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H&K G3 Magazine

The H&K G3 Magazine is a military surplus magazine for the H&K G3 rifle. These magazines hold 20 rounds and will function in any firearm designed to use G3 magazines.

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Description / H&K G3 Magazine


  • H&K G3 Magazine
  • Caliber: 7.62x51 (.308 Winchester)
  • Capacity: 20 Rounds
  • German Army Surplus
  • Works In Any Firearm That Uses G3 Magazines
  • Made in Germany

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Fantastic deal
Review by Brandon
I bought this for the mags, great price! I got an almost new mag from the 80's, and one that looked like it had lived an interesting live from 1965. Not disappointed at all with this purchase. I wasn't interested in the mag pouch at first, it seemed a little flimsy, but carrying it around for a while I think I can make use of it for some extra pocket space. Highly recommended.
Pretty Satisfied
Review by Shane
These mags all came in their own pouches and both the pouches were in various conditions ranging from good to excellent. The excellent ones had a little bit of surface wear on the outside but internally were sound. The lesser quality mags were still good working mags but needed a little extra cleaning and tlc to get them looking and working good. Overall pretty satisfied with these mags. Can't really beat the deal on these mags since they work great with the PTR.
Great deal
Review by Ian
This is a great deal for G3 magazines. I ordered several sets, and some were in like new condition while others showed more wear.

The pouches are neat, but not in great shape. Not really a problem since I was buying these for the magazines.
Where else can you get a Quality Mag for less than $4?
Review by Robert
I bought several sets, and each was in very good/excellent condition. No dings or dents. Some had some wear from being slid into pouches, but this was just cosmetic.

I also bought several leather Austrian FAL Magazine Pouches, put the mags in them, and now have the empty vinyl pouches for holding ammo and cleaning kit.
Great surplus mags
Review by Nick
Great value, surplus but good condition. I will buy more in the future.
100/100 thumbs up!
Review by KP Duty
I bought 100 when they offered a quantity discount. The worst had a little storage wear, vast majority were cosmetically perfect in every way. They didn’t even need to be wiped down. Most were HK from the 60’s but several manufacturers and dates from the 60’s to 80’s were mixed in. No functionality problems as of yet but I admit I haven’t tested them all yet. But I didn’t get a single one I was concerned about. If my experience reflects current stock you can’t go wrong. 100/100 is a pretty positive sample.
POUCH is GREAT----MAGS will not work in a SPRINGFIELD M-14
Review by barry
the pouch is worth every penny . The mags will not fit a SPRINGFIELD M-14
Great Item !!!!
Review by Mike
Purchased these before and very pleased with these mags !! Get now before they dry up...
great mags.
Review by David
Best thing about having a PTR91 is cheap quality mags. Or at least until the surplus runs out.
Cheap, so low risk
Review by Gary
Bought 10 magazine combo packs when they were $3.95, so very low risk. The magazines ranged from still in factory wrap to badly dented. Three were new or like new, most were worn, but functional and two were dented. About half of them were very dirty. Still, at the price, a good deal.
Best surplus G3 magazines for the $. Period.
Review by Alex
Bought 100 and all were usable with 0% prep. There was a nice mix of Rhinemetal and HK. No NIW mags but no dents or bad wear.
Super combo!
Review by Seth
I do love me some good roller locking battle rifles, and with magazines as cheap as $4 a mag, there is no reason to not go for this deal. These magazines were purchased for a PTR91, and have run flawlessly. While a bit of a challenge to latch shut, the vinyl pouch is a great add on and a fun option to carry extra mags wherever you go. One magazine was spray painted with an orange stripe for some reason, but has run perfectly and actually looks kinda cool, the other was a standard magazine. Both were a bit dirty and had obviously been used, but cycled none the less. It would honestly be silly to buy any other 20 round G3/HK91/PTR91 magazine for more buck-a-roos due to the quality found here.
Great Value for the money.
Review by Richard
Ordered 5 sets. 2 mags were in new condition wrapped in paper with cosmoline, 5 with a little finish wear, 3 with moderate wear and all were in good condition. As for the pouches they range from new to fair. All in all great value for the money.
Great bang for your buck
Review by Jonathan
Recently ordered 8 of these to go with my PTR91. All mags arrived in great condition three of which were clearly unissued showing no signs of ever being inserted into a magwell. The mags were a Mix of HK, FMP and Reimental. All of the mags I received have performed flawlessly in my rifle and would reccomend Keepshooting to anyone looking for mags for their HK/PTR rifles.
Exceeded my expectations.
Review by Rick
These magazines are in very good condition and visually appear to have very little wear. Buy these, and a few at a time, clean them as they have been stored for a while. They work great in my PTR 91 that I shoot in the hills and hollars of Tennessee. The dates on the Mags ranged from 1963 to 1990 but again appeared to have little wear. Glad I bought them. I think you will be too.
Great deal
Review by James
The ones mags I did get are on average very good condition a few (Specifically the HKs made in 1988) are almost new, a few with some manageable dents and only about 8 or so where rusty on the floor plate and follower. 79 of the magazines where HK I also received 11 Norwegian (Crowned K with a little shield on the spine) 2 Portuguese (FMP with a crest on the spine) and 5 Rheinmettal (Circled Diamond with an eagle on the spine) everything else was exemplary, Fast Shipping (Got them in 3 days with the Cheapest option) the packaging, though rough was well packed so they didnt get too tossed about. Overall A great deal money well spent if you have a G3 pattern rifle or like me plan on owning one at some point, not even beat up AK mags can touch these prices.
Review by travis
This was the second order of 100 that i purchased and both have been great.
Great mags
Review by Tim
Out of the 100 mags I received, about 60 looked either brand new or used so slightly that I couldn't tell they were used. Approximately 35 were in what I would call good to really good shape. A couple were in fair shape, and 3 had damaged mag bodies and were unusable. I broke those down for spare parts. Keep Shooting even contacted me to see if I wanted replacements for those three mags which was great. Very happy with my order
Superb magazines
Review by Michael
I usually order magazines 10 at a time (to leave some for everyone else) and I have never had a shipment that wasn't exceptional. This last one only had 1 magazine that had a slight dent (my first dent ever), but it had 1 mag that was absolutely unused! This is the mag to order because the quality is every bit as good as the description says and the price can't be beat if you are a "no compromise" person. And like they say, this supply is bound to dry up one day. Get 'em now!
order today don't wait
Review by alan
I just got done going thru the 100 magazines that came today.. Here are the result.
73 brand new never opened
22 lightly used
3 heavy used
2 dented but probably serviceable
This is the best magazine deal on the planet. These are all hk brand and dated. If you own a g3, ptr91 or think you might one day, don't hesitate to order today.. I'm already considering ordering another 100 just for the hell of it..
Great Magazines
Review by Conrad
I ordered three magazines for my HK91 variant. When they arrived they all looked to be in very serviceable condition, one of them seemed new. They all fit in my weapon perfectly, except for one which needed a little adjustment. Overall great quality as I have come to expect from KS.
what a deal
Review by lee
Ordered 100 to get the 1.50 each... none of mines had any wrapping or package like some of the other reviews mentioned, but I could not be happier with what I received. Over 90% of them looked brand new and the others looks to be slightly used. I couldn't believe it. what a great deal on these almost pristine mags..
Don't hesitate
Review by David
Quick ship. Standard Hk 91/clone/G3 aluminum mags. Some wear but overall awesome deal. Several appeared to be new unissued mags. Yea, the packing job wasn't pretty but it worked. Thanks, I will be using these often. I bought 100 for 1.50 a unit. $20 shipping. Any other weapons platform is 10 times that amount for mags.
Get Some!
Review by Guy
Ordered 100 after reading a lot of reviews. While I did not receive any that were still in the wrapper or box, about 70% were indistinguishable from brand new, and the rest hadn't seen the inside of a mag well more than twice. I know this because I ran experiments to read wear patterns and know exactly what I got. Other than the very vague wear marks on the anodizing of that 30%, there were NO scratches, dings, or dents anywhere. I'm very pleased. Almost gave 4 stars for price because the shipping was a killer, but still overall a great value!
great mags!!!
Review by dave
These are great mags! They are aluminum, lightweight, and function well. For actual battle purposes I'd opt for the steel mags though. They're so cheap you can buy a bunch and just beat them and not worry!
Excellent deal
Review by Phil
Ordered the 100 mag deal. None in the wrap, but about 60 were in unused, primo condition, many from the 60's and 70's. The others showed signs of use; a few had some rust spotting and a few had minor dings. All appeared serviceable.
Absolutely worth the purchase.
Great Deal on G3 Alum mags
Review by Kevin
I didnt need them but I figured I would get a few more before they start to dry up.
I decided to go ahead and order 100 since people were reporting NIW mags mixed in and figured they would be cool to stash for the future plus the price break made it a good deal.
out of 100 mags I got
48 wrapped in paper in sealed bags - opened a couple and they were NIW
8 wrapped in paper in sealed bags with Rheinmatall tags in the bag - didnt open
14 in taped bag with finish wear,looks to be from storage - didnt look used
9 wrapped in paper in open bags - all looked new
21 in taped bags - all looked like new mags

none of the mags had dents or dings

I rolled the dice and made out well ..

Superb Surplus
Review by Ryan
Most were like new condition, some still even in wrapper! Surprisingly durable for aluminum. You cannot go wrong with this item.
Good deal
Review by x51
Received 100 in a box, each inside a plastic bag. Some with rust inhibitor paper, some without. Some new, some used. No relation between the two.

48% were new (2 had minor rust on the floor plate and follower)
7% were almost new, very little use
32% were used,
8% were heavily used, still functional and no dents
5% had dented bodies that may function after pushing the dents out.

Overall a good deal at the 100 price break. I received 48 new mags for the normal price of 38 mags. The rest of the mags (save 5) are functional and free!
what a great deal on the HK 91 magazine
Review by Roy v
I just got my 100 pack in all I have to say is wow they look like they are brand new. This is the best price out there on the market and fast shipping. Thanks keep shooting
Fantastic Deal to Buy them Cheap and Stack them Deep!
Review by Randy
Just got in the 100 pack I ordered last week. I am extremely impressed. I bought these and a bunch of the 2 mag pouches and think this just might be the single best deal I have gotten in firearms accessories in the last couple years. 79 of the 100 mags were new in the wrapper and the other 21 were in very functional shape with just the usual finish scrapes and scratches that you would expect from surplus mags. I could not be happier with my purchase and will probably buy 100 more in the near future. Definitely don't "need" that many mags, but I plan on putting away at least 150 new in the wrapper mags for a just in case scenario down the road. Now is the time to jump on G3 stuff. While it's cheap and plentiful. Thanks Keep Shooting for the great product at great prices.
Great Purchase
Review by travis
I have bought 210 of these mags from Keep Shooting and most of them are in new condition with the rest being very usable. Of the mags i have received over 100 were factory wrapped. Highly recommended.
Almost mint!
Review by medicineman3
Ordered a pack of 10 of these, and only one had a dent/blemish on it! The only thing with the others was a little dust! Tested them out on the range with no jams.
Good Mags
Review by Richard
Perfect if you want to have some junker mags to shoot at the range with if you have an HK or PTR. For top quality the steel is definitely the way to go as the aluminum is pretty fragile (had one drop, dent was enough to interrupt feeding) but for cheap mags these are the way to go
Buy these
Review by Jacob
I got 100 of these for $1.50 each. If you have a G3, PTR91, or anything that accepts these magazines, then do yourself a favor and buy these. I have never seen them this cheap. I now have enough magazines and ammo to get in a VERY long firefight :P
Review by PB
Mags were in good shape, some wear marks. Although, the packing was terrible, a piece of newspaper on bottom of box 9 mags and a piece of newspaper on top. All the mags were rattling around in the shipping box. Luckily none were dented, but you have to do better on the packing.
Nice Mags
Review by RemMax
Ordered several of these on my last order and the mags I received all appear to be un-issued,
They were all nice, clean mags that fit, feed and function perfectly
Overall great value
Thanks KOS

Great Value
Review by RemMax
I ordered several of these on my last order and was pleased with them when they arrived
They were all clean and in excellent condition with most appearing to be unissued, of the 10 I ordered I had 1 that showed some sign's of minor use but that was minor even
Overall really nice and inexpensive mags that work perfectly in my G3 and Cetme's

Thanks KS

Review by Ian
If you have an HK91 pattern rifle, you are doing yourself a disservice by not buying ten or so of these magazines. I do not even own the rifle yet - but plan to in the future. I bought one of these magazines from Keep Shooting to get a feel for the quality before buying bulk. It was so nice that I felt comfortable buying bulk, and when I mean bulk I mean the deal for 100 magazines.

So now I have 101 magazines and no rifle. Almost saved up for that PTR though!
Greater than 95% Are HK direct manufacture.
Review by Chris
I thought this would be a greater mix of HK and HK-contract, but most were HK manufactured, and none were non-contract, which is extra awesome.

None showed signs of being used excessively or abused. Some look completely unused.

Price + shipping cost + speed of delivery were excellent and I recommend ordering from KeepShooting.
Great mags
Review by Holden
I bought 2 of these because you can never have too many magazines. I should have bought more!
They looked brand new, never used. Tried them out today and they worked flawlessly.
I know ill definitely be buying more!
Great deal
Review by Coffee black
Ordered 100 for the price it was an unbelievable value. I was prepared for at least half of them to be unusable. Boy was I wrong. 63 were in the original wrappers and out of the rest it looks like only a couple may have been slightly used. I would buy these again without hesitation. Great deal.
brand new!
Review by Michael
On a recent order I threw one in the cart for a little topper. I was pleasantly surprised with a new mag that has no external wear and little surface rust on the follower. I don't see the tiny eagle swastikas stamped on the back though. But it works well!
Review by Richard
Purchased 100. 13 were still in plastic wrapping, 23 seemed to be used. The rest were flawless looked to never have been loaded into a rifle! Will buy more!
Can't beat the price if you buy 100
Review by HK Fan
I ordered 100 mags due to the price. About 60 appeared new and never used. The condition of the rest varied from light surface rust to heavy rust. I would still buy them again.
Review by josh
Mags look almost brand new just a little clean up needed. I am very pleased with them.
Buy them now
Review by Andrew
Buy them now. Great price, great product. Came wrapped in paper, minor surface blemishes, no corrosion. Thinking about buying 100 for $1.50 each!
Great mags
Review by Xavier
I ordered 8 of these mags they arrived quick and work great!
Better than expected
Review by David
I ordered half a dozen, just to get an idea of quality.
Five of my six mags are HK mil production - of those 4 appear to be un-issued. The fifth has some obvious wear marks but still functions as an HK mag should.
The sixth is an odd duck I am still researching. HK marked but NO date code, NO NSN number. Nothing but the HK stamp?
And it appears new/never loaded.

I will be ordering the 100 count deal in the very near future.
Better than expected
Review by Zach
I have several of these that I ordered from other sites, and expected the ones I ordered from KS to be standard fare, but these are in better shape than any others that I've seen. Not a single scratch on the mags, paint is near flawless and only a few spots of surface rust on the floorplate. Very satisfied.
Great value
Review by Shawn
Second time I've ordered these mags from KS. They are a great price and in great shape. I did have a couple of magazines in my recent order that had followers with some rust, but that is to be expected for surplus mags. The magazines themselves were in excellent shape and only showed minor wear. Next time I will probably pay a little more and get the 5-pack.
Great Mags
Review by SR
I have several G3 aluminum mags from various sources, but the ones I received from Keep Shooting are the best by far. They look almost new and function flawlessly. I did not have to spend any extra time cleaning the mags I received from KS, and the prices are extremely competitive. I will definitely be ordering more G3 mags from Keep Shooting!
At $4 No review needed
Review by igor
They sell themselves
Review by Patrick
Ordered about twenty of these and everyone looks brand new. All the springs feel great too. Nice to have a few spares laying around. I will be buying more.
good magazine
Review by igor
killing zombies might get expensive , but at 3$ a magazine you can buy more ammo
Can't beat it
Review by Andrew
Mags as described. Quick shipping, although I had to pay postage because not enough was paid for by keep shooting. However once I notified them they quickly reimbursed me. I will continue to do business with keep shooting.
These are great
Review by Tom K.
I have ordered over 800 of these magazines and occasionally I'll find in each shipment there's three or four that I need to put some TLC into to get cleaned up.

I will keep buying these as long as they ship quick, are the same quality, and are available.

Ten years from now we'll be crying about these being gone!!!
Wish the description is what they actually send you.
Review by RDTS
I ordered the 100 at $1.50 each expecting the same quality I'd get at the $3.95 price. You know, volume discount but same quality. Well I received the 100 mags and took it for granted they would be as described. Just sorted thru them and out of 100 mags there were 35 that were dented. one had a hole in it.
Great mags at a great price!
Review by Bobby
Good to like new condition. Ordered ten and all worked fine but some do work better than others. Mags date back to the 60`s.
Review by Nino
Most looked brand new the others had just minor paint loss. Excellent protect and very fast shopping as always.
Review by Nino
Arrived very quickly and if new magazines were rated at a 10 these would be 8 or 9. Most looked brand new. This was my second order from keep shooting and the excellent products and service.
could not be happier
Review by chuck
best quality i found you cant beat the price no rust on any that i got. thank you keepshooting
Very happy with my purchase
Review by Brett
I received the magazines today and am very happy. I received 16 magazines still in the factory paper and packaging; 34 were loose but looked to be unissued and only had shipping marks. The remainder had only general use marks. I did receive 2 ith minor dents and 4 with minor surface rust on the floorplate. I would recommend these magazines from KeepShooting.
buy some before a ban
Review by Marcel
great product
work great
Review by Marcel
great price for a hi cap mag
Very happy with my purchase
Review by Connor
I'm really happy with these magazines, not a scratch on any of them, not even the pre-1969 mag has a blemish. And the fact I got them for a fair price, not an arm and a leg like some of these price gouging asses are currently charging. Means I'll definitely be buying more from here.
Excellent value
Review by RemMax
I just received my order today with 10 of these in it and was quite pleased with the mags I got.
I had considered buying the 5 pack of new mags but then decided to go with these instead, in short Im glad I did!
The mags I received are from various years with the oldest 2 from 1964 and the newest being a 1988 the 2 from 64 show a little wear along the top side just below the feed lips but nothing you would notice unless you were inspecting them for flaws and the wear is finish wear only. They function perfectly!
As for the other 8, there are 2 more are from 1967 and 2 more from 1970 and they all look like they are brand new, some I seriously doubt were ever even used, possibly issued but never put in the gun they look that good.
Over all I ordered these just because the price was right. I will likely order 10 more next time I place a order just to have them on hand for all my H&K's.
Nice mags, can't beat them for the price
P.S. I placed my order on Thursday evening and received it in the following Monday mail. You don't get service like that very often these days! Thanks for the quick shipping KS
Review by Phil
Real HK mags in excellent/new condition, extremely fast shipping, great customer service- Outstanding!
Excellent Condition
Review by Jeff
10 mags... 9 excellent... 1 very good condition... Great deal.. These were in better condition than mags I have ordered from other sources. They are all useable and I will probably order more.
Great magazines!
Review by James
I ordered 10 magazines. I was really taken aback when they arrived. Most of them looked like they had never been used. I was so impressed that I ordered 10 more magazines. Great quality!
more for my stock
Review by d
again, great magazines...different dates ranging back to the 60's. all are in great condition
does it get any better
Review by Marine
other sites are still price gouging, are you serious KS does it again with fair pricing and quality products, buy now while you still can at today's prices!
cheapest price
Review by Boyle
The cheapest price, bar none.
Buy them now!
Review by roy
I am a HK fan and have several. These mags look new and function perfectly in a German HK and in the PTR91. Not steel but at this price and in this condition they are a steal.
Sold As Used, Looks Like NEW!
Review by Rich
I bought 10 of these to go with the 10 I got from Century. They were both used batches but the difference is apparent. The ones I ordered with the rifle I bought showed heavy use and a couple had nasty dents. The mags from here were like new mags sealed in packs of 5. No use marks, not beat up and in very excellent like new condition. I am glad I got some before they sold out!
Great Mags/Great price
Review by Jay
10 spotless, blemish free, and new, as far as I see it, magazines. Couldn't be more satisfied with the price, condition and service. Thanks again.
Best kept secret!!
Review by Jay
These are listed as surplus used, but mine came in without a scratch, dent or the usual blemishes we expect on something that is listed as used. I swear these are brand new. I really hope you can get more. I'm a new customer to Keep Shooting and from the two orders I have received so far, I will be one for a while.
Top quality Mag at a great price
Review by Michael
Super quality brand new looking mags that work perfect in HK-91s and PTR-91s. I just bought four of these packs (20 mags total) just before the craziness started. Boy, am I glad I was able to get some while they were in stock. The price has since gone up a little and they are sold out right now but when they are available again, get some while you can. Who knows how much longer these 20-round mags will be available.
HK mag
Review by Brian
Buy these while you can. These aluminum HK mags are in very good condition and function perfectly.
HK G3 Mag
Review by Brian
I have seen these cheaper elsewhere, but not in this condition. The five I received were in excellent condition and they all function just as well as my steel ones. I need more!!!
great price
Review by hobbyoutdoorsman
They work fine and are packaged fine. buy them while they are still cheap.
Review by Richard
Got my 10 in the mail today. One had a small ding in it, all look beautiful thought. Absolutely worth the money. None of my floorplates had any signs of rust. Grab some!
Great buy!!!
Review by Gerald
Bought 50. Only one was dented. Very light surface rust on bottoms. Great deal! Thanks KS
Absolutely no rust
Review by Linda
I bought 1 g3 magazine a while back, it not only was in perfect condition, but it also delivered fast.
Extremely Light And Fantastic Shape
Review by Dylan
These mags were in great shape, had clear followers and no rust spots. Keep shooting really does sell only the best mags. I will get all my g3 mags from here now.
Can't Beat the Quality/Price
Review by Michael
I prefer the steel HK mags but I keep some aluminum ones on hand because they are lighter to carry. The five-pack I received contained all top quality brand new HK mags. You can't go wrong at this price. I recently paid this much for used HK aluminum mags. Get them while you can.
Wow, what a great product
Review by Cody
This is my first time ever writing a review on a product. I cant say how impressed I was with the Magazines. they were all brand new. None of them had scratched or anything and they were delivered very fast. from now on I will purchase ALL G3 products from Keepshooting as long as they have what I need.
Thanks again!
Review by Gerald
Bought 20. All individually paper wrapped inside sealed plastic bags. Good quality! Very well packed for shipping. KS is on my top ten list of suppliers!
Very good condition mags!
Review by ROBERT
Bought these because of my past positive experiences with Keep Shooting and their high quality mags. Haven't saved up enough for my own G3 yet but figured I would buy some of these now since they're cheap and Keep shooting always carries the best surplus mags. Mags look great and see no reason these wont function reliably.
they work
Review by Jordan
These mags work great, and only cost a couple bucks! Ill take 8 more asap!
Great mags at a great price
Review by Kyle
lightweight aluminum and the mags I received looked brand spanking new. I'm happy with my purchase and will be back for more!
Awesome mags!
Review by Chris
I bought 10 of these mags to start with. They all came in heavy sealed plastic bags and the one I opened looks brand new, unissued. I was impressed! So much so, I ordered another dozen!
Stock up
Review by Tom
I ordered 3 of these, I received 2 mags that appear to be brand new, and one mag that looks like it was used maybe 2 or 3 times with vary minimal wear, NO dents or rust. Thanks KS for the great deal! and thanks again for the competent packaging
A good Deal
Review by Scott
I bought 50 expecting that half would be unusable (worn out or rusted/dented). Imagine my surprise when every single one is usable and about one third appear unissued! The other two thirds break down pretty evenly into minor scrapes and ones that show some wear. I'm a happy camper!
Like brand new
Review by jim
I order 9 mags, thought maybe 1/2 would be good to use. No everyone is like new, they looks good, a few do have some wear on them but for the price you cant beat it.
6 out of 8 are unissued
Review by Matthew
the other two show normal wear where it rubs the mag well, the 6 look like brand new no wear marks.
gotta get some
Review by riverking
these suckers are in way better condition than i expected for this price. seem to work great

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