GLOCK 19 Gen 3 Umarex CO2 Pistol

The CO2 airgun replica of the GLOCK 19 in .177 caliber is compact and handy, with the unmistakable look of the original pistol and plenty of power. In true Umarex replica form, it has a metal slide and a trigger blade safety.

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  1. GLOCK 19 Gen 3 CO2 Pistol
  2. Metal slide
  3. Drop Free Magazine
  4. Trigger blade safety
  5. Uses Standard 12g CO2 Cartridges
  6. Capacity: 16 Rounds
  7. Caliber: .177 Steel BBs

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Customer Reviews

bb gun came broken
Review by Denika K.
Verified Buyer
The media could not be loaded.
 The product came broken and I don’t know if it was used but it was open as soon as I open the package Also it came scratched I don’t know if I was sold a used gun
Good gun highly recommended buy
Review by Alasia H.
Verified Buyer
The media could not be loaded.
 Good gun easy too shoot and everything
Gun doesn't hold up long
Review by Alec I.
Verified Buyer
The gun seemed to be very well constructed, made by glock i thought it would hold up very well... but of course started leaking suddenly. Once the leak starts the gun is worthless. Wasted my money. ????
looks real , be caful
Review by Ane J.
Verified Buyer
This is a very fun c02 pistol. It looks real so be carful with it. Shoots nice , didn't have any problems with it. Must have been a really cool co2 pistol considering a old friend stole it off me lol
Review by Court U.
Verified Buyer
So first I want to start by repeating all the reviews you’ve read. Yes this thing is bad ass, Yes it’s so realistic as crap, you DO NOT wanna take this off your property. Fairly accurate. Someone will panic, police will shoot you or arrest you, and if you’re thinking of scaring someone off your chances are 50/50 unless maybe it’s nighttime or until they look at that little tiny barrel hole. It’s very very realistic in feel and weight (would make a great cosplay). The slide is stationary so don’t expect a full on Glock experience John Wick ya got me? Ok cool.. Now that that’s over, there are manufacturer defects and that varies apparently based on other reviews (can’t speak for them but here’s mine). That being said all the great reviews could be from folks that got a flawless one or they figured out how to really make this pretty girl sing. But I used the crosman .177 copper bb’s that are recommended to purchase with it as well as the CO2 carts (don’t worry you’ll see them and know which ones I’m referencing) and maaan.. it is aggravating. Maybe it’s because it needs to be broke in, maybe because you really do need that CO2 cartridge lube (I didn’t buy or use any). But the one I have is inconsistent AF. Sometimes it bangs out repeatedly, other times I have to pull the trigger and drop 3 bbs before it will fire back or back. Sometimes I pop one off and take the mag out and one bb drops out. It’s like it releases 2 at a time but only one actually fires out. Or nothing fires. I pull, drop a bb out the muzzle (repeat 2 more times) then POP, one fires out. I mean don’t get it twisted it is a great BB gun made by GLOCK and I will leave another review IF I can get it firing consistently. But idk man… not disappointed but disappointed ya know what I mean? ????????
Very happy, I am!
Review by Seanmichael U.
Verified Buyer
Praise worthy, for $70!

The only issue was the round gasket ring seal between the CO2 and needle. Withered away, and I'm having a tough time finding a replacement.

Gun still works perfect, but needs a new gasket. Can someone please say where to find the gasket replacement?
Pretty much perfect
Review by Chastina S.
Verified Buyer
No problems with it after a year and the only issue is that the reload speed is slow but it’s fine
No longer working
Review by Corderro K.
Verified Buyer
The CO 2 cartridge mechanism is not working. It pierces the cartridge and the air just keeps releasing. Something is not working properly!
That is a great waste of time and money
Review by Kimberlyann C.
Verified Buyer
The gun stops shooting jams clips won’t chamber the bullet clips won’t even clip in don’t waste your money ????????????
Package was open
Review by Nicki O.
Verified Buyer
My buddy has one and ive had some before which is why I decided to order.. except mine came cut open and decided to return it. Just not my luck
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