German Tri-Fold Shovel (NATO) – Original German Military Surplus

German Tri-Fold Shovel (NATO)

The German tri-fold shovel would be perfect for someone working in tight spaces. Built to exact NATO specifications, these original German military surplus shovels fold in three places, collapsing to a size small enough to fit easily into any survival pack.

Description / German Tri-Fold Shovel (NATO)

Here it is folks, an original military surplus German tri-fold shovel – built to exact NATO specifications. These shovels are manufactured entirely from steel, giving them a solid, durable construction that will last for years to come. Each shovel is in very good condition, though they may show some signs of usage. Weighing in at an extremely manageable 2.5 pounds, these shovels fold in three different places. At a full extension, the shovel measures approximately 23 inches long and 6 inches wide. However, when folded, the shovel measures an astonishing 9 inches long and 6 inches wide, which provides for easy storage in just about any location.

The blade can be locked straight out at 180 degrees to be used as a shovel or it can be locked at 90 degrees and used as a pick. To lock the blade, simply unfold the shovel to the desired angle and twist the rotating cylinder located on the handle. This will lock both the blade and the handle in place. Additionally, two of the four edges are serrated and can be used for sawing-like motions.

Let’s shift to authenticity for a moment. Some stores sell tri-fold shovels that they claim are German military items. However, when they arrive they have a big manufacturer sticker that proves otherwise. You can rest assured that these German tri-fold shovels are original German military surplus items due to the “BUND” stamp located on the handle – indicating that they were indeed used by the Bundeswehr, or German Armed Forces.

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

great item
Review by powderbob
My second order for this item.Great quality and true German /NATO military sturdy shovel.Like the compact size for my 4 wheeler.Got it for a good price too.My regards to Keep Shooting for having it in stock.
Better quality than my US AMES Folding Shovels
Review by Ziggy
I already own one of these fine German shovels its dated (BUND 87) and i bought it at a yard sale for 5 dollars, Amazing deal. Well when i saw KeepShooting having a sale on these for only 14.95 I had to buy another, recieved it today and its BUND 02/11, and in like new condition. I also own 4 US Ames folding shovels all great shovels too but in my opinion i believe the German Folding Shovel to be of better quality. If I had to choose between one over the other i would take the German tool. I think i misread some comments i thought that this shovel came with a cover and Alice Clips but either way Still a Great deal.Thank You KeepShooting for the Great Deals and Excellent Customer Service.
Tough and Handy
Review by GT69
Glad I decided to get this little shovel virtually indestructible handy and compact , fits into my US shovel cover aswell.
Good quality
Review by TJ
Very solid. Some wears. Great price.
great tool
Review by Chris
Heavy duty, compact, works as shovel or hoe. Nice case so no snags if packing.
Great e-tool
Review by Jim
This is a solidly built e-tool. No nonsense German construction. Fully functional with some field wear.
Great shovel - Will be part of my Car Emergency Kit
Review by David
Small and compact. Great value, with 2 ALICE clips included. Will probably buy a few more later.
Tri-fold Shovel
Review by Anon
I think everyone should have one of these in their car, and Keepshooting offers them for the best price I've seen out there.
Might get another
Review by Michael
Almost spent 50$ at Amazon for a US GI shovel -- glad I found this though, just as good, just as tough, lightly used, for half the price. Keep it in my car for emergencies. Nice case too.
Uber Tool!
Review by Curtis
Very High quality. Very little wear. A true Must have at this price
Strong and durable
Review by Jacob
This shovel is well built and strong as an ox. They made these to last I keep one in my bob and one in my car in case I ever get stuck.
compact digger
Review by Michael
This short little shovel is very handy on hiking trips. It can do a lot more than just dig. There are some very useful serrations ready ti do whatever. It locks up very tight and can take some real abuse!
German Shovel
Review by Jill
This is bomb-proof. In my opinion, much higher quality than the U.S. shovel. We keep one in each vehicle that we own.
very happy with it
Review by powderbob
Very good shovel, True German military surplus with the famous quality. Mine is almost brand new from the late 80's. It folds in to a very small size, good for any backpack or ATV. Get it while you can. Thanks to the folks from KeepShooting, It will serve me right.
High Quality, not a cheap knock-off
Review by rodney
This is the real deal. No cheap Kmart/ Walmart camping shovel. Buy once, cry once my dad used to say. Stay away from that cheap junk. Mine was slightly used, still has 80% of the paint on it.
Fine original german stuff
Review by powderbob
Very good shovel, Original German military surplus item. I like the quality and the size of it. It's just right to store it in a backpack or for your ATV .Get it, while you can.
useful thing
Review by powderbob
Very solidly made and compact. Typical German and military product from the old days.
Great Multi-Use Shovel...
Review by Jedediah The GyroCaptain
Great shovel, Bundeswehr issue. Because of NATO standardization, this shovel is the same as that issued by the US military (other than the green paint job).

+ The head of the shovel can be locked in place at 90 degrees for use as a pick, or locked all the way out for use as a shovel.

+ The shovel I have is dated 1990, but saw little use.

+ These fold up in sort of a "Z" motion, and are very compact.

+ This BW shovel is great for gardening; in the winter they would be great for throwing in the car trunk "just in case."
This is a high quality surplus item plus with sturdy cover
Review by skm
This is a high quality surplus item plus with sturdy cover
Good quality, light wear & very compact.
Review by SM
Good quality, light wear & very compact. Great to store in car or pack. Nice sturdy cover for protection.
The Real Deal
Review by Mark
This shovel is rock-solid and certainly not some cheap knockoff. The head tightly locks into place in the desired configuration as a shovel or pick. The case is a nice touch and can be attached to a belt if need be. However, the shovel folds to such a compact package that you can easily pack it in your bag of choice.

Mine came used, but in very good condition.
German Shovel
Review by Brian
This is a used surplus item. Mine came in good shape. You can feel the quality of this tool when you pick it up. Not a cheap imitation, the real deal.
Great survival tool
Review by Jay
Just got mine. It folds up really small and fits on back of my snowmobile perfectly. It is perfect for making a snow shelter.
Review by Nicholas
Reminds me of the E-TOOL I was issued when I enlisted in the US Army. The one I received was used, but in perfect condition. Usually anything that is German or Swiss, is a higher quality than that of other countries, especially China. Great price, great item, and fast shipping!
Fine craftsmanship
Review by hobbyoutdoorsman
Right off the bat you can tell the quality in the workmanship and build of this shovel. It is tough and ready to be put to hardwork, without falling apart like some of the cheap knockoffs out there. A truly dependable piece of work.
German Quality
Review by William
High quality, used but in very good condition. A very serviceable item for the truck or tool box. Genuine German military, not "China" as sold by others.

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