German Mauser K98 Rifle

We have a few German Mauser K98 Rifles which are C&R eligible. Each rifle is in good condition, and has been arsenal refinished at some point during their life. Nazi symbols are intact, along with certain factory and date codes. Codes vary from gun to gun.

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As you know these are Bolt Action Rifles chambered in 8mm Mauser, which makes these not only cheap to shoot but very powerful guns for hunting or sport target shooting. You won't see these much longer, and a good K-98 Rifle is becoming harder to find as collectors and shooters hold onto these for a long time. This rifle is C&R Eligible.

You can read the History of Mauser Karabiner K98 Rifle.

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Overall Rating
Review by Jack
great people to deal with and honest!!
Overall Rating
A legendary Rifle And Piece Of History
Review by Rich
The K98 and other Mausers of the period represented the best in bolt action rifles. The Mauser action is one of the most refined in history and is the safest design possible with it's dual locking lugs that prevent the bolt from going through your head which actually happened with earlier versions of the famed rifle before it was redesigned to the point where it can get no better. I own a K98 from Mitchels Mausers. I paid around $500 for a collectors grade rifle that I will not fire as to not affect the value. I will order one of KS's K98's for a shooter to go along with my BRNO VZ 24 that I fire often. If these rifles could talk, what a story you would hear. Even if you just want one for it's historical value the price here is excellent. They are getting rare and harder to find so you can easily consider these as investments as well as shooters.
Overall Rating
Great battlefield rifle
Review by Dude
These guns represent a great rifle design that is still highly thought of today. They are a great deal for those are WW2 history interested people and can even be used for hunting if so desired. Lots of parts available due to the design being copied by multiple nations. Ammo is also cheap in comparison to other newer calibers.
Overall Rating
Couldn't be happier
Review by James
Looks identical to the one in the ad. The gun is VERY accurately described. Bore and rifling both very good and as in previous reviews, the waffenamts are in great shape. These guys are great to deal with. Good communication, shipping, etc. It was to my gun dealer within 3 days of ordering. Too bad I can't afford the rest of their stock!
Overall Rating
Just as described
Review by Lanny
Fantastic, my rifle came exactly as the one in the pictures. Symbols were intact . I was very impressed with the rifle and with this company. If you are wanting a mauser, contemplate no longer, forget the yugoslavians and turkish mausers. Grab one of these, you will be happy you went with a real german k-98.
Overall Rating
Great price for RC K98
Review by MrK98
I am very satisfied with the purchase of RC Mauser K98 rifle from It took about four days to receive mine.The customer service is really friendly and patient when I called them to check the order status. The stock on this RC mauser is in very good condition no chips or cracks.The only thing that I don't like is that it is the counter bored one but if I think positively it is a true russian capture K98 WWII historical collection. The rifle is CE J.P. Sauer stamp 1941, Nazi markings (eagle+swastika) are well preserved. I will keep this one as a collection and order another one from keepshooting as a shooter.
Overall Rating
Great Value as Described.
Review by Vetscott
I am Satisfied with the purchase. One of the rifles is counter bored. Not too Happy about that one. The condition for a Refurb. RC is good to excellent. I wanted a rifle that had shown some use in the war and I would say that the counter bored one would indicate this. So, Overall great service and I am very happy with my experience.
Overall Rating
Fantastic rifle
Review by Mauser guy
Got my k98 delivered in 2 days. These are Russian captured. The numbers do not match. Mine came with the sight hood, cleaning rod and locking screws missing, which is very common in rc's. Now, what was uncommon is that all the Nazi markings (eagle+swastika) are very clearly visible and preserved. The rifle has been treated in the typical Russian practice of smothering firearms with cosmoline. So be prepared for heavy cleaning. Again I stress this is very common and is not a bad thing, as the cosmoline has prevented these rifles from rusting and deteriorating. Upon receiving the rifle, I immediately took a light to the bore and became worried because it didn't look good at all. Upon cleaning the bore with standard hoppes no. 9 solvent and about 50 patches, the inside looked brand new with no pitting, clean and strong rifling/grooves and the all-so desired shiny bore! Turns out my worries were just excessive cosmo in the barrel. The stock is very good but of course it's covered in the russian varnish aka shellac. The bolt and receiver is electro penciled (a 4 number serial code). To sum it all up, I am ecstatic about my Mauser. It's great in every way! A real piece of real WW2 history. My experience with was great but I decided to call and order by phone. The salesperson who helped me with all my questions and concerns was Mario. He was extremely helpful and patient and you can tell that he cares about his customers. I highly recommend him. I am 110% satisfied with my rifle and my whole experience. Will order again!
Overall Rating
Great Rifle!!
Review by jreed1980
I purchased this rifle 2 weeks ago, and couldn't be more happy! Most I have seen have the Nazi marking punched out, and are in rough shape! If I had another $360.00 I would snatch up the last one they have! They are beautiful!! I also want to comment on the awesome customer service! I couldn't be happier! Thanks KeepShooting!!
Overall Rating
Excellent rifle
Review by jgood1
I really am satisfied with my K98.It only had one Nazi acceptance stamp on it.The only thing that I found to be less than perfect was the hand scribed serial number,which is on all capture weapons.A really good shooting/hunting rifle.

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