German Kevlar Helmet - Military Issue

German Kevlar Helmet

The German Kevlar Helmet, or the Gefechtshelm Schuberth B826, is the current issue combat helmet for the German Armed Forces, or Bundeswehr. As one would guess, it is a type of personal protective armor designed to protect the wearer’s head when engaged in combat operations. These helmets are constructed using Kevlar®, a synthetic fiber typically spun into rope or fabric that is known for its high-tensile strength. These helmets are the real deal. They are like new and available for significantly less than similar American-made helmets.
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Description / German Kevlar Helmet

The German Kevlar® helmets being offered are unissued military surplus items. They are like new and their quality is ensured. They are issued to the German military but have also found use with the Swiss army, Dutch army, Czech army, and the Estonia Defense Forces.

As mentioned, they are commonly known as the Gefechtshelm Schuberth B826, which not only signifies the manufacturer and model number, but also literally translates from German to “combat helmet.” Schuberth GmbH, a German company that, in addition to personal protective equipment, produces safety helmets for motorcycles and Formula One racers, manufactures these helmets.

The helmet has noted similarities to the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) helmet used by the American Military for much of the late 20th century through the early years of the 21st century. It is constructed with multiple layers of Kevlar®, a synthetic fiber known for its high-tensile strength-to-weight ratio, making it effectively five times as strong as steel of a comparable weight. The helmet also features an adjustable liner for a “one size fits most” sizing and an adjustable chinstrap with a button for rapid release.

Aside from collectors, there are several great reasons for one to purchase such a helmet, including

Paintball and Airsoft players

- Reenactments

- Halloween costumes

- Theater prop and stage production

- Movie production

Though the helmet is presented in a dark, olive drab, most helmet covers will fit this helmet nicely. We recommend a flecktarn pattern cover for a more authentic German appearance.

Did you know?

Helmets are one of the earliest forms of personal protective equipment on record. It’s true. It is believed that the use of helmets dates back to the 23rd century B.C. and the ancient Akkadians and Sumerians. According to Darthmouth University, helmet use can be traced to the 17th century B.C., where Mycenaean Greeks used them. Their use pops up all throughout history from this period on up through the 17th century, when use was temporarily suspended before continuing through the modern era. As with most things, helmets evolved alongside the weapons from which they were providing protection and as materials and technology became more sophisticated. 


Customer Reviews

Excellant buy
Review by Hermit
I bought one of these a couple months ago. Excellent quality and construction. The price is unbeatable compared to similar quality / styled Kevlar helmets. I spent a couple extra bucks and put a french ECE helmet cover on it. I could not be happier with it.
Excellent brain bucket
Review by Daniel
Helmet came in excellent shape, despite the monkeys at the post office busting the box. Looks to have never been issued and is very clean. There are some storage marks, but overall condition is excellent. The helmet is very light, and has a very good suspension system compared to the PASGT I have. I was concerned about the size since I didn't see a listing, but it fits my large head. I will have to buy another one since my son wants one now.
Better than PASGT
Review by 53GR
The first year I was in Iraq, I wore the PASGT helmet, which is extremely uncomfortable. The PASGT uses a two-point system, which was obsolete in WWII. The German Kevlar helmet, on the other hand, uses a three-point strap system and has a much more comfortable suspension system. I highly recommend this helmet as a budget brain bucket.
So cool I can hardly believe 80$ price
Review by Thomas
The one I got looks brand new. The suspension is very good and fit my big fat head with no problem. Its definitely a military grade helmet and has the official German stamps inside. I would highly recommend it if you are on the fence about it.
Review by Zachary
I received my German Kevlar in the mail yesterday, and I am really, really impressed. Almost perfect condition, better quality than even the Kevlar I used in the Marine Corps back in the early 2000's. Thank you! I play airsoft, and will be using this during my next game.
Solid piece, barely used (if at all)
Review by Ian
I have used several Kevlars over the years. This one has perhaps the nicest suspension system I have seen and is relatively light. It does, however, sit a bit too high on the dome for my liking. You can remove the suspension system and trim its "bristles" to lower its seat somewhat but be careful not to strip the screws. Overall a good buy. I am going to buy another for testing with certain small arms rounds.
More then i Expected
Review by David
What a beautiful piece of armor. Fit my head perfectly right out of the of the box. Chin strap is super easy to adjust and very comfortable. A real deal at $90!
Great helmet!
Review by Mark
Just had to get one, love it. It's like brand new and fits great.
My wife thinks I am crazy. I think you're crazy to Not want one.
Thanks keep shooting!
Need another
Review by G
Super nice helmet, light and very comfortable, great product..need to pick up another..
Nice Price
Review by John
I've seen lower prices, but those were on special sale, the price here beats out just about all other ones. I would recommend a kevlar cover and padding for the inside if you are planning to wear this for an extended period of time.
Great product, more quality surplus from a dwindling Bundeswehr
Review by RB
Excellent quality and very comfortable. Not quite as thick as a PASGT, but similar to an ACH, maybe thinner if I recall correctly. Definitely at least as comfortable, with a very well designed suspension and quick-release chin clasp. Absolutely new.
Review by Virgilio
Authentic and in great condition. An awesome addition to my collection. This helmet offers very good protection and is well made. Great value for what you are getting.
Great buy!
Review by Wild Bill H
Noticeably lighter than the USGI PASGT helmet. The suspension system is VERY comfortable and simple.
Best K pot ever
Review by Henry
I was looking for a good helmet when I found this a German Kevlar helmet for 90 dollars. What a sale most k pots are around 200 but this one 90 and on top of this I had shock absorbers that most U.S. helmets don't have. This is a most have.
German Kevlar Helmet
Review by Cal
This helmet was a great deal. It seems to be brand new, the fit was great and can be adjusted. Everything looks good to go. Buy one while you can.
Perfect for my big head
Review by Sean
I have a larger head and a quality helmet can be hard to find. This helmet fit my head perfectly and seems to have had little use .
Great Buy!
Review by Big D
I stumbled on this site one day and I had no intentions to buy anything. When I came across this German helmet first thing I noticed was the price. For Kevlar i thought it was extremely affordable. I read all 20 reviews praising this helmet. For me that's icing on the cake. I love the descriptions on all your products as well as the history behind them. Great Job guys, you have a repeat customer for life.
Wow! This thing is awesome.
Review by texmln
Brand new, perfect condition! Still not sure what I need one for but I sure do like it. You should buy one, they are really cool.
Very Good Quality and Very Good Price equals Great Deal!
Review by Ehlert
Just received my German Kevlar Helmet today..., I couldn't be happier! No disappointment at all. Exceeded all of my expectations! This may have been a previously issued surplus helmet..., but the headband/liner looks new to me. The helmet itself couldn't have been used for more than a couple of days! Simply an outstanding quality and very good condition surplus item.
Super Piece of Gear
Review by Jose USMCR
You cant find kevlars at this price here in San Antonio. These helmets are worth every cent. If you are a peace officer you need one in the trunk of your cruiser.
Almost new, great value
Review by Joseph
Arrived in great condition with just a few marks that I can probably clean off.

I recommend this if you need a very sturdy Kevlar helmet at an easily affordable price.
Get it while you can
Review by Marine
For the price. the helmet I received was brand new, no rot and sweat like issued gear. the rigging is adjustable so even my xl noggin fits, I intend on getting more WHILE YOU STILL CAN!
What a VALUE!
Review by Mark
The helmet I received if worn was only done so for a day.
Looks new. Great price for the quality of helmet.
Thanks guys...
Bought 2 Of These Helmets
Review by John
These helmets look and smell brand new! The straps and mesh are in excellent shape. Keep Shooting has the best prices that I have found. Some other sites have them at $99, but after reading the reviews on them, I do not believe that those helmets are in like new condition like these helmets are. This is definitely the best deal around.
Great quality!!
Review by Michael
Brand new, great price compare to other sites. Its also easy to adjust the straps. Get this helmet before they're gone
Awesome Deal!
Review by JD
This is a great deal, don't pass up this opportunity!
Great item at a great price.
Review by David E.
I recently got my helmet and it fit my big head just fine. It is a great quality product and you can't beat it for $90. The helmet had some scuff marks on it but it is not a big deal, and it looks brand new. If it was used, it was used very little but I don't think it was used. It has some weight to it but nothing you can't handle while wearing it. I will probably order another one as a gift for a friend. Great for protection and or collection.... BUY ONE WHILE YOU CAN BEFORE THEY ARE GONE GONE GONE!
Best deal for under $100 bucks!
Review by Bobby
Made in Germany and made of Kevlar. Boy,the Germans make great stuff. My helmet came to me 100% new and fits great.
Needed to break in the chin-strap for it to fit right on my chin.
Very happy to buy a $200 helmet for under $100 bucks!
Cant be beat for the price
Review by Chris
It's comfortable and all that definitely but the real perk is that is accepts PASGT covers AND Surefire helmet lights!
Great helmet at a better price
Review by AvidShooter
These German kevlar helmets are amazing. The linings are super comfortable and very adjustable, they are made to be worn for the long haul. They fit most newer helmet covers too and many different face shields. The best part is they are less than half the price of their American counterparts with the same protection.
Nearly Perfect!
Review by Jeremiah
This is a great buy on a great helmet. Quick shipping. An all-around great buy.
great condition
Review by Neil
I am very pleased with this helmet great condition, looks as if it were worn once maybe. Straps work great and tighten up real well.Plus you cant beat the price. Great piece.
Great Helmet
Review by Ed
A great buy! This helmet has a great liner and is pretty comfortable to wear, it costs much less than a used PASGT Kevlar helmet found on other sites.
Great helmet
Review by ATV Rider
The quality if first rate, and it is so comfortable I wouldn't know I have it on except for the chin strap. Unlike most ATV helmets which surround your head with foam, this helmet allows air to circulate, and actually feels cooler than wearing a cap in the desert heat.
Solid, and great price
Review by AUZ
Awesome helmet, very similar to marine issued helmets. Feels only slightly heavier. Great price, will buy more for the local militia in the near future!!!
Review by dave
like it says, new unissued surplus. compared to a PASGT (personal armor system for ground troops) the price is just kick ass for a ballistic type helmet. the American type goes for around $200.00 at 90 bucks this is a steal. has adjustment for height as well as size and although heavy you can tell its a quality helmet when you pick it up. chin strap is also adjustable. it has a thick rubber bushing around the edges and is very comfortable. it should last a long time as long as you don't get shot in the head!!! I'm waiting for keep shooting to get a variety of covers for different types of terrain!!! it's German, and the quality is outstanding!!!!
Great Gear
Review by Gunner
The helmet is in new condition and does not look used at all. I have a size large head and had a perfect fit. The strap is adjustable for a custom fit.

Looking at the price of the same offering on other sites I found KeepShooting pricing to be less. Standard USGI covers such as the new multi-cam covers fit this helmet.

Would recommend picking up one while they are available.
Awesome helmet
Review by Ricky
Much better than I was expecting, condition wise. I have a big head and after expanding the liner it fit me perfectly. Would buy again.

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