German Military Polishing Cloth – Five Surplus Polishing Cloths, One Low Price

German Military Polishing Cloth

These military-grade polishing cloths can easily tackle any job with which your measly grocery story paper towels would struggle. Best of all, there is no need to buy roll and roll of cloth as they are washable and reusable.

Description / German Military Polishing Cloth

As noted, the German military polishing clothes offered by are authentic German military surplus items. These cloths were originally designed for and used by members of the German Bundeswehr, or the unified armed forces of Germany. Every package of German military polishing cloths contains five cloths, each of which is completely unissued and unused. As such, each cloth is in excellent condition and is free from the typical rips, tears, stains and scents that are characteristic of previously issued military surplus. Whether you are looking for firearm cleaning cloths or shop rags, there is no cloth that is more up to the task than our German military polishing cloths. Not to mention they boast an unbelievably low price.

Constructed from soft synthetic fibers that are characterized by their durability, each German military polishing cloth measures approximately 18 inches by 17 inches and features one soft side designed for polishing and one abrasive side for scrubbing. Additionally, each edge of the cloth benefits from reinforced stitching to ensure long-lasting quality.

There are virtually limitless possibilities for our German military polishing cloths. As noted, you may choose to use them as a firearm cleaning cloth or a general purpose shop rag. Any job that requires a good scrub down or a nice polish will surely benefit from these cloths.

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Customer Reviews

Unexpectedly Large
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
These are good quality and appear to be wool. They are much larger than one might expect. Great price for general purpose polishing cloths.
Review by KP Duty
I use these around the shop. Shipping can be high on them, the only downside. They are fairly large bigger than you might think from the photo. Very handy to have around for odds and ends. The good reviews are on the money if you want a large cleaning cloth.
Buy extras as gifts.
Review by Craig
Love these things. Price is unbeatable. Myriad uses. Buy while they're still low price.
Superior rags
Review by Jack
I pay over double this price for rags that are smaller. Figured I'll throw these on an order. They could easily be ironed and used with my fine china at my formal dining table. Linen on one side and a thin chamois on the other with a bound edge.
Needed some good gun rags and these work perfectly
Review by jim
Bought 4 bags of these on another order liked them so well i am back today ordering 8 more bags of them i hope to never run out of these babys!
They're actually for your feet!
Review by Seth
Commonly sold as polishing rags, these are actually called fusslappen and are for wrapping your feet! A simple google search away and you'll find out how to use these to keep your feet warm in the winter, which is what I do!

Of course, aside from their intended purpose, these DO make pretty handy rags.
100's of uses
Review by Craig Channel Islands Harbor
Wonderful find! I plan to use these from cleaning my pistols to polishing the metals on my boat.
Polishing cloths
Review by tom
These are great rags for all types of uses. Course on one side and like a flannel on the other side. Another great find at Keep Shooting. Order these while you can.
A steal of a deal
Review by Justin
What can be said. Use these bad boys to clean up your guns! Each time I order from KS I add a 5 pack of these. Can't beat the quality...or price.
great deal
Review by thomas
These heavy duty cleaning clothes will last a long time. Worked great and I hand washed them.
Great rags
Review by 39bore
These are light years ahead of those "pink canvas" wannabees they have at Auto Whosit. Polish, scrub, clean, sop up fluid, whatever. CAUTION!!!! DO NOT put anything in the washing machine with them you don't want to look like a Woolly Mammoth. They shed, I know.
Not too bad...
Review by Jedediah the GyroCaptain
I actually got sent these by accident; I had ordered the German military terry cloth towels. Having received these, I figured I'd keep them rather than go through the trouble of shipping them back. I was glad I kept them; I've found a multitude of uses for them.
bought some more
Review by Robert
I bought some more and have to say this is a great deal. I use them to clean the guns after I go to the range.
Review by Conrad
I used one of these to clean the cosmoline from a mosin nagant. It worked beautifully! I definitely want to order more of these. The price is just unbeatable! Great job again KS
heavy duty cloth
Review by Robert
These heavy duty cleaning/polishing clothes will last a long time. I used two of mine to clean cosmoline from some new surplus I got in and polished a revolver I have. Worked great and I hand washed it without a problem.

Will last a long time and worth the price
Review by cody
Clean my firearms to cleaning up messes these bad boys are good for any job. I'll be ordering more.
Great item
Review by Harry
These polishing clothes can polish anything. From fine silver and brass to a wood finish.
Great Deal on Surplus
Review by kenneth
I order these to kill a gift card I got from work and boy this are some nice heavy duty rags to clean you gear with. I used on to buff my head lights on my truck and it worked wonderfully.

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