Gas Mask Drinking Tube For Sale

Gas Mask Drinking Tube

If your Israeli Gas Mask didn't come with a drinking tube or if you lost the drinking tube, we have spare ones for you!  This Gas Mask Drinking Tube works with all Israeli-style gas masks which include M-15, Civilian-style and Child-size masks. The tube has pressure valve to allow you to control the water flow.

Description / Gas Mask Drinking Tube

This drinking tube may fit on other Nato-Standard gas masks with drinking port.

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Manufacturer Israeli Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

A little short
Review by Jack
A little short for my taste. But works as intended.
Great price and a great product
Review by Ferenc
Brand new and quality product. Bought 2, going to get more.
Hard to find item..
Review by Michael
Really hope KEEPSHOOTING stocks up on some more of these.. I find they are very hard to source.
Mine works perfectly with my brand spanking new Israeli gas mask I purchased from KS.
Great straw.. will be ordering another and perhaps the canteen that goes with it. Which apparently keep shooting sells too..

Great product
Review by The Doctor
If you're planning on buying an Israeli-styled gas mask, it simply doesn't make sense not to get this as well. It's cheap and doesn't take up much space, and it could save your life one day.
Works flawlessly
Review by Dan
Works very well with the gas mask canteen and Israeli-type gas masks. Fit is solid, easy to use, doesn't take up too much space in a bag.
Get one while you can.
Review by rodney
I ordered an Israeli gas mask without one, what was I thinking!! If you think you might need to drink water while you wear your mask this is a must! Very easy to use and you don't need a special canteen. Open a bottle of water, stick tube into bottle, cover opening, squeeze the 2 tongs together and draw the water up. release the tongs and the tube is sealed. Very important item, some people have over looked. Think of wearing this hot rubber mask and not being able to drink anything for 6-8 hours. The drinking tube could save your life or keep you from passing out. Note*** Don't forget to have plenty of spare 40mm filters for your mask too.
Works Great
Review by Timothy
Fits perfectly with my Israeli civilian gas mask! So happy I bought this!!
Drinking tube
Review by Anon
My gas mask, which I bought from a different website, did not come with one of these, so I bought one here for under four bucks and am very happy with it. Fits the gas mask perfectly
Great product
Review by Kenny
If you own a gas mask, you should own one of these as well. Low price, high quality, just like everything else on this site!
simple and works!
Review by Michael
This is quite nice for $3.50! The US made canteen that I bought with it doesn't seal up good, but that's not a hard fix. Plus as mentioned in a former review, they do hook up to camelbaks and other hydration packs.
It is what it is
Review by Josh
Fits the civilian Israeli masks. Breath check. Stay hydrated check.
a must have item
Review by Mike
if you think you may ever need a mask, you will definitely need to be able to drink so stock up on these tubes and get proper canteens also.
Useful Kit!
Review by Jose USMCR
I received one when I ordered some Israeli masks. You can only go for a day or so without water in a high stress environment. After that your looking at a heat casualty. Great quality. Must have.
good product
Review by jeremiah
These go great with the israeli gas mask both adult and kids size. Brand new and a good price.
many uses cheap price!!
Review by Matthew
ended up rigging this for use in my M40 mask since mine was missing the internal straw piece, worked well and was cheap!
Good buy
Review by ERB
Very useful, fits and works perfectly with the Israeli civilian gas mask.
Good to connect with a camelbak
Review by Monster Mike
It work well with my civilian Israeli gas mask and connects to the camelbak, you may need to buy another nipple piece but still works.
good to have a spare
Review by dave
got one of these to go with the m15 mask even though it came with one already. certain items should have spare parts and this is one of those spares you need to have!!!
These things could be very useful
Review by kepiblanc
It's never a bad idea to have an extra one or two of these if you own an Israeli M15 military gas mask. I keep mine in the same carrying pouch where I keep my Israeli M15 military gas mask.

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