German Parka Liner - Inserts Into German Flecktarn Parka

German Army Parka Liner

The German Army Parka Liner is a quilted liner that is designed to be used with the German Flecktarn Parka. With a universal design this liner can also be used as a standalone jacket or with other light weight parkas similar is size to the German Army Flecktarn Parka.

Description / German Army Parka Liner

The German Army Parka Liner is a great way to add additional layers to the German Flecktarn Parka or any other parka that could use an under layer during the colder months of the year. With a quilted design and a generous large front pocket, this liner can also be used as a standalone jacket and be completely functional.

  • Olive Drab Color - Looks perfect in either a military or civilian setting
  • Quilted Style Liner - Soft and comfortable to keep you both warm and comfortable
  • Large Exterior Zippered Pocket - Great for storing your ID, wallet, or even a firearm
  • Drawstring waist - Adjustable to get a perfect fit
  • Elastic wrists and neck

More Information

Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Warm under layer
Review by Joe
Orderd with parka and goretex parka. Fits both as intended under layer. Knit collar zips high and keeps neck warm. Similar to US liner but zips up. Under arm vents prevent overheat. A good buy to fit under casual jackets as well
A nice light layer
Review by William
Perfect for layering. Light. Chest pocket just right for smart phone. Like-new condition. I got the perfect NATO size for my long torso and long arms. Cool stitching pattern; wearable as an outer layer. Not sure much more needs to be said.
Review by Terry
I use it with my British windproof parka. Also good for lounging around the cabin.
Versatile garment
Review by W. Crow
The liner functions well with the flecktarn parka. It even has under arm openings that correspond to the zips on the parka. Unlike the US Fishtail parka, the liner is not attachable. I thought this might be a problem, but the liner and parka stay together pretty well when removing them if you are careful. It is a benefit that the liner can be used alone, unlike the US Fishtail liner.
Great as a stand alone jacket
Review by Steven
Nice and warm. New! Under $20. What more could you ask for? German quality. Nice dark OD. Nice rip-stop material. Smooth quality zipper. Heck I get compliments on it sometimes.
Goes perfectly wit the flectarn parka
Review by william
Made out of a durable quilt that slides easily into the German flecktarn parka i purchased.When zipped up it covers up to my eyes perfectly.seems to be as warm as my old fishtail parka.I am very pleased and bought 2 more!
great combo
Review by Dustin
very comfy love the neck on it keeps you nice and warm. gonna buy more for x mas presents
Review by Dustin
very nice and clean fits great
Review by Duke
I'm 6' 3" 165lbs and I ordered gr 15. It's big on me but that what I wanted. Made in 1996 but looks brand new.
Great combo
Review by Bill
This liner is a must to the Flecktarn parka making it much more versatile. Well made and I'm sure very warm. Can be used alone if need be. Will also fit under many other parkas if you choose. Price is right.
Must have for Flectarn Parka
Review by Robert
Makes the flecktarn parka a versatile jacket for fall and winter. It is easy to sew loops on the liner and buttons on the inside of the parka to attach the liner to the parka-much like some of the older German field jackets,
Review by Action
If you're buying this- buy the flecktarn parka as I did. They go together well or it would make an excellent replacement for a jacket/ coat you may not have a liner for or buy it as a gift- whatever your reasoning, buy it and you won't be disappointed
Versatile jacket
Review by James
I bought one of these to go with my German Flecktarn Parka. I liked them so much that I bought 2 more.

They are quilted jackets that are to be worn under the parka. They do not actually attach to the parka though. They can also be worn on their own.

They seem like very good quality.
Great Liner
Review by Fred
The liner that I received was brand new and never worn. As usual the quality was great and the price low. Great addition to the German parka I bought earlier. Like everything I have purchased from "Keep Shooting" the quality is there.
Brand New!
Review by Jonathan
I just received my Parka Liner and I'm beyond impressed. It fits like a glove, looks brand new and is dated 1998. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who has ever worn it and look forward to wearing it during the brutal South Dakota winters.
Nice liner
Review by David
I'm pretty impressed with this multipurpose liner. You can wear it by itself, or you can combine it with the flektarn parka to make it an insulated parka.

Some things worth noting about this parka liner:
-The outer shell is made of a rip-stop fabric.
-It has slits under the armpits to work with the zippered vents on the flektarn parka.
-The zipper starts at waist height and goes all the way up to the top of the wooly collar.
-It is decently warm on it's own, but would benefit from having a wind breaking material covering it (Flektarn Parka, or other thicker material jacket)
-has an external pocket
-Does not have any way of securing it (buttons, zippers or snaps) to the flektarn parka. You pretty much put this on and then slide into the parka if you plan on wearing both at the same time. I don't find this to be a problem, but it would have been a nice function to have.
-If mine was used at all, it wasn't used much as it feels and appears to be in new condition.
-Had the surplus funk smell to it out of the box, so it will be getting washed before I wear it more extensively.

If you buy this, you should do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy the Flektarn Parka, as they are designed to go together. Both are quality garments that should last many years, and the price is definitely right.
Get one if you have the Flectern Parka or you ll be sorry
Review by don
I ordered this to turn my German Flecktern Parka into a all season jacket like it is meant, and not just a shell. Its a great buy for the buck and completes the Parka. Its soft, fairly heavy weight, and warm. its July and 95 degrees so I can not put it to a cold weather test but Germans make good stuff.
German Army Parka Liner
Review by Lock N Load
Just received my Gr-15 (XL) German Army Parka Liner. This liner is new, at least this one is. The knitted collar is tall, but easily folds down if you don't need the extra warmth. The liner slips easily into the Gr-15 (XL) German Army Parka, however, there are no attachment points on the liner or parka to tie the two together, so the liner just slips into the parka. No problem there, you can remove the liner quickly if needed. This liner just made my parka more versatile. Should have bought two, as this is the first time I have seen the liner available. Great surplus items, keep up the great finds Keep!

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