H&H Medical Grab & Go Bleeding Control Kit

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From H&H Medical, the leading supplier of emergency medical products to military personnel and civilian law enforcement, comes the perfect ready kit for medical emergencies.

The Grab & Go Bleeding Control Kit puts everything you need to save a life in one easy-to-use pouch. All the products needed to control severe bleeding, protect wounds, prevent hypothermia and shock, and keep someone injured alive until help arrives. Each item in the kit is individually wrapped and protected to survive under any conditions. Packed thin with every product visible so it's easy to slip into a backpack, briefcase, or into any workplace.


  • One SWAT-T Compression Wrap Tourniquet to be used as a tourniquet, compression wrap, or other uses
  • One H&H H-Compression Bandage for Large Wounds to COntrol Severe Bleeding
  • One H&H Compressed Gauze to Pack a Severe Wound or to Wrap Around Wounds
  • One H&H Emergency Hypothermia Blanket to wrap around a victim to keep them warm and to help manage shock
  • One Klever Kutter Safety Cutter to Remove Clothing, Seat Belts, or Debris From a Victim or Their Injury
  • One Pair of Nitrile Gloves to Protect You WHile You Treat an Injury
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