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German Flare Gun

The German Flare Gun is an authentic German army surplus flare gun. These flare guns were made from the late 1950s till the 1970s by Geco and were the standard issue flare gun of the West German army. Designed to fire European military 26.5mm flares, these military issue flare guns are made to withstand not only combat conditions but also the recoil from this larger flare.
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Description / German Flare Gun

The GECO flare gun is a vintage German army surplus 26.5mm flare gun. Designed to fire a wide assortment of 26.5mm flares, these German built flare guns are well made and more refined than other European flare guns from the same era. The fit, function, and overall operation of the GECO flare gun is superior to virtually all other flare guns from the same era and it still ranks high even with compared to modern day flare guns.

We have just received a new shipment of these unique flare guns. Examining the date codes on each one, we have seen dates ranging from 1959 up until 1973. Each flare gun is unique with the condition varied between each and date codes being spread across so many months and years. Our expert team has ensured that each flare gun functions and does not have any cracked grips that would take away from the value or operation. The finish on each flare gun will show signs of use and age, as all are over 40+ years old and were actually used by soldiers in the West German and later German army.

  • Authentic German Army Surplus
  • Made by GECO
  • Fires 26.5mm Flares

Customer Reviews

Geco Flare Gun
Review by Dennis
Very nice flare gun in used but not abused good condition. Mine is made 8/64. It was cheaper a few years ago. But it is now 6/16 & I was lucky still to get one. Also ordered the holster to go with it. Nice historic item. Thank you Keep Shooting!
Outstanding Vintage Bundesgrenzschutz Issue! 1961
Review by Sharky
The flare pistol I received was in outstanding shape, slight wear to the blued barrel, and parkerized frame. It is dated 1961 and has the old BMI agency stamp indicating it was Bundesgrenzschutz issued (German Border Police BGS). The BMI stamp was slightly ground off to decommission it and a DE BMI stamp added to indicate the German Agency that surplussed it (German Interior Ministry: Deutchland Bundesministerium des Innern). The wear on the barrel and frame show that both are original mates. This has to be one of the earliest dated P2 flare pistols I've seen! The holster was a different matter....... it was in terrible shape and delaminated. I contacted Customer Service and they promptly mailed me a replacement with an apology. The holster was the later model holster used by BGS and Army with the integrated flare holder, 1970's - 1980's version. I would highly recommend this pistol. This is probably the very last batch we will see coming out of Germany! A Cold War Classic!
Great Flare Gun
Review by Jordan
When I bought this flare pistol it was only 60 dollars and that was a great deal because every other place had them for around 100. This is probably my best flare gun because it was brand new when I got it and it came with the original manual as well. But you will want to buy the holster for it because they don't fit very well in standard pistol cases.
good quality, steel made not plastic
Review by james
finally tried it last month, good heft , made of steel, will probably outlast me.
Review by Dirk
Complete flare gun outfit which looks brand new. Looking forward to the 4th to try it out. Has to beat the little flare kits you can get at walmart.
Ordered 2 more
Ordered two more.(on the way=[3 total].The last time I fired VARY PISTOLS was in the NAVY. A trainer T-38 refused a flag wave off, he was checking my oil with a cocked landing gear. I popped two in front of him and hit the plane (both shots.) . STARTED SOME GOOD GRASS FIRES TO BOOT. My point is 'got to wait until 4th of July to test fire over the bay. Don't want to alarm the Coast Guard. I see they are flying off the shelves like HOT CAKES. QUALITY DOES LIKE THE FAST LANE-- THANKS-- ED.
This is the real Item
I received the parkereized version. Boy this thing is built like a siege mortar. I finished fitting the 12 gauge insert today. When I test fire it, I will try the 12 gauge first. Probably over the bay on the 4 July followed by a parachute (26.5mm). Thanks again for the GENUINE ARTICLE.ED. PS Got in on that Nato ammo just in time. Good stuff travels fast. Your article on the ammo was a detailed. MASTERPIECE.ED.
Review by RJ
if looking to get a 26.5mm flare gun get this one.
Review by powderbob
I wanted some nice flare gun and I've got it with this German one.Came with the holster and a cleaning brush,the original german tags from 1980-s in a sealed bag and is in really very good condition,a genuine german engineering, just put some oil on it.I bought the 12ga insert too,wish the 26.5 mm flares are a bit less expensive.Appreciated the prompt service from KeepShooting.com and for sure I'll order once more.
Great flare gun at a fair price.
Review by FreeMason
Nice quality flare gun. Some blemishes as stated in the details. Easy to clean and all around nice flare gun.
Very well made German 26.5mm flare gun. Fires the more powerful 26.5mm flares.
Review by Buck
I received my flare gun yesterday from Keepshooting.com. It is brand new and has been hibernating in its original morpholine paper packaging since 1970.
I'm a sailor and have a plastic 12 gauge flare gun on my boat which fires mediocre flares, but this German made 26.5mm Geco is made of all metal except for the plastic grips. It is exceptionally well made and came with a heavy duty plastic holster, flare storage compartments and a wire bore brush.
If you're out at sea you really need a strong signaling device like this Geco which can fire the more powerful flares.
buffs out excellent
Review by steve n
oil and rags make this bad boy shine
Great flare gun for the price!
Review by Military Collector
This pistol is amazing and is worth the $60. The whole thing is complete metal, and when I received mine it was coated in cosmaline form when it was first put in storage. Along with being brand new it came with its original manual and info about it. And if you like to shoot I would suggest buying the .22 barrel for it.
Neat little piece.
Review by AvidShooter
My flare gun came resealed in plastic with authentic german paperwork. Its in great shape, other than a few superficial scratches on the top of the barrel. Mine came with the dark parkerized finish, which I love because its durable for the price and soaks up and holds just about any oil like a sponge. The finish was very dry but hit it with a few coats of oil and it almost looks NiB. All around a great experience and will be ordering again in the near future
Excellent Product!
Review by Joseph
This was my first purchase from keepshooting.com, and my experience could not have been better. The German Flare Pistol that I received was brand new; still in the packaging. I could not be happier with my first purchase! I am hoping to purchase another flare pistol in the very near future. Get one while you can!
Light Up The Sky!!!
Review by Batman
This flare gun is neat. The one I got looked unused. I did order the holster and needed to clean it up some. All around great piece, just wish I bought when these were cheaper.
Heavy Duty Equipment
Review by NightStalker
Just as I remember them from my days Stationed in Germany. It still had the VB paper wrap and sealed in plastic. It even had the original Nomenclature tag. NICE!! I bought two so I have a spare.
Great item
Review by AaronB
This is a great flare gun!!! I have fired a few flares from it and could not be happier with it. The solid metal construction and the ease of cleaning is nice and you do not have to worry about it. I would recommend this to ANYONE who is looking for a top of the line flare gun.
Review by Tahoeblazer
Good pistol , Parachute flare really lights up the sky , pistol does kick like a mule .
i bought one, excellent!!
Review by royalcrown
excellent flare pistol, durable, awesome price too!
Well built and well worth the money
Review by Lonzo
The one I received looks to be almost new. It's all metal except for the grips, and should last a lifetime, even with constant use. I intend to order another for my brother, it's that well built. Would highly recommend to anyone. I did not buy the holster, but will order two with the next flare gun order.
Super Nice!
Review by Todd G.
This is a super nice flare gun. The one I got was still in its original paper wrap. The holster did look like it had been used, but who cares about the holster.

Would recommend this to anyone looking for a flare gun.
Nice flare pistol for the price - Built well and is all metal
Review by Flare_Man
Great flare pistol! Made of all metal construction with no plastic parts, this thing is built to last. Came packed with original paperwork from VCI (that was surprising!) and the lockup is good. Very durable.

Purchased it from KeepShooting for $64.95...good value I'll defiantly buy a second one at this price.
Way better than my Orion
Review by Capt Rick
This thing is way better than my plastic Orion. Just wish I could shoot 12 gauge flares from it. Did find a supplier of USG approved 26.5mm flares, they are just a lot more expensive than 12 gauge ones.

Would buy this again, thinking of anyway to have a spare.

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