German Flecktarn Haversack – Authentic German Military Surplus

German Flecktarn Haversack

"Haversack" is typically the name given to a backpack-style bag that features a single shoulder strap. These bags got their name from their original intention of carrying "havercake," a staple food made from oats and water that is baked into a biscuit.

Description / German Flecktarn Haversack

As noted, each German flecktarn haversack offered by is an authentic German military surplus item. These haversacks were originally designed for and used by service men and women enlisted in the German heer, or army, which is one of the five service branches that makes up the Bundeswehr, or unified armed forces of Germany. Interestingly, these haversacks serve as a singular component of the German LKS load-bearing equipment system, which includes a variety of packs, pouches and holsters that are designed for attachment to the LKS webbing belt and is similar in nature to the United States' All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment, or ALICE, system.

  • Authentic German Army Shoulder Bag
  • Flecktarn Camouflage Pattern
  • Durable Construction of 1050 Denier Nylon
  • Large Main Compartment with Two Internal Side Pockets
  • Dimensions:  10" x 10" x 4"

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Review by Wm.
Most gas mask or haversack or musette or bread bags or similar bags are built to take some mistreatment and these adhere to that principle with zealousness. Not too big, not too small. Will fill many rolls very well. It can be attached to a belt with a adapter
This is a bag that can be used for many things!
Review by fireboy
You wont find a better bag "anywhere" for this price! In face you'll pay way more than $10.95 for one half as good as this one. I know, I've been searching and looking at different ones and the prices just turn me off! I could not fine anything wrong with the one I received, in fact it looked rather new. I made a good buy on this one, Thanks Keepshooting!
Pristine haversack
Review by rybur
This bag really surprised me of its size when I received it: much bigger than I was anticipating. Now I understand why it was called a butt pack here and there. Aside from that, the bag is brand-spanking new and had a funky smell that has dissipated since being outside the sealed bag it came in.
It will serve me well whatever I decide to throw in it. Never saw a better price online anywhere for these. Very pleased!
my new lunch bag for riding
Review by Eric
Bought it for a new lunch bag while out riding trails. The bag is strong water resistant with drain holes. Good sized buckles and straps can hold stuff on top like a shirt rolled up or jacket . Inside 2 pockets can hold a bottle or can on each side. Of course the camo is good looking too.
Tough construction
Review by Stormy
I ordered 2. Really versatile accessory for storage and the strap makes it easy to grab in a hurry. Roomy, large enough for my lap top, weather resistant and plan to rig the pair for saddle bags on the trail bike.
Great Flecktarn Haversack
Review by GlockGuyTexas
This haversack is abut the size of a mask carrier, looks brand new and I will probably buy a few more! Great construction and just totally cool!
I Just ordered more......
Review by Don
I bought 2 for a range bags, but the kids took them to use as purse's . So I had to order more, fantastic quality and very heavy nylon .And you got to love the price. Order while you can this Flecktarn camo is getting popular with the kids.
Nice Bag
Review by yankee
Seems to be sturdy and well constructed. Thickly rubberized on the inside. The smell was strong and not pleasant at first, but after letting it air out outside for a week most of the odor subsided. The shoulder strap stows without affecting the cover, but when the shoulder strap is in use it doesn't allow the cover to lay flat. Overall a nice looking bag that should hold up to whatever you throw in it.
Great Bag
Review by Adam
Glad I ordered this. I love to bushcraft but don't have the time to go out as far as I would like as often as I'd like. This brings me to using a few different setups depending where I go. I use this for the sort couple of hour jaunt. I've set up with the alice adapters and use it on a belt. Very sturdy.
Good accessory bag for camping
Review by David
This has become my accessory bag for camping. It replaced my old shaving kit bag from bootcamp that I was using before, as it was running out of room inside. I do like this better for a few other reasons. It has a carrying strap, it has more room (main reason for replacement), and it has a couple of extra compartments stitched into the interior to help keep my gear better organized.
Only thing I don't care much for is the stench it came with, as it smells like it sat next to something dead combined with a chemical overtone. Ive never smelled anything like it to be honest, and I hope it eventually fades.
Aside from the unpleasant odor its a great bag, and it will be getting used quite a bit on my camping trips. Get one if you are needing a water resistant bag with compartments inside, that's easy to tote around.
Excellent Bag For Range Use
Review by Jonathan
Mine was bought to accompany the similarly new/unissued German Army Flecktarn Parka. My intention is to use it in IDPA matches for range day ammunition, water, hearing protection, and miscellaneous shooting support gear. The bag arrived as advertised-brand new/unissued. As with the parka, this would be an excellent price for a issued surplus item with light to medium usage; as a brand new bag, it's simply a superb buy. Adding a slider clip for the excess straps enabled a grab handle to be created (as well as providing a neat solution to the excess strap length). The inner compartments at the ends are perfectly sized for Nageline water bottles up to 1 liter size.
Great Haversack for day hikes or general use.
Review by John
The German Flecktarn Haversack held all my day hike gear and still had room for more. I plan to use it for carrying any gear that I would need if there were an emergency while hiking/camping.
It is good enough for everyday use as the kids general carry bag for school books or a small computer or tablet. Very good value for the money.
Review by Sigmund
use it for man bag at the gun shows, at range for mag/ammo dump, great quality
Great for carrying ammo
Review by KP Duty
I use mine to carry ammo to the range. You’d be surprised how much this can hold. It looks to be unissued, had a date tag in the early 2000’s.
Great quality
Review by thomas
The Flecktarn Bag I received was in new condition Typical German quality, top-notch construction. Great with my other flecktarn gear
well made pack
Review by chris
got this pack/bag for just about anything to do in the outdoors and it serves its purpose well. It is completely new and unissued. It is so well cannot buy another at this price. I always get military surplus anything. For the money you get very quality goods. Keepshooting has become my favorite site!
Excellent man-purse, must-have haversack!
Review by Brian
These are very high quality and durable. Mine appears new, with no wear to the rubberized lining, and such pristine flecktarn that it routinely beats me at hide-and-go seek in the woods. Don't toss it up in the tree canopy and attempt watching it fall, it will elude your gaze, then wallop you in the face.

One minor beef I have with this bag is the shoulder strap not being detachable, and its attachment points are oddly placed under the edges of the top flap, pulling the flap edges up if your bag is heavy.

The total shoulder strap length is about 40 inches (yielding about 20 inches from shoulder to top of bag), which leaves the bag a bit high on my 6 foot plus frame, riding above the waist if you sling the strap fascist-style diagonally across the chest. Moral of the story, don't be a fascist. Or specifically a fascist with a flecktarn haversack. Be at least an old British imperialist, they can wear it diagonally, too.

The bag back has the German LKS plastic 'nubs' for attaching to a German web belt. These may be a minor annoyance if the bag is only used as a shoulder bag, but you could carefully drill out the rivets and remove these if desired. I'll bet most are like me and wouldn't want to 'spoil' its original condition.
Nicer than expected
Review by Steve
My haversack is brand new and will fit my needs perfectly. Great for a day hike, lunch, edc, camera bag. Since it's lined, should also be waterproof. A great bag, even your wife will like it!
Pure German and NEW
Review by rodney
The Flecktarn Bag I received was in new condition. Quality German made (as expected) I love the Flecktarn camo. I am keeping it hidden from my son, he will claim for his own. Perfect to take to the gun show to haul around ammo, magazines and other goodies you pick up there. Those cheap plastic bags vendors give you to haul your stuff around in looks so sissy. This is a true MAN'S European shoulder bag. Material looks to be the same as that of the Flecktarn G3 magazine pouches (tough) which I also love. I bought this one and the British Camo bag as well.
very nice haversack
Review by Daniel
I use mine to put spare loaded ar15 mags in works just fine
quality camo bag
Review by brian
This bag, made in Germany by Sturm is made to last.
will be great to take to the range or any application for
carrying items.
Gotta Haversack
Review by Logan
This haversack is great! Very happy with this purchase, goes great with my other flecktarn gear. I'll probably be coming back for at least one more.
Solid BW Issue
Review by Philip
Cordura strength with vinyl lining and draining holes. Designed for the Bundeswehr modular system it also includes a shoulder strap. Unissued, mine was dated 3/2001 It comes with 2 interior pockets and think flap pocket in the interior back. It unfortunately lacks that authentic musty reek of most surplus and instead just smells of honest petrochemicals.

This piece of rugged equipment is commonly referred to as a combat pack.
Great bag.
Review by Jason
Great quality and construction. Bag is a nice size also. Very happy with purchase.
Great bag
Review by Anastasia
I love this bag. I do not have any haversack, but it does hold multiple small items inside. It is great for holding your multi tool/ Swiss army knife, band aids, or any other smaller items you may have that relate to the outdoors. I personally use this for my flare gun since I have attached a laser sight to it and the flare gun holster will not hold it while it is closed. This fits it perfectly with other room for other items. It has one large pocket in the middle and two smaller pockets, one on each side.
Better than advertised!
Review by larry
Typical German quality, same top-notch construction as the Flecktarn mag pouches. Very pleased with this purchase, thanks.
Do not miss this one...
Review by Victor
If you are an outdoor guy or gal, you do not want to miss this one.Great quality for the price.You'll not be disappointed.
Large and durable bags.
Review by Joseph
These are great for a grab-and-go type of bag as another reviewer said. You can also use these as medical kit bags, or as a smaller bug-out kit within your main kit for emergencies within emergencies!
Great buy.
Review by Brian
I keep a set of optics in one and miscellaneous stuff in another one, these are great grab and go bags. Very well made and great condition.
Awesome find
Review by Eddy
Bought two loved them both so much ill be ordering a couple more even though I don't have a use for them right now. Something will come up. Never thought I would like a over the shoulder bag or "man purse" as I used to call them. I do now!!!

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