German Army Folding Ground Mat

The German Army Folding Ground Mat is a versatile mat that provides a degree of comfort when camping in the field. With a low profile when folded you can expand this mat to a generous size where it will provide an insulated layer between you and the hard cold ground.

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The German Army Folding Ground Mat is an item that should be considered an essential addition to your outdoor gear. With the ability to fold up to a compact size it does not take up much room in your pack yet the performance provided when used makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep you have outside. Gone are the days of laying in your sleeping bag directly on the hard ground.

For those who don't do much camping in a sleeping bag, folded up these mats make great seat cushions for taking a rest on your hike. You can also use the mat at the beach or anywhere else that you would benefit from a soft layer between you and a hard surface.

  • Authentic German Army Folding Ground Mat
  • Dimensions Folded: 15" x 11" x 1.5"
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 75" x 21.5" x 0.10"
  • Weight: 0.90lbs
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Overall Rating
Hard to find
Review by William
These are difficult to source, but really handy- fits inside the German rucksack, easy to sit on or fold out for two folks. I use it for day hikes. And fishing. Looks a little thin to sleep on, but it could be good as a final layer over something soft. The price on these just keeps going up, but it's one of those things that gets enough use to warrant the expense.
Overall Rating
Many uses.
Review by Charles
Great for use at home or in the field. I use it for a kneeling pad in the garage and yard. I use it under my inflatable mattress for insulation and a little more cushion. I could see using this alone as a sleeping mat only if I was going ultra-light as it is not very thick. Better than nothing for sure. Fits in my USMC FILBE combat pack for cushioning. A few dings in one and the other brand new. If they were used, probably just used inside a pack and never used to sleep on. Cheaper to get here than from a European supplier (after shipping is included).
Overall Rating
Hits the spot
Review by james
Lightweight, durable, foldable and maintenance free. I ordered a second mat within seconds of receiving this item.
Overall Rating
Review by ben
I've been looking for these for a couple years now. They fit inside the small German rucks- most often advertised as "mountain rucks". Glad to find them here.
Overall Rating
Review by Terry
Much more convenient than the standard rollup pad. Instead of having an awkward bundle on the outside of your pack you have a nice pad for your back on the inside. I liked it so much I bought another one.
Overall Rating
Great multi use pad!
Review by Peter Gunn
Folds small and opens up large! Not as comfortable as a thicker pad, but a much easier to carry! Folded it is great for kneeling or sitting. Open it is enough to make a nice shooting mat or barrier from cold ground.
Overall Rating
German efficiency
Review by John
Ditto from Charlie's review. Designed to fit inside the Bundeswehr jager rucksack. Adds structure and padding to the pack to reduce shoulder fatigue. Can only imagine that the Germans use the buddy system to double these pads up and make a halfway comfortable bed (i.e., one guy on watch/one guy tries to sleep) in zee dacklegarage. Or perhaps they use natural bedding under it? Anyhow, alone it does provide some insulation on snow (I think) and did not let melt water through. Also, you can fold it in half and create a slightly less uncomfortable short pad (from shoulders to hips on a large dude). Don't know of a more compact sleeping pad design out there.
Overall Rating
Great Multi Purpose Mat
Review by Charlie
The mat is thin when fully unfolded so it won't provide the most plush sleeping experience, but it's better than sleeping directly on the ground. I like how it folds, instead of rolls as it fits nicely in my pack. And because it folds it has 101 uses - for sitting, kneeling, etc. The mat I received was in a bit dusty but in excellent condition - with no punctures, tares or scratches. It's also feels like a very durable mat which will take some punishment for years to come.

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