Hitler Youth Knife

Hitler Youth Knife

The German Hitler Youth Knife is a reproduction of the famous World War II era knife that was earned by members of the Hitler Youth. This reproduction Hitler Youth knife is perfect for re-enacting, film production, theater work, or displays as it captures the look and feel of the original. Marked "Blunt und Ehre!" just like originals were done.

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Description / Hitler Youth Knife

The Hitler Youth Knife may be the most famous knife of World War II. From the time of the formation of the Hitler Youth to the end of the war, the Hitler Youth wore knives of this style as a part of their uniform. With minor differences being made during this production era, the most significant being the engraving of the Hitler Youth motto on the blade starting in early 1937.

With the importance of this knife being established long ago, there has been a demand for originals for decades. This has caused the price of original Hitler Jugend knives to skyrocket. With condition of the original knives varying greatly, there has not been a good solution for reenactors, film projects, or theater work until these reproduction knives began to be made. When this reproduction was produced, careful effort was put in to ensure it could never be confused for an original as the goal is a reproduction not a fake.

  • Authentic Reproduction Hitler Youth Knife
  • Enamel Type Swastika
  • Engraved "Blunt und Ehre!" (Blood and Honor)
  • Includes Scabbard

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Review by Ed
As described except the blade is etched "Blut" not "Blunt". The pommel and hilt are too shiny with chrome but I can fix that. The frog is made of a creepy soft goat skin but i can fix that too.
Overall EXCELLENT value at the current price and as described with no hype.
Good little knife
Review by Mike
Great quality reproduction and it came SHARP. Excellent company you have here and i look forward to future purchases????
Review by Klaus
Good replica knife, it’s perfect for me !
Review by Atac
Awesome knife , cool collectors piece .
Good knife for the price.
Review by Theodore
It looks really good and appears as high quality till you pick it up and it is lacking any heft and just feels a bit cheesy. But what do I expect for $16? Exactly what I got: a fairly decent copy of an iconic and infamous blade.
Review by Frank
When I bought this weapon I did not like it at all... I LOVED IT! THIS THE BEST WW2 KNIFE, AND IM PROUD TO BUY FROM KS. Every time I place an order I am never regretfull for it.
Hitler Jugend Knife
Review by Morgan
Excellent reproduction. My house is being renovated and once its ready this knife and two books will be placed on my shelf in my WWII historical section along with two books about the Hitler Youth. Now for the humorous part a friend of mine saw it and liked it so much that I ordered it for him as it is an excellent knife to cut mangoes with. The non humorous part is. The knife is so well made that it can be used for other things in lieu of being put on a shelf with other historical items.
Good quality copy
Review by MarkPA
We use these for the HY in our reenactments. The overall look is very much like the original. Of course when you hold an original and this copy you can easily see the differences. However one costs $20 and the other costs $500. So...this is clearly the one to pick when you are doing a reenactment or other type of event that does not need a real one.
Very sharp!
Review by Clem
A great reproduction and a price you can't ignore. Well made and was surprised how sharp it was out of the book. Usually knifes that I purchase require some sharpening and honing. I used it the day I got it to carve a duck and it sliced through small bones like butter!
Good, well-balanced knife
Review by Robert
This is a good, well-balanced knife. It is made in China (as I expected). It is an exact copy of an original, all the way down to the RZM maker's mark and manufacture date of 7/38. The only thing that gives it away as a reproduction are the words "stainless China" on the reverse. The blade arrives decently sharp and is flat on the back of the blade. It is comfortable to hold and neither too heavy nor too light. A very good purchase.

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