Great Patriotic War Poster Set

The declaration of war does many things. It inspires hatred. It ensures death. It incurs debt. But one thing that probably never comes to mind is the fact that it employs artists. Okay, it does not bring about a significant rise in employment and there are still tons of starving artists to be found; but someone has to design the propaganda posters, right?

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Often times, many people confuse the terms "Great Patriotic War" and "World War II." The Great Patriotic War is a term that is typically not used outside of Russia or other nations that belonged to the former Soviet Union. It is used to describe the military conflict that took place between Nazi Germany, her allies and the Soviet Union between June 22, 1941 and May 9, 1945. If you notice, those dates coincide with much of WWII, but the terms are not to be used interchangeably. This is due to the fact that WWII was a conflict between a number of nations while the Great Patriotic War included only, as noted, Nazi Germany, her allies and the Soviet Union.

With the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Soviet propaganda skyrocketed. Patriotism was evoked as citizens were urged by meticulously designed posters to defend the Motherland. The Great Patriotic War poster set presents a collection of 24 different prints that were created and distributed between 1941 and 1945, each of which designed to evoke a sense of patriotism in the face of a real threat. Each print measures 13 inches by 9.5 inches and is presented in full color.

The prints are presented in their original design, which means they are written in Cyrillic rather than English. They are all housed in a folder that includes a translation of each print, making their purpose very evident. Many including phrases such as: "Long live the Red Army!" "We'll defend Moscow!" and "Your Motherland needs you!"

Any person interested in Soviet history or WWII is sure to welcome the Great Patriotic War poster set with open arms. If nothing else, the posters look great and feature artwork that is both unique and interesting that would make for a wonderful conversion piece. The Great Patriotic War poster set is available now for $49.95.

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