Hexmag AR-15 30-Round Magazine

The Hexmag AR-15 30-Round Magazine is a brand new polymer magazine for the AR-15. This magazine has several unique features, the most apparent being the hexagon pattern on the magazine body. The magazine also features a tool free design allowing quick disassembly and features the HexID color identification system in the floor plate.

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The Hexmag 30-Round Magazine is a factory new magazine that is designed for use in the AR-15. Like all AR-15 magazines, the Hexmag will fit and function in any firearm that has been designed to use NATO standard M16 magazines. With the large number of guns capable of using the Hexmag, there is a clear market for a new polymer AR-15 magazine that has unique features like the Hexmag incorporates.

With the hexagon pattern on the magazine body, you will have a better grip surface for quick magazine changes. This results in more confidence on the range, while competing, or defending your position. The HexID floor plate provides you with a mechanism to color identify your chosen magazine for situations that require mission specific ammunition and do so quickly. You will also appreciate the tool free design, which allows you to disassemble the magazine for cleaning with no tools required.

  • Factory New Polymer Magazine
  • Fits Any AR-15 Style Firearm
  • Hexagon Magazine Body
  • Blaze Orange HexID System
  • Series 2 Design
  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Light weight but strong
Review by Aurther Q.
Verified Buyer
I just got 9 of these and they're well made and you can't beat the price.
Hexmag AR 30s
Review by Andrez Q.
Verified Buyer
I ordered these with the hope that they were good quality magazines; although they seem slightly less rugged than the PMAGs, I'm impressed with the quality nonetheless. No feeding issues at all, very lightweight and durable. Excellent magazines!
Functional with teething issues
Review by Fabricio Y.
Verified Buyer
Ive used PMAGS for ever, and apart from one spectacular production error they have all been perfect.
I bought 6 Tan Hex Mags to try out and for the most part they were just as good as PMAGS (except no ranger plates) I ran the mags through the wringer, I benched them on the ground and leaned into them in every direction, they functioned flawlessly they survived drop tests with full mags, drop tests with empty ones, they survived being thrown and out of the original 6 all of them functioned flawlessly as long as you could get them to lock, even downloaded to 28 rounds It took and insane amount of pressure to lock a magazine in place.

I have to say all in all if you are buying 10 Hex mags for $70 and 3 dont work but buy 7 Pmags for $70 and they all work whats the difference? OH wait Ranger plates.
I like em...
Review by Robby J.
Verified Buyer
These mags lock the bolt back on the last shot on my dpms panther, pmags never did it...
Great mag
Review by Latif Z.
Verified Buyer
I'm highly picky on my mags...I recently purchased some HK mags that were 30+ dollars..these hex mags in my opinion are just as well built if not better...great mag over all...sturdy feed lips...will definitely be ordering more!! Plus the grip tape is definitely a cool feature...
Best polymer mags on the market
Review by Dalan M.
Verified Buyer
Purchased 8 of these after reading about them. I like them better than my Pmags.
They cycle the ammo great.
Easy to clean and drop free from my Anderson AM15 lower!
KeepShooting has a unbelieveable price on thes $7.99
Hexmag 30rd
Review by Randy L.
Verified Buyer
I spent 7yrs active duty USMC and had US GI mags white I was in. I have Lancer mags,Pmags,GI mags now that I have EAS out of the Corp. And I have to say these are light, strong and have a great feel to them. And the price of 7.99 just amazing. I order 5 mags but plan on ordering more I have a feeling these will replace my Pmags and GI mags for sure.
can't complaint
Review by Trenell H.
Verified Buyer
After shopping around for days for a good supplier I found KS they have unbeatable pricing and good service. I ordered 30 mags of their gen1 hex mag because it was a great price, the only bad thing is that when I placed my oreder it only had an option for black mags (WHICH IS WHAT I WANTED) so I choose that option. To my surprise I was shipped mags in Olive Drad Green (I was very disapointed) when I checked the site again they were out of stock. it might have been an honest mistake who knows? I still like the mags minus the color. thanks anyways KeepShootingwarehuose, I'll be shopping with you guys again.
Hexmag AR-15 .223/5.56 30-Round Polymer Magazine
Review by Levy A.
Verified Buyer
Just got mine in the mail this morning and I've gotta say that they are awesome. These are my first Hexmags and I feel that they're going to be an excellent addition to the collection. They fit like a glove in the mag well, feel sturdy and are very well made. I plan on loading them up and trying them out in the very near future. I'm very pleased with my purchase
Review by Jalani L.
Verified Buyer
Best Magazine I have ever owned. I bought four of these thinking I'd try them out before buying all I needed. Well, by the time I received the four I ordered, these were sold out. Not due to slow handling and shipping. Instead, obviously due to others knowing these things are unbeatable. Especially at half price.

They fit all my guns perfectly. No hitting the bottom to get them to seat. They slide right in, come out when you press the release and, hold very firmly while inserted in the gun. They make P-Mags obsolete.
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