German Style 3-Piece Mess Kit

The Mil-Tec German Style 3-Piece Mess Kit is a reproduction mess kit based on the German Army mess kit that is well known. This reproduction mess kit can be used to cook in the field or is great for re-enactors who do not wish to bring their originals into their event. You can also use this mess kit for overnight camping trips, extended hikes, or other outdoor adventures.

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The German Style 3-Piece Mess Kit by Mil-Tec is a excellent reproduction of the standard German Army mess kit. Designed to offer a nesting three piece mess kit with versatility, just like the original, you'll be pleased with how easy this mess kit is to use and maintain.

We've sold the originals previously and haven't seen them in years so when Mil-Tec reproduced this mess kit, we knew it would be one that our customers would want. Nearly every military mess kit has been patterned after this German mess kit and once you use it you will see why.

  • Based on German Army Mess Kit
  • Reproduction by Mil-Tec
  • 3-Piece Kit
  • Hanging Cook Pot, Pan with Handle, and Kidney Tray Included
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Overall Rating
Got the real deal.
Review by Jeff
I was expecting to get a new reproduction of the German Mess kit. What I got was a used surplus kit. The marking under the handle read: IVM 68. The paint was a miss-match. The top piece came from a different kit, with a piece of green duct tape with the name, Meyer on it. The bottom piece had bare metal showing and the middle section had seen usage, as it had a minor dent in it. I wanted a German mess it, and now I have one.
Overall Rating
a repro but still nice.
Review by carol
Overall Rating
Made poorly in China, not suitable for actual use
Review by David
Visually, this is a fairly accurate reproduction of the German mess kit. But this made in China kit is poorly made and has not held up well to actual use. The paint does not survive campfire heat and the latch is not secure. The hinges are a bit misaligned and it is a bit soft and flimsy overall. Well suited to reenacting, but not at all suited to actual use.
Overall Rating
Great mess kit
Review by Mike F
This is a great reproduction of the German WW2 mess kit. Its durable, more or less compact, and very useful. I take it with me whenever I go camping. With the use of a cheap thin belt I got from Wal-Mart, I attach the mess kit to the outside of my back pack, so that it doesn't take up any room inside (which is how German soldiers use to attach it to their battle belts).
Overall Rating
A mess kit I used in the field
Review by Colonel K
When I was stationed in Germany with the NATO troops,I found out how excellent this mess kit was.Up in the Fulda Gap in winter on joint maneuvers with the Whermacht,I was asked if I would swap my U.S. kit with the German kit.I saw immediately that the German kit was much more versatile for cooking and heating-while mine was good if the food was ladled into the kit.I saw that the German soldier was disappointed after awhile with the swap,so I returned his mess kit. I just happened to see this mess kit on this site Keep Shooting and I had to have it-especially since it was new! I know I will get many years out of this "bomb proof" mess it........
Overall Rating
Great addition to my kit
Review by Matt
This is a very good multi use mess kit. I tend to carry it on my trips when I need to condense my cooking kit due to weight and/or pack limits. I can easily boil water in it. Fry food using the top. I've even used it to bake over a fire. Just place your baking material (like bread or muffin mix) into the middle aluminum cup piece. The air space between the bottom of the larger pot section and this cup keeps the food from burning. Then place coals on the top lid and it makes a surprisingly good oven. Mine was clearly used. A couple small dents and the hanging handle was a bit rusted. But I got it to use it so that didn't bother me. Mine's almost entirely black now from cooking over fires and the green paint has started to flake off. So its developing good character. This is a solid piece of kit that I expect to use for a long time to come.
Overall Rating
Good piece of kit
Review by Bill
Well made of aluminum and sturdy. Very useful design with three separate pieces, all perfect size for their intended purpose. Some might.consider it a bit large, but a multiuse mess kit.
Overall Rating
Review by Kyle
i love this item its brand new has no nicks looks great and will last a life time... might have to buy a few more but pick yourself up one while you can before i get them all

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