Hogue Remington 870 Over Molded Stock - 12" LOP

Hogue's 12" L.O.P. Remington 870 12-Gauge Overmolded Shotgun Stock Kit with Forend is molded from a super tough fiberglass reinforced polymer assuring stability and accuracy. These superior stocks are durable, weatherproof, and non-slip. Hogue Shotgun stocks are super comfortable with a standard length of pull or with a shorter 12" length of pull. Overmolding provides the ultimate in a comfortable, non-slip, super smooth attractive finish that is durable and extremely quiet. The exclusive Cobblestone texture further enhances all Hogue stocks by providing an efficient non-slip, non-irritating stippling pattern.

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  • Weatherproof and non-slip
  • Soft recoil cushioning buttpad
  • Ambidextrous palm swell
  • Fits Remington 870 12 gauge shotguns
  • 12" Length of Pull
  • UPC: 743108087329

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Customer Reviews

As expected
Review by Kaeley E.
Verified Buyer
Arrived as expected. Fit my Remington 870 perfectly. Installation was easy. The butt stock is 2 inches shorter so be sure to keep that in mind.
Buy this stock you will be happy you did!!
Review by Erice Q.
Verified Buyer
Easy install & fit perfect!! If you have short arms you know how uncomfortable shooting with a stock that is to long is, I was able to remove old stock & put hogue stock on in 10 minutes literally! Went to a turkey shoot & actually enjoyed shooting alot more easily racking shotgun without having to "unshoulder" shotgun if you have short or stocky arms like me, or your teaching the next generation to shoot this is the only stock I will ever recommend you use & you will be happy you listened.
Doesn’t fit 12ga 870 Remington
Review by Salvador F.
Verified Buyer
I own a 12ga Remington Magnum. The parts were covered in dirt film and had to be cleaned. The screw that came with the stock was not even close to the size of my receiver. The Fore-end was no where close to fitting my gun, this is a joke. The Grip and the Stock were made out of very cheap material. I wasted half an hour messing around with this junk, it isn’t even made for the gun it says it is. Save yourself the trouble do not buy this.
Not a single regret buying it.
Review by Sean J.
Verified Buyer
Great upgrade for my Rem 870. I am not that tall and orginal walnut stock was long and uncomfortable to shoot for me. I am glad I searched KeepShooting and found this Hogue stock with 12" LOP. It fits me perfect. Quality is good and definetly feels lighter compared to the original stock.
Works for Pardner Pump Protector...with a little motivation
Review by Robert T.
Verified Buyer
I bought this for the Parnder Pump Protector which is a 95% clone of the Remington 870. I say 95% because the barrel and receiver are ever slightly different. The stock was very easy to put on. If you have a basic socket set and a 6" socket extension then you are good to go. Also a skinny Phillips head screwdriver is needed and a little silicone lube to get the screwdriver into the rubber buttpad. The Hogue stock was made for an 870's receiver. Rememebr when I said the Pardner's receiver was slightly different? The Hogue stock will fit on the receiver but not perfectly flush. It's secured but there is a tiny gap between the stock and receiver. Nothing that affects functionality. If you really care, I'm sure you could grind down a bit of the stock to fit.

The forend is a different experience. This kit doesn't come with a barrel nut wrench to remove the nut holding the forend to the magazine tube. However, a pair of needle nose pliers opened wide worked well since the nut has two notches that the plier ends can fit into. The nut isn't on there tightly so it's easy to twist off. Next, give the stock forend a little wiggle and pull and it'll come off the action tube. Now, this is the tough part everyone complains about. The Hogue forend is difficult to fit onto the Pardner's action slide since it's not exactly the same as the one on the Remington 870. Some reviewers have said they filed down the plastic inside the forend to get it to fit. I didn't do that. Instead, I just lined the Hogue forend straight on the tube, then pounded it down using the old stock like a paddle. You can see the photo to see how I held it. This worked 90% of the way. To get that last couple of inches, I used a 1ft section of 1"x2" scrap wood found in my garage. It fit between the action bars to press against the tube. I hammered against the wood which pushed the tube fully into the forend. Done! Reassemble the gun, function check it, then admire how much better it fits and feels. Bonus: the Hogue forend is shorter than the stock Pardner forend. It doesn't cover as much of the receiver when you pull it back which means you can put on a higher capacity side saddle: 6-shell holder vs 4-shell holder.
very easy to install
Review by Irena P.
Verified Buyer
looks great and very easy install. Looks great and feels comfortable. The Slide is shorter than the stock piece which allows you to install a side saddle.
Great product for use in close quarters/home defense. Excellent fit on Remington 870 Express.
Review by Abu Y.
Verified Buyer
As described and delivered as promised. This is a quality product and fits perfectly on my Remington 870 Express. The 12” stock is 2” shorter than standard and is perfect for close quarters or in home. The surface is grippy and easy to hold on to. Assembly was quick and easy. The forend retaining ring requires a special tool or you may be able to use needle nose pliers. Unlike the original butt stock bolt that uses a flat head screw, this stock bolt requires a 1/2 socket and 6” extension. I also had to remove the original spacer for the wooden stock. I really like this product and recommend it for a reasonably priced replacement for standard hardware. Just be sure you pay attention to the length to suit your application.
great for girls/women
Review by Gaylon L.
Verified Buyer
i bought it for me im 6'3 and 190lbs bout its to short i bought it to put on my 870 for duck/kayak hunting because i keep a knoxx recoil stock on it for at home, but i ended up really liking it enough to not return it and give it to my girl who is getting in to clay shooting, the recoil pad is very nice but the lightness of the stock still leaves a little room for kick but nothing crazy at all and a improvement that isnt just cosmetic
Pumpin and dumpin.
Review by Derryl M.
Verified Buyer
Previously had an ATI adjustable folding stock installed. It’s was about 3.5 inches longer than this and made the shotgun pretty uncomfortable to wield and shoot. Not to mention, my wife couldn’t rack it as it was simply too long. This is perfect if you don’t have very long arms. The recoil pad is of good quality and the fore-end grip (pump) now has enough... grip... to take away any doubt that you would be able to rack the shotgun in wet weather. I’d recommend this to every person with and 870, that isnt interest in a magpul kit.
Looks good and is comfortable
Review by Solange M.
Verified Buyer
My husband put this on our 870 for me since my t-rex arms had me way too stretched out to use it stock and I would tire easily shooting clays. This is such a major improvement for me and it looks super clean on the gun. Bonus for him is he now *has* to buy another since I’ve claimed this one.

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