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The German BGS OD Combat Pants are a pair of olive drab combat pants issued to officers in the German Border Guard Service. Designed to meet the needs of these front line security professionals, these combat pants are field tested and duty tough. The construction of these combat pants is from Aramid so there is a degree of flame resistance and additional protective qualities.

The German BGS is the federal police force in Germany, originally tasked with border security. With the evolution of the German state from Post-WWII to current unified Germany the role of the BGS has evolved into a full federal police force. Agents in the BGS have some of the most demanding roles in German security, including dealing with terrorist threats and smuggling. The need for quality tactical equipment by BGS agents has been established for decades and the material and equipment being issued today is second to none.

Each pair of BGS Combat Pants is in very good to excellent condition and is packed with a number of features. First and foremost these combat pants are made from fire resistant Aramid materials. The ankles feature both a boot zipper side and velcro for a secure and comfortable fit. One of the most interesting features is the use of a unique non-skid material to reinforce the knee section of each pant leg.

  • Authentic German BGS Combat Pants
  • Olive Drab green Color
  • Removable Belt with Velcro Seal
  • Velcro and YKK Zipper Sealed Pockets
  • Perfect for Work or Casual Wear
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