German Police Body Armor - Police Surplus Body Armor with Stab and Bullet Resistance

German Police Body Armor

These surplus police bullet proof vests are made in Germany to superior SK standards.

Description / German Police Body Armor

The German Federal Police have long been known for having the most strict standards for performance of body armor. Surpassing the NIJ "Level" system, the German SK classification is more strict and demanding for performance than any other law enforcement standard. These German Police Bullet Proof Vests are from the latest standardization, consisting of an SK1 Kevlar panel.

We made a great buy on these Surplus German Police Bullet Proof Vests.  How good of a buy?  We're able to offer you a surplus, issued, but serviceable vest for less than 1/16th what the German Federal Police paid for them. For one low price you get protection that surpasses NIJ Level IIIA.

  • Full Front and Rear Protection
  • Manufactured from Kevlar
  • While Used, Free From Defects - Far Superior to US Surplus Armor
  • Color and Style May Vary from Picture

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great quality, but....
Review by Adam
The vest is in great shape. It's a bit older than I expected. KS claims it's NIJ IIIA. However, it's nearly impossible to verify this with the tags included on the product. The conversion of Europe to US standards is not easy to compare.
Outstanding quality!
Review by Joe
I ordered mine and was delighted when it arrived within 2 days! Keepshooting's service is awesome - I've never been disappointed. The size and fit were perfect. The condition was flawless - could have been brand new, if I didn't know otherwise. There was not a single evident sign of wear or previous use. All the velcro straps have retained their stretch, and the XL vest fit just right, snug and comfortable - it makes for a great lighter weight alternative to my heavier plates/plate carrier/LBV which also includes mag pouches, etc. I love to have this on hand to throw on in a quick-reaction scenario or to wear under clothing. All around an outstanding bargain and product! I'd order more ASAP if I had the funds.
A good buy
Review by Alexander
Currently out of stock but worth it if they were to get more. Would recommend sizing up. 5'10'' used to be medium but added 40lb of middle age weight. Usually take a Lg but opted for XL. and it is spot on. Velcro allows adjustment and easier to get a smaller person into a bigger item than vice versa. Stretch material on each strap but if it were smaller, protective material in side panels would not be long enough front to back to cover extra girth. Mine came with terry cloth towels inside front and back held in place with hook and loop material. Easy to remove to wash if you get them sweaty...a good design feature.
Not worth it
Review by Alex
My vest came full of holes and tears. I would not call it serviceable. Bad deal
Hit or miss
Review by Michael
I bought two of these in size small. One was practically brand new, one was used and beat up- looked like someone took it through a training course. I was expecting both to be in good condition based on the reviews. There is no way i would wear the used one in a life threatening situation.
Quite a deal
Review by Stephen
When I saw this vest I thought wow that is a bargain and took a chance. As others have said the vest was virtually unused. Mine came with both a black carrier and a desert colored one that was new never worn. I had purchased some lightweight DKX Max IIIA Armor Pistol Plate - 10" X 12" at over $100/plate, just for the plates, so this is a very good deal. I went ahead and put the plates in the new vest and they fit pretty good, maybe adds 6 pounds to the vest . This is for home defense so weight is not a big deal regardless.
excellent condition but too small
Review by joseph
Size L sold out fast so by the time I placed my order, only size M was available. I thought it would be fine as I where a size M t-shirt without issue. However, my size M vest is more like a size S. My chest is a 38 and I have no beer belly so I can say my vest received runs very small. the front and back kelvar panels do not touch at the sides of my body so I have unprotected areas there and the length of the front is over 2" above my navel, where it should be right at the navel for a proper fit. But the condition of mine is excellent, so an incredible value to get and I can get mil grade rifle panel vest in the future to wear over this size S vest to enhance my total protection. Keep Shooting is still a great source for bargains on surplus stuff and I will continue to buy from them.
Too Good to Pass Up! Still Great Armor at Unbeatable Price!
Review by Patrick
Just like Potato Chips, "Can't have just one!". Especially at these prices! So I bought a second vest for the Home Team. This condition and quality of this vest exceeded the description as did the first vest. As with my 1st vest, this vest appears unused, if not unissued. The workmanship of vest, carrier, & storage bag is excellent as you would expect from the Germans. The fit, comfort, and utilty of the vest are excellent. A Better Vest, with the stab protection, still cannot be purchased for less than three times the price! I have come to expect excellent condition, quality products at good values from Keep shooting, and I was not disappointed. You won't be either.
Better than advertised.
Review by JERRY
I usually don't do reviews, but when you receive an item that is so much better than expected, it's deserving. If you are sitting on the fence on this item, don't hesitate making this purchase. Fit was right on, condition was new, even came with an extra outer shell. When one is in the laundry?
Exceeded all expectations
Review by Douglas
Everything about this vest exceeded my expectations. Vest arrived in excellent condition, 2003 manufacture, well made with attention to detail, and with heavy duty storage bag. Vest outer shell has no stains, no pilling, elastic great, Velcro great. Appears to have been used very lightly or not at all. Medium fits as expected. Stab protection (front AND back) is in separate internal sleeves and can be removed, if desired. If I needed another one, I would not hesitate to buy again.
A1 Condition Armor Unbeatable Price!
Review by Patrick
The vest I received exceeded the description and my expctations in condition, quality, and value. The vest appeared to be unused, if not unissued. The manufacturing quality is of the first order as one might expect from the Germans. The fit, comfort, and utilty of the vest are excellent. A Better Vest, with the stab protection, cannot be purchased for less than three times the price!
excellent vest
Review by Lionel
received two in very good condition. overall very good vests well built I recommend going one size bigger for example if you are a medium , buy a Large , if Large buy an extra large and so on.
Great level IIIA armor for a great price
Review by Garret
This thing literally was unissued. It has stab resistant capabilities, and can stop up to .44 magnum. This vest would not be hard to insert a ballistic level III plate (5x8) either. Which I will be doing shortly. The only downside is the color, which can be fixed by putting clothing over it. This is a must buy, cheap, and for a little over 1000$ you can armor 10 people for up .44 magnum threats. This is a great thing to keep by the bedside and slip on if you have time in home defense, as most crimes are commited with handguns. Also, If an intruder is armed with a knife, the chainmail armor in this will stop that potentially too. GREAT GREAT PRODUCT
Super high quality
Review by Rob
All the other reviews are accurate, this is high quality stuff. Mine also looked unissued, or possibly very lightly used. I normally wear XL shirts, that's what I ordered here and it fits great. I haven't had time to test it by being shot or stabbed, but I have little doubt it'll function as it should. This is a great price too.
Can't beat it!!!
Review by Alberto
Not only is this armor vest a bargain, but with stab resistant panels in place is definitely a great buy. As the other reviewers have stated, don't pass on this.
Great Armor!
Review by John
Just received my armor a week ago and it is as advertised...looks great, correct size (ordered XXL), and everything it should be. The carry bag is a nice bonus. The vest looks new in appearance and does not show any signs of use. I have shopped around for a few years trying to acquire good armor and this one did the trick. The added knife protection, concealability (color), and price were too good to pass up. Highly recommend.
Review by Kristian
Literally looks unissued. Ballistic panels inside stab panels inside a carrier inside a carry bag, "expired" in 2013. Armor panels appear to be readily moved to another carrier if the gold is not your thing. Large fits like a glove on me - 6' 180lb male, 40-42 chest.
Unbeatable price!
Review by Michael
I came back to buy another one because of the quality, fits perfect. Its comes in a nice carry bag...What a DEAL, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
Get them while they're hot
Review by Brian
This vest came to me as a great piece of equipment, and at a GREAT price. The X-Large that I bought fit my body real nice-like, and when I put it on under my sweater, it is easily concealable. Two thumbs up from me.

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