German Army High Visibility Safety Vest

German Army Safety Vest

The German Army High Visibility Safety Vest is a blaze orange vest that is designed to provide workers, soldiers, and patrolmen working in low light conditions a superior safety vest. By making use of the latest in highly reflective materials, no matter how much light is available anyone wearing these safety vests will be seen by others working in the area. Whether this safety vest goes into your car or you decide to use it during hunting season, you'll be pleased to see how tough these German made vests are.

Description / German Army Safety Vest

The need for a high visibility blaze orange reflective safety vest has been well established for many years. With low light conditions being responsible for accidents and traditional street clothes not having reflective features, an investment in a good safety vest may just end up saving your life. This German Army High Visibility Reflective Safety Vest is one of the best high visibility vests available and exceeds the mass produced Chinese vests in every area.

  • One Size Fits Most Design (Small to Double XL)
  • Blaze Orange Material with Two 5" Wide Reflective Stripes
  • Complete with Carry Bag
  • NSN# 8415-12-328-9673

Customer Reviews

What's not to like
Review by NJ
One of the challenges of buying surplus is that you never know what you are going to get. Have bought three of these, the first, different from the one pictured closed on the sides with buckles and not Velcro was used and had a few marks. The next two were new and as pictured closing down the center with Velcro. Prefer the Velcro closing versions but all well made and a steel at the price. Have one in each car for emergencies and one to wear while walking dogs on dark mornings.
Nice quality vest.
Review by Al
An essential piece of safety gear for less than the price of a big candy bar! These are nice heavy vests with plenty of reflective material and even come in their own little case. Perfect to stow in the cargo area of a vehicle in case of a roadside emergency.
A little dough for a lot of safety -Reorder
Review by Craig
I liked this vest for cheap safety insurance so I ordered a second vest for car #2. The vest is in good shape with a few wear marks. I like that it stores neatly in its own storage pack.
Now you really see me tonight.
Review by van
Excellent shape in it's own pouch with very little use if any. The color reflects light at night very good from a car lights to and flashlight. Had friend test it with me me wearing it and he had no differcult see me at all and the test was in city and country after dark. Very good for jogger,late workers,or as a car kit.Get one now.
A little dough for a lot of safety
Review by Craig W.
This will be in my car kit for a rode side emergency. Mine was lightly used with the person name inked inside. Not perfect but cheap safety insurance for changing a tire in the dark of night
Don't be the next News headline....
Review by Pierre a' Fusil
..."Motorist hit on side of road, etc.". Safety 101 folks - be visible! For a couple of bucks you can do that with these. Yes, they probably will need cleaning. That takes a few minutes, then you are good forever. These things are not meant to be a "comfortable, everyday wear" item - they are "Emergency Service" type. Heavy duty and "plastic-y", they are also probably indestructible. Comes with a case - put it behind the seat in your truck and leave it (remove when selling/trading in and put it in your next truck as well, and the one after that...).
Nice vest!
Review by mrk
These come in a very nice pouch. Heavy duty, heavy material, very reflective. Glad to have these in each car in the event we need to change a tire on the highway - being very visible is good these days on the roads...too many distracted drivers. Throw them in the spare tire well and they'll be ready for you when you need them. For the price and safety factor, these are a no brainer.
VERY good quality...but
Review by Thomas
Ordered 2. Both were quite dirty and one had a considerable amount of mold in the lining. One was like a vest and the other over the head. The vest type is a far better buy and it would be nice to be able to chose.
BTW, the care instructions are in Deutsch/German. You can clean the outer with turpentine and hand wash only are the basics of those instructions.
Surprisingly Nice
Review by Jonathan
The first time I picked up this vest in its storage pouch, I was surprised at its substantial weight... The vest is made of heavy duty material and the vest I received was either new or had been used very few times... An outstanding value for anyone looking for a safety vest...
good quality. good insurance.
Review by Rob
Keeping this in the trunk and you bet I will wear it next time I change a flat. I was impressed with the quality. Not a flimsy disposable.
Great price for a great vest
Review by Dave
I bought two of these initially to keep in each vehicle for breakdowns. They looked so nice and well made I ordered two more. One of the two I got was covered in mold and looked used - the other 3 appear BRAND NEW. For the price, I decided to soak it in bleach/water and it looks OK now. It will be the one I plan on using when snow plowing, helping others on side of the road, etc. - will keep it under truck seat for more usage. Hopefully yours will be new and dry but these are nice for the money! You can buy a cheap one from Harbor Freight but it'll only last a couple uses - this one is good for life - AND it comes in a pouch to store it in.
Great safety equipment
Review by Alexander
A good value. Plan to keep it in the car in case of a breakdown. Perhaps a bit too visible for hunting? The cleaning instructions are in German (naturally) but basically most people aren't going to get this oily so soap and water are what they recommend.

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