German Flecktarn Parka

The German Flecktarn Parka is the standard issue parka that is used by every soldier in the German Army. Like most things designed in Germany, these parkas are exceptionally nice and very well made.

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  • Authentic German Army Parka
  • Flecktarn Camouflage Pattern
  • Integrated Hood with Drawstring
  • German Flag on Shoulders
  • Velcro Cuffs for Tight Fit
  • Drawstring Waistband
  • Two Chest Front Snap Closed Pockets
  • Two Waist Front Zipper Closed Pockets
  • Made in Germany

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Customer Reviews

Awesome buy!
Review by Action
Verified Buyer
Mine appears brand new in unused condition- I suggest the liner (sold separately) and the flecktarn camo winter hat to accompany this parka. Nice fit & quality all around- the pattern is awesome and not faded. Great item at an unbeatable price
Love it!
Review by Richard
Verified Buyer
These are amazing parkas and to find one that is new is very difficult. It is worth every penny, this parka. The attached hood covers the head/face really well. The drawstrings on the bottom, middle and hood help to cinch-up the parka and keep the cold out. The adjustable Velcro cuffs are easy to fit to your wrist, no more fiddly buttons like on other military coats. And the camo is stunning and virtually invisible in the right environment. Not to mention the inside hidden pockets! What a great offering from KS. Get one before they're gone!
Excellent and a great bargain
Review by yankee
Verified Buyer
This parka length, unlined jacket is well constructed by Mil-Tec in a sturdy fabric.The features and quality are far beyond what I expected to receive at this price. Bellowed snap chest pockets, zippered lower slash pockets and side vents. Fitted hood, velcro wrist adjustment and shoulder epaulettes. Incredible bargain.
Fantastic price!
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
I was shopping around for a new parka to replace my old well worn Flecktarn Parka. I was excited to see our friends here at Keepshooting selling these brand new ones and was blown away by the price.

Other company's who sell these new parkas charge twice as much and their shipping rates are insane.

I'm 6'6" and I ordered a GR15 sized Parka and It fits like a glove. The parka I received is dated 1999, can't beat new old stock at the price of worn out surplus.
Makes a good hunting Jacket
Review by WG
Verified Buyer
I bought one of these a while back at a gun show. I have been nothing but happy with it. I like it because both the sleeves and length run long and give full range of motion without exposing skin. Ample pockets as well.
Simply Superb Parka At A Superb Price
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
This parka would be a great buy at its price as a military used surplus item-it's a truly exceptional bargain as a surplus new and unissued item. The Keep Shooting sales person assisting me with my phone order was very helpful in determining the best sizing given European sizing and American physiques. The jacket simply reeks of quality throughout; the German Army did an excellent job in spec'cing this out, and the manufacturer's quality was concurrently excellent. While mine was bought specifically for an outfit for a commemorative IDPA event, due to its inherent features and quality will doubtlessly see far greater wear than I'd anticipated. It is quite possible the very best surplus clothing buy I've experienced.
Very nice parka, looks new!
Review by David
Verified Buyer
This is a very nice garment. The seams and stitching are all even, the fabric is thick and tightly woven, and the zippers are all very easy to manipulate. The bottom zipper pockets really make sense with how they are oriented on the parka. They are set at about a 20 degree angles so your hands naturally slide right into them. The button snaps are very tight, and still need some use to break them in properly.

I really like the way that this parka feels on me. It is very comfortable, and I could wear it all day comfortably. The fabric is tough, but not stiff so it moves with your body well.

Some other key points to be aware of:
-It has zippered vents under the armpits in case you need to vent some heat out of it.
-It has 2 breast pockets, 2 lower angled pockets, an arm pocket on the left sleeve, and an internal pocket.
-It has 3 draw strings: 1 on the bottom, one at waist level, and one for the hood to cinch it closed.
-It uses a zipper to close, and has 6 button snaps to secure the weather flap on the front.
-The adjustable wrist cuffs are held with velcro.
-The hood is fixed.

If you get this, you should really get the liner with it if you want to get the most out of it. This is a great parka,and I highly recommend it.
Outstanding looks and outstanding quality.
Review by Phantom STALKER
Verified Buyer
This parka was worth every dollar spent. I still can not say that enough. The flecktarn looks great and comes dark. No fading at all, so this parka is truly new. I stand at about 6'0 and it fits me long and comfortably like a parka should. overall length comes to my thigh. I tested the water resistance with some drops of water. The drops soaked right in but I felt dry. I would suggest sealing it with some sort of water sealer just to be sure. It seems as if it could be wind resistant but for colder months a liner would certainly be needed. At a price of under $20 (not including shipping) this parka can't be beat.
Superior product
Review by 53GR Images
Verified Buyer
The Germans, being Europeans, arrange their zippers backwards. So, you’ll need to use your left hand to zip up your shirt and your parka.
The parka has much the same layout as the shirt. In addition, it has a hood, which can be tightened down by a drawstring. The waist can also be tightened via drawstring, and zipper-closed hand pockets provide ample storage space. There’s even an interior pocket on the left side. While not made to be a rain gear, I found it to be weather resistant, even in the middle of Hurricane Sandy.
I am impressed with looks and perfromance.
Review by River Rat
Verified Buyer
This Parka has great looks. Flecktarn is an incredibly good camo pattern. Like others have said, go a size larger than you think you need, The length is long but it will feel snug compared to American sizing. That said I am 6'2" and 210# My large fits perfectly, but I like a athletic fit more than baggy.

I did get wet, but only light rain, it kept me dry. I don't think these are goretex, so a touch of wax will seal these perfectly.

Mine is in new condition, aside from a name inside, I cant tell it was ever used.

Pockets are nice and accessible. Hood is very effective
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