Gewehr 98 Cleaning Rod (Reproduction) – Fits the German Gewehr 98, M98 and M1908 Mauser Rifles

Gewehr 98 Cleaning Rod

Collecting firearms, specifically rifles, is a serious hobby. Many collectors are extremely particular when it comes to purchasing rifles as they only want to buy “correct” items – ones with serial numbers, parts and accessories that match up with certain time periods. As you can imagine, completely correct firearms can often be hard to come by. Sometimes you have to go with reproduction items that may sacrifice complete originality but give your firearm that authentic appearance you’re searching for.

One accessory that older rifles tend to lose is the cleaning rod. The older the rifle, the harder it is to find an original cleaning rod. The Gewehr 98 is a rifle that dates back to 19th century Germany, which explains the scarce availability of original cleaning rods for the rifle. Some of us here at are serious collectors. We understand your frustration when searching for correct parts and accessories. We understand that you feel like your Gewehr 98 is naked without a cleaning rod. That’s why we’re now offering you the ability to play dress up with your rifle and our reproduction Gewehr 98 cleaning rod.

These Gewehr 98 cleaning rods are historically correct and will fit in any of the Gewehr 98, M98 or M1908 Mauser rifles. Best of all, they are readily available and cheap, coming in at just $9.95.

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Description / Gewehr 98 Cleaning Rod

As noted, original Gewehr 98 cleaning rods are few and far between. These cleaning rods are brand new reproduction items that are historically accurate and sure to compliment your Gewehr 98 perfectly. That said they feature a fully-steel construction with a blued finish. Each rod measures approximately 15 and 5/8 inches long and includes threads that have been cut precisely and are ensured to attach securely to any Gewehr 98, M98 or M1908 Mauser rifle.

These rods are generally used only for cosmetic purposes. Normally, a collector would seek out this piece for placement underneath the barrel in an attempt to make the rifle appear more correct. That is not to say they are not functional cleaning rods, though. However, the sheer length of the Gewehr 98 barrel prevents this cleaning rod from being used without several other key attachments. If one were to obtain the attachments, this cleaning rod does utilize a slotted end for patches and would be serviceable.

Also worth noting is a somewhat obvious difference between these reproductions and original cleaning rods. The reproductions do not include any maker markings, stamps or serial numbers that would be present on the originals. Aside from this, the reproductions are historically accurate.

Consider the Gewehr 98 cleaning rod for any of the following:

-          Rifle collectors

-          German military collectors

-          Reenactments

-          Theater and stage production

-          Movie production

Gewehr 98

Not to be confused with the K98, the Gewehr 98 is a German bolt-action rifle originally designed by Paul Mauser in 1895. Its name comes from the German word for rifle, or “gewehr.” Though it was designed in 1895, production began in 1898 by Mauser – hence its name. It is chambered for 8x57mm cartridges and features an internal magazine that utilizes a five-round stripper clip. Additionally, it saw service with the German military from 1898 through 1935, at which point it was replaced by the K98.     

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Review by Gerald
Appears good quality. No rust. Was packed well with other items. Lightening fast shipping.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Maxxxvelocity
It works! Most the Gew 98s I have acquired lacked the cleaning rod. No big deal, but I just want them to look complete. KS has most of the accessories I need. I'm a repeat customer. Thanks KS!

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