of contact with german dirt and rocks, still serviceable. Try finding one of these at a guns show for $15 bucks. if you don't like the OD green stock , paint it black, plus it's factory HK. Look at it this way, a fine HK G3 was destroyed to make this spare part. Buy it as a donor part and help keep part of an old G3 rifle alive. Years from now these may be hard to find. If you have a Cetme or HK 91, stock up on these HK parts while you can.
Great product
Review by Jay
Verified Buyer
I ordered two, as it is surplus and I figured I would increase my chances of getting one that was better then the other. Well, I didn't need to. They were both in excellent shape. They had the usual marks I expect from surplus, but nothing more then cosmetic problems that can be taken care of in my spare time. Fit and function is excellent and nice to have a replacement for my collapsible stock. And you cannot beat the price!!!!
fantastic deal
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
Came home on Tues, and my parts arrived. Opened the box to the sweetest stock fully complete. The recoil spring and guide look brand new, proper OD color, a few scuff marks, butt pad was well worn. For the price I paid I got a fantastic deal. Thanks Keepshooting
Get one
Review by Tom
Verified Buyer
The stock i received is a true OD green, not the dark green that it appears in the product photo. Mine came with a few character marks and a number "10" paint marked on the underside by some Bundesweher armorer for some forgotten cold war rifle rack. Pretty sweet little deal.

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