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German NATO 7.62x51 Blank Ammo

German .308 Blanks - 50rds


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  • German NATO 7.62x51 Blank Ammo German NATO 7.62x51 Blank Ammo
  • 308 Blank Ammo 308 Blank Ammo

Quick Overview

The German .308 Blanks are a box of 50 modern blank rounds for any 7.62x51 or .308 Winchester rifles. These blanks were produced using a plastic blank body which makes them inexpensive, reliable, and perfect for use in any modern 7.62x51 or 308 Winchester firearm.

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These German military-spec 308 blank rounds were produced for the German Army to use during training exercises. Now that they are available for sale in the United States, they have become favorites for re-enactments, ceremonial salutes, and testing. You will find these plastic cased blanks are powerful, clean, and the perfect choice when you need to fire a lot of blanks without spending the money that traditional brass cased blanks cost.

With a proper blank fire adapter, your favorite 7.62x51 battle rifle will cycle in semi-auto using these powerful blanks. You can also use these blanks to launch golf balls with a golf ball launcher. Should you be fortunate enough to own a 308 rifle with a grenade adapter, you can use these as low-power substitutes for grenade launching cartridges. You'll have tons of fun with these blanks without having to spend much money to enjoy them.

  • 50-Rounds per Box
  • Plastic Cased Blanks
  • German Military Production Contract
  • Produced by Dynomit Nobel

Additional Information

SKU CIA-0018
Manufacturer No
Free Shipping No
Caliber .308 (7.62x51)
Case Type Plastic
Projectile Type Blank
Projectile Weight N/A
Shell Length No
Reloadable No
Corrosive No
Brand European Military
Restrictions Age - 21+
Rounds Per Box 50
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used
100 3 100 0
  1. Great For Launching Golfballs review by Rich on 12/17/2016

    Theres 2 types of these DAG .308 blanks. The ones pictured with the black hull and the slightly less powerful ones with the green hull. I received the latter but they are plenty powerful for their intended use of firing golfballs.

  2. cool and fun review by Marcel on 4/26/2013

    fun to shoot at range. turns heads. loud but no recoil

  3. Good Price 'n Value review by 7.62 Man on 3/7/2013

    These blanks were a steal, out of stock now, to bad I only got one box. All fired out of my M1A.

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