German Field Phone

Each German field phone is an authentic German military surplus field phone that dates back to the 1950s, and is very reminiscent of those used during World War II. All of its guts are packed into a compact, Bakelite case that makes transportation a breeze, and from what we have been told, these phones are still usable provided you have more than one.

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As noted, each German field phone offered by is an original German military surplus item. These somewhat primitive phones were developed for field communications over distances up to one mile, and were originally designed for and used by service men and women enlisted in the German heer, or army, which is one of the five service branches that makes up the Bundeswehr, or unified armed forces of Germany.

Though we cannot confirm the issuance of any phone, their appearance, age and overall condition suggests that they were issued in some capacity. Nevertheless, each phone remains in great condition, and should prove functional when paired with a second phone and usable D batteries. However, no phone is perfect and each is likely to show some surface wear considering their age. Moreover, some metallic components may show some slight surface rust.

Each phone, produced by the former Standard Elektrik Lorenz telecommunications company in Stuttgart, Germany, is believed to have been manufactured sometime during the 1950s through 1960s, and is, as noted, reminiscent of those used during World War II. Each phone is encased in a black Bakelite case measuring approximately 10 inches by 4 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches that includes an external crank used to dial a second phone. Additionally, each case is adorned with several decorative plates, including one emblazoned with the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. The hinged lid opens to reveal all of the original innards, still in great condition, as well as a set of schematics on its underside. Also included under each lid is a set of detailed instructions written in German. The headset remains in excellent condition and is, presumably, functional.

One final interesting aspect regarding the German field phone is the fact that the NATO Stock Number (NSN) is printed on the manufacturer's plate, which is riveted to the side of the hinged lid. An NSN is a 13-digit numerical code that identifies all standardized materials of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. The NSN for the German field phone is 5805-12-120-4847, which identifies it as a fernsprechgeraetsat, or what I assume translates loosely to "field telephone." The "5805" identifies it as belonging to the telephone and telegraph equipment supply class, while the "12" signifies that the piece is from Germany. The remaining digits signify its item number.

Note: The German field phone is offered as a collectible only. We cannot guarantee any level of functionality.  

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German Army Surplus
Overall Rating
Cold War Era Collectible
Review by Dominic
I actually have the WWII era German field radio and these are very similar indeed. The biggest difference is the color of the Bakelite, the WWII one is brown and this ones is black. And the condition of this field radio is much better, of course. I was actually surprised at how nice it looked, and i love how it displays nicely with my other military surplus gear. Also the one i received was made I'm 1962.
Overall Rating
Field Phone
Review by Anon
I bought one, deciding I'd only buy another if the first one seemed like it was worth the money. It does, and now my second one is in the mail! Thanks KS!
Overall Rating
Field Phone
Review by William
I received my Field Phones and they both work very well and are in great condition . I have to give Keep shooting 2 THUMBS UP for their product quality and great service
Overall Rating
German field phones
Review by Old Corps MI
Ordered two to try out, got them right away, good packing. One seems almost new the other is in very good condition. Both dated in the 60's. When I first set them up the older one would not work. All that was needed was to clean ALL the contacts, plugs, ear and great. Hint I tried these with US phones and they work fine, even with a US switchboard. My only complaints are German instructions ( like to know what the extra stuff is for), and I would pay extra for the carry straps.
Overall Rating
Field Phones
Review by Dave
Great field phones, ordered 2 and both work like new, Great service also, love the old history.
Overall Rating
Great historical post WWII field phone
Review by Pasa
I brought two field phones that I plan to pair them up for hurricane preparation in next season and I am very satisfied with the purchase. Both phones look so new even though they were made in 1962 and 1963. Both smell like new and metal parts are not rusted at all. Thank you for providing such a nice historical product.

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