G3 Steel Magazine - 20rd

G3 Steel Magazine

The G3 Steel Magazine is an original military surplus magazine for the German Army G3 Rifle. These first generation magazines were made from steel and continue to be in demand.

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Description / G3 Steel Magazine


  • G3 Steel Magazine
  • Caliber: 7.61x51 (.308 Winchester)
  • Capacity: 20 Rounds
  • German Army Surplus
  • Made from Steel

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great shape
Review by David
I bought 10 of these mags and all, except one that was covered in rust, showed very little wear and function excellently! Although with TLC the rusted one was cleaned up and it functions flawlessly! I am very satisfied with this purchase.
Good quality
Review by Terry
Bought 10. Great shape. @

Bought 10. 2 looked brand new, the others were used excellent. Am buying 10 more as finances permit,

Used but not abused steel mags
Review by yarro
Bought 4 to give to a friend. One mag was new, and the other mags have seen light use, but none had dents or other disfunction. Two HK 59 and 61 dates, Two unmarked no date. Recommend these mags if you have a G3 or clone. If you drop a loaded one onto concrete on to the corner, it won't split like the aluminium ones.
Work great.
Review by joe
I already have a pretty good stash of steel G3 mags, but am always looking for more to throw on the pile if the price is right. Ordered a couple with my last order. A little scratched up, but no dents. Function perfectly.
Great Deal
Review by HK Fan
I bought 20 steel magazines. Seventeen (all Rheinmetall) magazines were brand new with storage marks. Two (HK) magazines were used with slight rust. One (Rheinmetall) magazine had moderate rust all over the magazine. I would still buy these again.
Thank you Very Much!
Review by Tex
Batch #1 Excellent!
Review by Roge
I got 15 more steel mags, all were in excellent condition, all of them fit fine and locked up tight in my rifle. they were all dated in the 60"s, Ordered on Saturday receive them Thursday ,like the fast shipping.
Great magazines
Review by Roge
I order 5 steel mags, they were all in excellent shape not bad for something made in the 60's. They don't look to have been used if at all. Will be getting more.
Great Mag
Review by Roge
This was my 1st steel mag, I don't think it was ever in a rifle, it will serve me well and still be around for my grand kids. very fast shipping
Very good HK surplus
Review by todd
2 mags first 1 new cond. 2nd new cond but dented. Fit and function great in PTR91
Surprisingly Good Shape
Review by medicineman3
Got a pack of 10 of these as soon as they came back in stock. Four of them showed wear with a little rust. The rest either came factory wrapped or bagged. One came in a waxy type wrap. Shipped amazingly fast. Again, can't beat the pricing! Thanks!
Wish I could get more of these!
Review by RemMax
I have 4 of these steel HK mags that I use in my Cetmes and only wish I could get more of them
While the HK G3 and Cetme both use the same mags the Cetme was made for use with the Steel mags and I like to have period correct mags when possible
These are nice mags that are well made and work perfectly in the Cetme's
I'll definitely be buying more of them as soon as they get back in stock again

G3 Steel Magazine
Review by Paul
Hit or miss on these, if you get good ones they are a great deal. The aluminum ones (NEW SURPLUS) are excellent.
I threw the box away
Review by roy
Sorry. These were not worth shipping.Not surface rust but deep into body, follower and spring. Many had come apart .The new aluminum mags are a good deal.
Surface rust but clean up nice.
Review by ROBERT
Cant go wrong for the price. Thank you Keep Shooting!
steel mags are the way to go
Review by hobbyoutdoorsman
Good price, buy them while they are still around.
Better deal than XXXX
Review by Gerald
10 mags with shipping: $30 @ KS, $45 @ CTD, $60 @ CS (KY).
Thanks KS! Just waiting for restock.
Fast shipping. Great service!
Review by Gerald
I just received another batch of ten mags. A lot of light surface rust and some small dents. Followers have just a few specks of light rust. All appear to be functional. Thanks KS!
Needs some TLC
Review by Gerald
Just received another 10 units. Two floor plates off due to distortion. Each successive batch needs a little more rehab work.
rusty but functional
Review by roy
Just got my limit of ten. At 1.95 do not expect the results described for 4.95. None were " almost new ". None were " ready to go as received " . All were very rusty and pitted . One was so rusted it could not retain a floor plate .
However , about half Could be functional after thorough cleaning and salvage of parts !
Great for the price
Review by Richard
I probably wouldn't pay the normal $4.95 unless I planned to pay the extra for hand-picked magazines, got a lot with rust and dings. One even had the floor plate on the wrong way, took some work to get off. BUT, and I mean this, these are a grab on sale. It takes a few minutes to remove the rust and have a giant deal of a purchase from these. BUY THEM NOW!
Not as good value
Review by Gerald
Just bought another 10 mags at the $1.95 price. Too much surface rust with this batch. Must be the bottom of the barrel.
Great Quality G3 Mags
Review by Dylan
I really have to say, after holding both the aluminum and steel mags, the steel are a better quality if weight is not important. The followers were clear while mag bodies had great finishes.
Nice steel mags
Review by Rod
HK mags arrived fast and in excellent condition . Great price for these heavy duty magazines. All items on my order were sealed in plastic and wrapped in newspaper insuring no damage during shipping. Well done.
Best Mag Deal on the Internet
Review by Michael
I bought ten of these mags. Seven of the ten were virtually brand new. Two others would have been in excellent condition except they had some slight surface rust (no problem to get off). Only one mag looked well "used." I recently paid twice as much for less quality from another retailer. Get them while you can.
Great Buy
Review by Melvin
I order some of these steel mags they were in great shape with no FTF will be buying more. Thanks a lot.
like new
Review by fredd
3 of 4 were new, the other had blue tape on it. All still fed great.
I prefer these over aluminum mags any day. Fast shipping as always, thanks keepshooting for great products.
Good mags to purchase for cetme rifles.
Review by Andre
I purchased 4 of these mags for my cetme rifle and the fit and finish of these mags are perfect, they were not rusted dinged or scratched.
3 of 6 had blue tape on them
Review by Matthew
3 of 6 were new, the others have blue tape, that if you try to remove, will leave a nasty goo mess. leave the tape on!!!
Good Mag Good Price
Review by SharpShooter
Hard to find a steel mag in this good shape for 4.99. Picked up 10 of these and I'd say 7/10 were in excellent shape, 2 were in good shape, and one had some surface rust but I was able to get most of it off. I think these are much more durable than the aluminum mags and only cost about $2 more a piece. I'm very happy overall with this order.

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