German Canvas Uzi Magazine Pouch – First Generation German MP2 Magazine Pouch

German Canvas Uzi Magazine Pouch

The German canvas Uzi magazine pouch is a first-generation magazine pouch issued to German soldiers alongside the MP2. As you will soon learn, its rugged construction and capability of holding up to three 32-round magazines makes this magazine pouch second to none when it comes to everyone's favorite submachine gun.

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Description / German Canvas Uzi Magazine Pouch

The German canvas Uzi magazine pouch, which measures approximately 8 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches by two inches, benefits from a durable construction characterized by its rugged olive canvas and reinforced, military-grade stitching. Closure is achieved by way of a top flap that features a quick-release pull tab and completely encloses the magazines within the pouch. As noted, this is a three-celled pouch, with each cell designed to accommodate a single 32-round Uzi magazine. The reverse of the pouch features a thick one-inch canvas belt loop that makes attaching the pouch for transport very simple. Additionally, each belt loop features a metallic loop that offers a secondary option for transport.

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

I Like !
Review by T H H
Great price - hold 20 and 30 rd Beretta 9 mm mags perfect - for me -again 2.50 come on
Sturdy pouch, great price
Review by John
These are genuine milsurp Uzi magazine pouches in very good condition with no rips or tears. They are well built and should last a lifetime. They fit the 32 round Uzi magazines perfectly.
Good pouch but didn't fit
Review by GunnyK
This is a rugged piece of gear but unfortunately I had to return it because my pro mag 32 round mags wouldn't fit in the pouch (couldn't close and secure the top of the pouch).
Heavy duty mag pouch.
Review by sean
Holds 3 33 round glock 17 mags nicely, If I ever manage to get my hands on a sub2k it would work nicely with the pouch.

the material is super heavy duty canvas and should last forever as long as you dont tear it up acting crazy.

excellent buy for the price.
Great Mag Pouches, Incredible Price!
Review by Patrick
At only two and a half bucks I figured I couldn't go wrong and bought four of them...I did go wrong in not buying more! These were in fantastic shape and very well made. Will have to get more.
Great quality
Review by Benjamin
Excellent quality. Need to buy more at this price, and fill them with mags from Keep Shooting!
Works great for IWI UZI/Walther/Umarez 22 and GSG-5 / GSG-522 magazines!
Review by Hawkwind2112
These magazine pouches are well made. I used the magazine pouches for holding my IWI UZI 22 pistol and GSG-5 PK pistol magazines. The UZI 22 magazines go in a little too far which makes them a slight bit hard to get out quickly. I think that I can solve the problem by sticking a piece of foam into the bottom of the pouch to hold them up a little higher. The GSG-5 magazines fit very well.
Best way to store your mags
Review by brian
I bought 4 of these , 1 was practically new the other 3 were issued but still in great shape. for the price this is an awesome deal, these will last forever
really nice
Review by thomas
Ordered one of these pouches and 3 mags and just placed another order for one more pouch and 3 more mags you will like these if you are in the market for surplus goods
A must have for anyone with a sub-gun.
Review by Christapher
These pouches are in very good condition. I ordered 2 of these pouches and got them fairly fast. The first one looked like it was unissued and the second was in good - very good condition but had some white paint on the metal parts and a small spot on the bottom of the pouch, NOT a big deal. I made mine work with my ALICE belt by manufacturing two 1910 style wire hangers,so they attach vertical instead of horizontal, then sewing them together with a piece of nylon strap. I plan to buy more very soon.
Great buy that is well worth the money
Review by Robert
Bought a few of these with the last order and was happy with the new condition of them. great buy
Works with Glock
Review by Alex
Got one of these to try some 33rd Glock mags with.
Fits a little snug but still closes.
I think I'll pick up a few more!
Top Notch
Review by RemMax
I ordered 4 of these with my last order and just got them today
I was pleased to see when I opened the box that all 4 appear to be unissued and are free of any flaws or defects. They are heavy green canvas and these are not only cheaper than some I've bought at gun shows but also in better shape! Glad I bought them now, just wish I had ordered more of them while I was at it
Oh well I'll get them on the next order I'm sure I'll be placing soon. :)
Thanks KS for another great product at a fair price

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