Hogue's 12" L.O.P. Remington 870 12-Gauge Overmolded Shotgun Stock Kit with Forend is molded from a super tough fiberglass reinforced polymer assuring stability and accuracy. These superior stocks are durable, weatherproof, and non-slip. Hogue Shotgun stocks are super comfortable with a standard length of pull or with a shorter 12" length of pull. Overmolding provides the ultimate in a comfortable, non-slip, super smooth attractive finish that is durable and extremely quiet. The exclusive Cobblestone texture further enhances all Hogue stocks by providing an efficient non-slip, non-irritating stippling pattern.

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  • Weatherproof and non-slip
  • Soft recoil cushioning buttpad
  • Ambidextrous palm swell
  • Fits Remington 870 12 gauge shotguns
  • 12" Length of Pull
  • UPC: 743108087329

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Customer Reviews

Hogue Stock.
Review by Rayann N.
Verified Buyer
As I mentioned in other reviews, I am a big Hogue fan. Don't get me wrong the original forend and stock were great, but the Hogue grips feel great in your hand, and the 12 LOP is great if you want to square up your shoulders. Some big guys may have to get used to different firing position required, but it doesn't take long.
Review by Winn H.
Verified Buyer
You can't beat this stock and forend set. It feels great in the hand and LOP is very good. Excellent.
Exceptional Fit.
Review by Kelley G.
Verified Buyer
Hogue has a reputation, and for me, it equates to quality and attetntion to detail. I would recommend this combo to anyone interested in converting their hunting rifle to a more capable home defense weapon.
As always, Hogue is awesome!
Review by Jeany Q.
Verified Buyer
Not much to say, perfect fit and finish, and looks wonderful on my 870 tactical. I absolutely LOVE the feel of the over-molded Hogue products, and put them on every firearm I own. The entire fore end of this setup is over molded, however, only the part of the butt stock, that your hand wraps around, is. This doesn't concern me, as I don't even touch the other, more rear end, part of the stock anyway. 12'' lop is SHORT, lol, it will take some getting used to, but this is a bedside/house weapon, and I needed the maneuverability of a shorter set up gun. Looks like I have to do some training, dang.. ;)
Perfect for the HD shotty...
Review by Sharene X.
Verified Buyer
This is as good a stock set as one could get for a home defense shotty. Reasonable price makes it easy to try. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 is a nit pick that the stock wont pull right up to the receiver leaving a very small, almost un-noticable gap. I might be able to eliminate it, but its so trivial I havent bothered. This particular model has the "reduced pull" length stock which requires a little adjustment to utilize correctly, I feell the added manuverability is worth it. Get the full length stock if this might bother you...
shotgun stock for short people
Review by Servando B.
Verified Buyer
Great product. Short length of pull and rubberized stock are exactely what I was looking for to convert my husbands 870-12Ga into a shotgun I can use.
Excellent Product
Review by Jacob Q.
Verified Buyer
My wife and I participate in many still shoots. My wife is fairly short (5' 2") and has difficulty handling an adult sized shotgun. The adult sized length of pull stocks forces her to hold a shotgun at arm's length. This caused accuracy problems as well as being tiring.

She had a youth model shotgun but you can only find them in 20 gauge. She really wanted to shoot 12 gauge with the more comfortable youth L.O.P.

I searched for Remington 870 stocks on KeepShooting and found this model. I thought I'd give it a try. I ordered it on a Monday, got it that Thursday, installed it on an 870 Express Magnum on Friday, and Sunday she was winning matches with it.

The L.O.P. is just right for her. She loves the over molded grip which keeps the forend from jumping out of her hand (this happened with her youth model, wood forend, 20 gauge). Installation was a breeze. It also reduced overall weight of the gun.

Bottom line: my wife loves the shotgun equipped with this stock. I'd highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.
Good all around product
Review by Terrin Q.
Verified Buyer
What's to say...the reivews are mostly good and I agree. I was concerned with the posibility of hitting my nose with my stock hand (right) but soon found out this was not an issue for me. I've ran about 50 assorted target and 00 buck rounds through the gun with this stock and am very pleased. The feel is good...not too "rubbery" and not slick. Build is very good, install was a breeze...fit and finish are very acceptable.
A must have for any serious 870
Review by Earnie U.
Verified Buyer
Very nice. I run these on all my 870s from my beater bead sighted truck gun to my Van Comped NP3d BBQ bear gun. The short LOP is money even with a 37" sleeve, keeps the overall length of the weapon down around 36" with an 18" barrel. Don't wrap your thumb and you'll be fine. The recoil pad is adequate, fit and finish is excellent. Install is easily done with a Phillips screwdriver and the right sized socket on a long extension.

The short stock makes it much easier to run a squared up iso stance even with long arms. Also, the Houge stocks seem to have more of a drop making it easier to keep your strong side elbow tucked down tight. Remington should ship all working 870s with this rig and leave the 14" LOP stocks for the Fudds and hunting shotguns. Those of us using a shotgun for work and/or personal protection will greatly appreciate the shorter length.
Rem 870 - Hogue 12" LOP
Review by Iesha D.
Verified Buyer
This was my first time to change a stock and forend, but it was not too bad. The surface feels great and is easy to maintain grip. When I first put the new stock on I thought it was a little too short (13" LOP would be great), but I really liked it once I went out to shoot with it. FYI - This was purchased for a home defense shotgun with 18.5" barrel.
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