German Duffel Bag Lock (4-Pack)

I think it is fair to assume that everyone loves a nice sense of security. I mean, who is comfortable with having to constantly look over their shoulder in fear? Not me, that is for sure. The sense of security is instilled at infancy when your mother swaddles you in a blanket to get you to shut up for a minute or two. But, as everyone knows, infants grow into young children and so too must swaddling evolve. That is where being tucked in for bedtime comes into play. Is there any more secure feeling than being tucked into bed by your mother? Not even monsters can get you when you are fully tucked in. Adults have a need for security as well. They purchase firearms specifically for home and personal protection. Not to mention the thousands spent on alarm systems.

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Everyone knows that the best kind of military surplus is German military surplus. And that is exactly what we are offering today with these authentic German duffel bag locks. Each lock is cast from plated steel and looks to be unissued, though that cannot be confirmed. Measuring approximately 4.5 inches wide, the German duffel bag lock is more than capable of securing your military-style duffel bag.

To use, simply run the lock through the grommets lining the opening of your duffel bag. The attached retaining clip makes securing the lock simple as it can be slipped easily over the eyelet. For enhanced security, a padlock can be used in conjunction with the lock. That ought to show those pesky pilferers.

Where else but can you find authentic German military surplus for prices this low? Even if you do not like German surplus, you can still afford to purchase the German duffel bag locks just for the heck of it. As noted, you will receive four German duffel bag locks for the low price of $9.95. They are perfect for:

- Collections

- Reenactments

- Travel

- Long-term storage

- Much more…

Supplies are limited so buy yours today!

Not-So-Fun Fact

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “duffel” dates back to the 1670s and comes from a town (Duffel) in Belgium where the material used in making duffel bags originated.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Derico H.
Verified Buyer
The Dufflel bag lock looks perfect. Exactly what I needed.
Very Happy
Review by Nehemiah K.
Verified Buyer
Lowest price anywhere that was available.
This Dufflel bag lock is as pictured.
Review by Crew U.
Verified Buyer
Lowest price I could find that was online.
Good Website
Review by Clearence W.
Verified Buyer
Packaged well. For the cost this Dufflel bag lock is a tremendous value.
Very Happy
Review by Daymond Z.
Verified Buyer
I bought this Dufflel bag lock to try and the German Army quality is good.
Excellent Seller
Review by Jubal A.
Verified Buyer
I bought this Dufflel bag lock to try and the German Army quality is awesome.
Very Happy
Review by Rex Q.
Verified Buyer
This Dufflel bag lock is excellent. Would definitely recommend.
Great German Army Dufflel bag lock
Review by Timithy R.
Verified Buyer
5 Star
Good Product
Review by Kennith X.
Verified Buyer
Packaged well. For the cost this Dufflel bag lock is a tremendous value.
THANKS keepshooting
Review by Chauncey L.
Verified Buyer
Delighted with this transaction. The Dufflel bag lock works great.

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