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With exclusive licensing from Heckler & Koch, the HK MP5 air gun features a realistic design that fires .177-caliber (4.5 mm) steel BBs and is powered by disposable 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Plinking will never be the same.

Distributed by Umarex USA and exclusively licensed by Heckler & Koch, the HK USP air pistol is one of Umarex USA's wide range of replica air pistols that is built to nearly the same specifications as the original.

Since its debut in 2006, Umarex USA has been a premium provider of sporting and replica air pistols and rifles. Their world-class products represent a big chunk of several niche communities that range from air guns and airsoft to paintball and tactical accessories. Recently, the company even branched out into rimfire rifles. But enough about Umarex; let us talk more about the HK MP5 air gun.

The HK MP5 air gun features a seven-inch, smooth-bore barrel alongside an overall length of 15 inches when folded and 25 inches when unfolded. No, that is not a mistake. The HK MP5 air gun features a fully operational folding stock, giving it dimensions that are dangerously close to the original MP5K-PDW. Additionally, the synthetic receiver and authentic trigger pack combine to give the pistol a weight of 2 1/2 pounds – not quite the bulk of the original but pretty hefty nonetheless. Other features include a hooded fixed front sight, a windage-adjustable rear sight drum, a manual thumb safety, vertical forward grip and the aforementioned authentic Navy-style trigger pack.

As noted, the HK MP5 air gun is exactly that – an air gun. It is not an airsoft gun. It is designed to fire .177-caliber (4.5mm) steel BBs and is powered by disposable 12-gram CO2cartridges. Unlike a great majority of air guns in the Umarex line, however, the HK MP5 air gun features an interesting blowback repeater that gives it semi-automatic firing capabilities and makes the operation of this air gun even more realistic than others. The HK MP5 air gun also uses a 40-round drop-free magazine, which is inserted into a realistic magazine well adjacent the trigger pack. The CO2 cartridge is inserted into the rear of the receiver, and provides the pistol with a source of compressed air, which acts as a propellant that is released with each pull of the amazingly realistic double-action trigger. This particular air gun is capable of discharging projectiles at a velocity of up to 400 fps.

The Browning Hi-Power air pistol may not be exactly what John Browning had in mind when he designed the original so many years ago, but it is as close as you can get with an air pistol. It is perfect for:

- Air pistol collectors

- Varmint hunting

- Pest control

- Sport shooting

- Plinking

- Much more…

Note: Air guns and rifles are, like firearms, not toys. Any misuse or careless use could result in serious injury or death. Any child or person under the age of 18 should be under adult supervision while using an air gun. Prior to use, all materials and instructions that accompany the product should be read carefully. Do not brandish this product in public, as it may be mistaken for an actual firearm and considered a serious crime. Check all local laws and regulations that may prohibit the ownership of this product.

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