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H&K G3 Magazine

The H&K G3 Magazine is a military surplus magazine for the H&K G3 rifle. These magazines hold 20 rounds and will function in any firearm designed to use G3 magazines.

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Description / H&K G3 Magazine


  • H&K G3 Magazine
  • Caliber: 7.62x51 (.308 Winchester)
  • Capacity: 20 Rounds
  • German Army Surplus
  • Works In Any Firearm That Uses G3 Magazines
  • Made in Germany

More Information

Brand German Army Surplus

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Customer Reviews

Great Magazines
Review by Conrad
Verified Buyer
I ordered three magazines for my HK91 variant. When they arrived they all looked to be in very serviceable condition, one of them seemed new. They all fit in my weapon perfectly, except for one which needed a little adjustment. Overall great quality as I have come to expect from KS.
what a deal
Review by lee
Verified Buyer
Ordered 100 to get the 1.50 each... none of mines had any wrapping or package like some of the other reviews mentioned, but I could not be happier with what I received. Over 90% of them looked brand new and the others looks to be slightly used. I couldn't believe it. what a great deal on these almost pristine mags..
Don't hesitate
Review by David
Verified Buyer
Quick ship. Standard Hk 91/clone/G3 aluminum mags. Some wear but overall awesome deal. Several appeared to be new unissued mags. Yea, the packing job wasn't pretty but it worked. Thanks, I will be using these often. I bought 100 for 1.50 a unit. $20 shipping. Any other weapons platform is 10 times that amount for mags.
Get Some!
Review by Guy
Verified Buyer
Ordered 100 after reading a lot of reviews. While I did not receive any that were still in the wrapper or box, about 70% were indistinguishable from brand new, and the rest hadn't seen the inside of a mag well more than twice. I know this because I ran experiments to read wear patterns and know exactly what I got. Other than the very vague wear marks on the anodizing of that 30%, there were NO scratches, dings, or dents anywhere. I'm very pleased. Almost gave 4 stars for price because the shipping was a killer, but still overall a great value!
great mags!!!
Review by dave
Verified Buyer
These are great mags! They are aluminum, lightweight, and function well. For actual battle purposes I'd opt for the steel mags though. They're so cheap you can buy a bunch and just beat them and not worry!
Excellent deal
Review by Phil
Verified Buyer
Ordered the 100 mag deal. None in the wrap, but about 60 were in unused, primo condition, many from the 60's and 70's. The others showed signs of use; a few had some rust spotting and a few had minor dings. All appeared serviceable.
Absolutely worth the purchase.
Great Deal on G3 Alum mags
Review by Kevin
Verified Buyer
I didnt need them but I figured I would get a few more before they start to dry up.
I decided to go ahead and order 100 since people were reporting NIW mags mixed in and figured they would be cool to stash for the future plus the price break made it a good deal.
out of 100 mags I got
48 wrapped in paper in sealed bags - opened a couple and they were NIW
8 wrapped in paper in sealed bags with Rheinmatall tags in the bag - didnt open
14 in taped bag with finish wear,looks to be from storage - didnt look used
9 wrapped in paper in open bags - all looked new
21 in taped bags - all looked like new mags

none of the mags had dents or dings

I rolled the dice and made out well ..

Superb Surplus
Review by Ryan
Verified Buyer
Most were like new condition, some still even in wrapper! Surprisingly durable for aluminum. You cannot go wrong with this item.
Good deal
Review by x51
Verified Buyer
Received 100 in a box, each inside a plastic bag. Some with rust inhibitor paper, some without. Some new, some used. No relation between the two.

48% were new (2 had minor rust on the floor plate and follower)
7% were almost new, very little use
32% were used,
8% were heavily used, still functional and no dents
5% had dented bodies that may function after pushing the dents out.

Overall a good deal at the 100 price break. I received 48 new mags for the normal price of 38 mags. The rest of the mags (save 5) are functional and free!
what a great deal on the HK 91 magazine
Review by Roy v
Verified Buyer
I just got my 100 pack in all I have to say is wow they look like they are brand new. This is the best price out there on the market and fast shipping. Thanks keep shooting

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