HK G3 Steel Stripped S-E-F Lower

The HK G3 Steel Stripped Lower is an S-E-F marked lower trigger frame for the HK G3 rifle. These stripped G3 lower trigger frames came from HK G3 rifles that were sold as surplus by the German government. Each G3 stripped lower has had the trigger components removed and is ready for your conversion to semi-auto to allow this steel frame to be installed on your rifle.

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These HK G3 Steel Lower Receivers are taken from HK G3 rifles that were surplused by the German army. Prior to being surplused each steel lower had the trigger packs removed making this G3 steel lower ideal for semi-auto conversion. With the proper semi-auto conversion, you can easily install your existing semi-auto trigger pack into this lower frame giving your HK G3 style rifle a more military look and feel.

  • Authentic German Army Surplus G3 Lower
  • S-E-F Marked on both sides
  • Polymer Olive Drab Pistol Grip Pre-Installed
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Overall Rating
perfect for my. build!
Review by Robert
As always very happy with my order from housing in great shape.will be ordering more g3 build parts soon.hope they come across some push pins and cocking tubes.thanks again!
Overall Rating
Was Like New
Review by Rich
The one I received was in perfect condition like it had just been made. Not a scratch on the metal nor not one bit of wear. The included grip was def used but I didn't need it anyway as I already had a new one. You can't go wrong at this price for this quality.
Overall Rating
Great for the price and a little work
Review by Smidrow
Great alternative to the pricey trigger housings already clipped and pinned. I did some research and figured out how to do it and after a few hours I had it installed on my PTR and love the look. I only wish you could choose the hand grip color, as well as wishing my ptr came with the metal trigger housing like they do now instead of the poly. This is not new but mine was in good shape for the price I am happy and going to order a few more
Overall Rating
No rust.
Review by April
Lower arrived clean and in good over all condition with a near perfect OD green grip, metal finish was worn as shown in the picture, its is a great buy.
Overall Rating
Good for price
Review by Alex
Don't expect a new housing. I was happy with the price and quality. It was clear the housing I got was carried a lot and shot a little. I couldn't find much carbon in the lower. I bought this for a GI PTR that is going to get a retro treatment to look like an early G3. hooks it up again !
Overall Rating
Worked on ptr91
Review by adam
Ok so I got this for my PTR 91. When it arrived it was in great shape. I watched a few videos off the internet and got a good idea of what to do. It takes time to get it to fit I started with a grinder then finished with a hand file. Do not over do it when grinding. I actually used calipers to make sure I filed each side evenly. After a few hours of TAKING MY TIME. it popped right into place.
Overall Rating
Great spare parts.
Review by Richard
Purchased Ptr 91 with poly lower and figured for the price I could convert it over if I had problems with the poly. Great product hard to beat the price. Thanks
Overall Rating
Pretty good for only 10 bucks
Review by Mark
The one I received had the normal finish wear you would expect from a surplus used rifle part. Grip was in pretty good shape. Grip screw was boogered up a bit and was missing the lock washer but it in no way detracts from the overall lower.
Overall Rating
*Will* work for PTR91
Review by Seth
I bought this lower for a PTR91, because other sites have similar items for upwards of $70, I though I would try to make it fit and save money. I was able to make this steel lower work with my PTR91 G.I. model, with about 3 hours of work. I had to saw the pin holes off completely to allow the lower to attach to the mag well area of the upper as they are too narrow, plus add a bit of metal (no welding) to secure a tight fit with the upper once attached. Nothing impossible but do not expect a simple drop in replacement with PTR91. The sawed off pin holes do not detract too much from the aesthetics of the rifle, if you care about such things.

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