"Don't Tread on Me" Gadsden Flag

Gadsden Flag

The Gadsden Flag is one of the most recognized flags in America. This flag inspired early American Revolutionary War soldiers with the message it sends which was directed towards the British monarchy. Now this flag has been adopted by modern day patriots who use it to send a message to an over reaching government that the American revolutionary spirit has not died.

Description / Gadsden Flag

The flag available here is a recreation of Gadsden’s original design. It includes both the rattlesnake symbol and the motto on a yellow background. It is often said that the rattlesnake featured on the flag is an American timber rattlesnake, though many claim it to be an eastern diamondback. Regardless, the rattlesnake is depicted with a rattle containing thirteen segments. As you may guess, these thirteen segments represent the thirteen original colonies of America.

The Gadsden flag is the ultimate symbol of American patriotism. It embodies everything that our nation stood for at its inception and will perfectly capture your “no nonsense” rebellious spirit. Hang it on your wall. Fly it outdoors. Show your pride, or your disapproval. This flag really is all encompassing.

  • 3' x 5' Dimensions
  • Designed to Fly Outdoors
  • Includes 2 Grommets
  • Vibrant Polyester Design

More Information

Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Good looking flag
Review by Lionel
Over all flag is good for this money, I wish they will make them in several different grades of material so one can choose. recommend it !
Great flag for the price
Review by Dan
Great deal, love my flag -- the material is a little see-through, but because it's such a bright color it really doesn't show. The detail is perfect and the colors are strong.
Overly Satisfied
Review by Anthony
I bought this to hang over my bed and it's a really attractive flag that always receives attention when I bring friends over. It's colorful, bright and large. The snake is detailed beautifully and is priced very graciously. Thanks KeepShooting!
Do you love America?
Review by Bo
If the answer is yes, then you should buy several of these Flags! Fly them High with Pride! At Five Dollars they're a steal!
Gadsden Flag
Review by J.
If you support the Constitution this is a must have. Buy two at this price. Decent quality materials.
great flag
Review by Marcel
use it at our gun rights protest
good flag
Review by Marcel
great for protest and rally.
Better than expected!
Review by Ehlert
The quality of this flag is very good. The material used is better than I expected for $5.00. I've paid 3X the amount from a vendor at a Biker Event, and the material was much thinner. The color and artwork is also above expectations.
very nice
Review by nick
Got here super quick paid a little more on shipping than what i would have liked to but got here vary quick thanks keepshooting.com.
Gadsden flag
Review by TTAGer
This flag sums up my feelings quite well in today's political climate. For only five bucks, this flag is definitely worth buying.
Gadsen Flag
Review by Brian
Very nice flag for five dollars. I have this displayed in my "man cave."
Looks great!
Review by Nicholas
This is a must have for any pro-gun activist, as well as history buffs! Looks great on a flag pole or pined up against a wall.
Good flag
Review by andrew
I fly this flag at my house on the 4th of July. Great decoration piece for any real American.
Love this flag.
Review by Alex
Flag is good quality and very big. Great Price. Everyone should have one!
cool flag!!
Review by dave
my first gadsen! love it but unlike the other reviewer sean, i don't think my wife will let me hang it in on the wall LOL i actually got it to fly from an oarboat i will be rowing on the green river next year. thought it would be a nice change from the jolly rodger i usually fly. seems the nra has used this flag as a gun rights theme recently as well. wish it was a little heavier material but for 5 bucks i can't complain. (i just hope it wasn't made in china!!!) lol
Good wall hanger
Review by Chris
Not the thickest flag so I can't say for sure it would be great on a flag pole in the long term, but for the price I had to have one for my living room wall. Everyone needs this flag!
A universal belief
Review by Sean
I have one of these that I have had for years. I hang it on the wall of every place I've hung my hat. I feel that this flag is not only a flag that represents one party, but a flag that explains your own personal stance. If you don't have a flagpole, or your wife doesn't allow you to hang it on your wall, at this price why not get one to add to the bigger items in your basket!
You need one
Review by Proud American
I fly this flag proudly in several places on my ranch. Every American should have one in my opinion. Keepshooting had the best price I could find

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