The German Navy Deck Knife is a brand new knife by Mil-Tec of Germany which is a faithful reproduction of the German Navy Deck Knife. These knives are designed to be used by Navy sailors as the marlin spike that is on the knife makes knot work simple and quick.

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  • German Navy Deck Knife
  • Marlin Spike with Safety Catch
  • 3 Inch Blade
  • Total Length: 7.5 Inches
  • UPC: 4046872284014

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Customer Reviews

Exactly What I Hoped For the Money

Review by Curtis E.
Verified Buyer

My knife arrived exactly as I had hoped. Solid resin scales, brass rivets, sturdy construction. I work on boats all day and just wanted a good rigging knife that will serve me well and that I also won't mind if it goes to the bilge. Blade is heavy construction, ~3/16" at the spine though it is tapered it's whole width. I'm sure it could take light batoning but no folder should regularly see batoning. The spike is fabulous, very minor pitting showing signs of the casting/forging before it was polished though nothing is deep enough or large enough to affect the lifespan or utility of the tool. The spike is easily opened and closed one handed. The shape and point of the spike are really excellent, this will put more than a few of my other spikes into full retirement. The locking mechanism really holds the spike well with no play and will clearly take a lot of abuse. In my usage I will definitely be using the spike more than the blade and this knife is designed for that. The blade does not lock and I am skeptical of how well it will keep an edge compared to Victorinox, Mora, Opinel (other comparably priced blades with a reputation for good steel at the price) but it is built well and I will not hesitate to cut a line or slice an apple with it. The lock lever which covers the blade tip is a nice feature that sets my mind at ease, though it does mean that the blade takes both two hands to open and two hands to close. Please don't confuse that this is a bad blade though, it is perfectly adequate for everything I will encounter and will be a fine companion. I expect this knife will last me the rest of my career and if it doesn't I will be getting another just like it - sorry Myerchin.

Blade and spike very sturdy and better quality than expected for the price

Review by Sharetta Y.
Verified Buyer

Good value for the money

A surprisingly hefty, rugged knife for rope work

Review by Telia J.
Verified Buyer

Chinese made, but don't let that ruin your day, this may be cheap and has plastic scales, but the blade is thick and takes a good edge, the spike is smooth and perfectly shaped and the lockup and release is solid. Just be careful to not close the blade when the spike's release lever is down flat!

German navy deck knife

Review by Sanya A.
Verified Buyer

Just bought my second one, well made knife at a great price, and fast delivery

Well Built Knife

Review by Khelsey M.
Verified Buyer

It's a tank with good heft and excellent fit & finish. Certainly worth the affordable price.

Good knife for the price

Review by Denine B.
Verified Buyer

Would prefer that the blade lock but all in a good product

DId not like

Review by Queenie F.
Verified Buyer

Did not like

Sharp and Rugged

Review by Zacchaeus D.
Verified Buyer

This knife is built to last. The blade is sharp and the spike locks into place. Solid material and solid construction. The knife is heavy in the hand.

Great for what it does

Review by Durwood Z.
Verified Buyer

If this hold up like it looks it should- this is a fantastic knife! Every indication is that it is made in Germany. Just a decent blade and a marlinspike that locks. For the purpose I want it for I think its a great knife. For every day a Swiss Army Knife is more practical, but working with rope and knots this will be perfect.

Quality knife!

Review by Elsworth E.
Verified Buyer

One of the best knife purchases I've ever made! This think is built like a tank and holds an edge for a long time.

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