German Alpine Rucksack – Authentic German Military Surplus

German Alpine Rucksack

Each rucksack features an olive drab canvas construction and includes a synthetic leather bottom that serves as an abrasion-resistant surface. The overall dimensions of the pack measure approximately 17 inches by 13 inches by 8 inches. The pack is characterized by its large main compartment, which includes a smaller, Velcro®-sealed pocket inside – suitable for separating the contents. The main compartment is secured by a cotton drawstring with access provided by a large storm flap that utilizes large, quick-release plastic buckles. Each side is flanked by identical secondary pouches, each of which measures approximately 9 inches by 5 inches and includes small storm flaps that are secured by another set of large, quick-release plastic buckles.

Description / German Alpine Rucksack

Though each rucksack appears to have been previously issued, they remain in good condition and ready to continue service. As they have been issued, some of the rucksacks show signs of wear and tear, with some even showing evidence of being repaired in the field by soldiers, which provides a unique historical aspect for those pieces.

An interesting aspect regarding the German alpine rucksack is the fact that the NATO Stock Number (NSN) is printed on the interior pocket. An NSN is a 13-digit numerical code that identifies all standardized materials of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. The NSN for the German alpine rucksack is 8465-12-323-9348, which identifies it as a feldgepaeck, or what I assume translates loosely to "field pack." The "8465" identifies it as a piece of individual equipment in a category that includes an array of packs and bags while the "12" signifies that the piece is from Germany. The remaining digits signify its item number.

Customer Reviews

The German Alpine Rucksack makes a fantastic day bag. It's similar to the US military duffel bag in terms of utilizing a waterproof bucket style system but on a smaller scale. This rucksack is about the same size as a medium ALICE pack but lighter when it
Review by Chris
The German Alpine Rucksack makes a fantastic day bag. It's similar to the US military duffel bag in terms of utilizing a waterproof bucket style system but on a smaller scale. This rucksack is about the same size as a medium ALICE pack but lighter when it comes to weight.
Like it alot
Review by Calendar Man
Just a quick clean up and hang dry and this bag is ready to go. Took it for a test load out and yes it will in the dead of summer make you sweat BUT I don't hike then! Its a great and CHEAP 30 L bag for day hikes and over-nighters. Bag has no damage at all and looks like it could survive the worse that you could throw at it.
Quality equipment to have in your trunk
Review by Herr Alpenflage
Great rucksack. A little bit too used. I am just keeping it in the trunk for unforeseen carrying needs.
Quality ruck at a great price
Review by Steve
Mine arrived very quickly and in great shape. It is used but mine seems barely broken in. This a great pack for day trips or longer term camping. I also use mine as my get home bag and keep it in my truck. There is plenty of room in this pack. The rubberized liner helps keep everything dry and I suppose could be used to carry water in an emergency. If you are on the fence about this just get it, you won't be disappointed with your purchase.
Great ready to use rucksack
Review by Derek
Size is perfect for 3+ days, condition is great, straps are good. Thsee are the real deal not one of the crappy "military style" ones that are all over the market and cost more. Your defiantly getting more pack than the asking price.
Needs the mat.
Review by Jason
I purchased one of these a few years back from Keepshooting. I was pretty indifferent towards the bag until I purchased one of the folding German surplus sleep mats. That mat fits in the inside pocket. The mat gives the bag the back support that it needs. The mat is also useful for having something to sit on when stopping in the outdoors and you want a place to sit. The folding sleep mats do not seem that common online. However, I am sure that some foam from a large hardware store would do the job as well. With the mat this bag has quickly become my favorite rucksack.
Great pack
Review by Tray
Great pack! Used it in boy scout and it worked fine for our trips. The straps are fairly comfortable, not the best though.
Great bag
Review by Ozzy
This is a great bag overall. I was surprised at how much I was able to fit in it. Mine was like new, which could be a factor in the following: I thought the shoulder straps were comfortable and adequately padded, though I admit I have only had moderate weight loads in it.
Great all around ruck
Review by Sandro
this ruck is the pinnacle of traditional rucksack development, in my opinion. Not perfect, but considering the trade offs and all that, a Great Rucksack. I have the canvas and the nylon versions, and I love both. The price has gotten high, but I'd still rather pay this price than pay a bit less for bells and whistles that lack toughness and pure functionality. For those who don't like the side pouches, I hear you; but you should know that the long, thin Swiss M84 canteen and cup fit snugly in these pouches, and they are available. The fabric that reinforces the top of the straps can be uncomfortable in light clothing, but they weren't designed for that. All around awesome pack, super tough.
Best piece of kit I own
Review by Daniel
Fantastic pack! Useful for almost any purpose. A little uncomfortable when it's full but everything has its limitations.
awesome pack
Review by Dominic
This German Alpine sack is the REAL DEAL. I've seen many that are claimed to be almost the same, but just don't compare. Mine had the normal wear done to these bags, but is still very useable. Can't wait to get to work with it.
Perfect all around pack
Review by Michael
I got this as a utilitarian bag to throw in my car, but I like the size so much, I'm using more for my bug-out camp gear. It's well made, light, and very versatile. Mine was in great shape -- no complaints!
Well-made basic backpack
Review by Brian
I bought this same model from another seller, but the condition of Keepshooting's surplus on other items has been uniformly better than other sellers so far.

I won't repeat the other informative reviews, but will add that the interior fabric has a thin rubber coating, making the bag water resistant. It does not have drainage eyelets on the compartment bottoms as some water resistant bags do. This can be a plus or minus, depending on your preference.

I'd guess the fabric durability is good, but well below the toughness of 1000 denier nylon, let's say.

Though this is a simple, well-made, small pack, it does not hold its shape well when full, and the small padded shoulder straps are not as comfortable as most standard, current manufacture school backpacks, so I wouldn't recommend it for a long haul. The straps ride out to the edge of my shoulders, at least on my frame, and there is no across-the-chest strap to prevent this. It does have a waist strap, but it rides too high on me given the short to moderate height of this bag.

I'd recommend this for a small car bug out bag, day pack, or carry-stuff-to-work bag.
Review by Choice
This is a good pack. Everything out of Germany is good stuff. I like how the pockets form a sleeve for something like an axe handle.
Good buy
Review by Jerry
"As they have been issued, some of the rucksacks show signs of wear and tear" - as does mine including a small hole.

"Each side is flanked by identical secondary pouches, each of which measures approximately 9 inches by 5 inches" - Diameter on mine is closer to 3 5/8""and will accommodate a standard 1 liter/32ouncce water bottle. I'm currently "wet stretching" mine to also fit the nesting cup of a 32 ounce stainless Pathfinder bottle.

"The German alpine rucksack may not be the prettiest pack you have ever laid eyes on, but it sure is one of the most practical." Absolutely agree!

Wish they were offered in different grades. Would love to get one in select condition even at a premium.
Review by Jedediah the Gyro Captain
This is a great pack--this style of pack was used by Bundeswehr Mountain Troops and Jaeger troops during the Cold War. These are in great condition, at an awesome price. These are being reproduced, and the fakes are being sold for more than what Keep Shooting is asking. Get one while you can!
Great deal on a great rucksack
Review by Bobby
Just got my new German rucksack today. It was like brand new.
The rucksack had only one small problem, it had one small, white paint stain (big deal). If KS charged $60 for one of these I would buy it.
excellent bug out bag
Review by mike
Best bag for the price. Excellent condition. My wife took it for her own bug out bag. I guess I will have to order another for myself.
German Alpine Ruck
Review by J.
Fantastic rucksack. Ordered one and am thinking about getting another.
Great quality and price!
Review by Victor
I received mine in great shape.Even if it's surplus it looks like new. This is a must have for the outdoor "boys and girls". Its medium size makes a perfect choice for longer trips. Lots of room for storage, very comfortable to carry and the price it's just right for this quality rucksack Grab your's today!
Cool Rucksack
Review by James
looks used, but it looks like solid construction. It has one big compartment with two very small compartments on the sides.

One thing that bugged me is the drawstring used to close the main compartment. Its was frayed and it was kind of difficult to run it through the various eyelets. Some heat shrink tubing should take care of that though.
Perfect value
Review by Austin
The durability and price of this bag go hand-in-hand. For the price of a cheap walmart bag, you get a piece of military issued surplus that could hold up to almost any camping experiences.
German Rucksack
Review by Brian
I keep mine in my trunk of my car as a kind of get home bag. I have seen these for much more money than here. This a well constructed genuine surplus bag.
Exactly my style.
Review by Joseph
What I needed was a high-quality, durable, "bucket" style pack that I can easily throw all of my gear into and this is perfect for that.

I'll be using this on my next camping trip for sure. I feel like I can rely on this thing to deliver.
Good bag.
Review by Manyclunkers
I have had one of these German rucksacks for quite a few years. These bags were popular on the surplus market a while ago. They were so popular that I have seen knock-off versions of them. The one I have is well built. The bottom is vinyl and so in the inside of the top flap, this was done to keep it somewhat water resistant. The vinyl on the top flap of mine always wants to curl up at the ends, I have tried numerous things in an attempt to prevent the vinyl from curling but it keeps wanting to. I like mine and use it as a soft pack. This German pack does not have a frame and I prefer packs with frames, for instance the Swiss vinyl and leather pack that Keepshooting is currently selling. I also like the Swiss pack, better because it keeps the back of the pack off of my back, helping to prevent sweating. While I prefer my Swiss pack, this German pack has the advantage that I can shove it places when unloaded because it does lack a frame, and for that reason I keep it around. It certainly is a good pack for the price that they are asking, and if you like a packs without a frame it is an excellent pack.

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