Hornady Critical Duty® .40 S&W Ammunition

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Each box of Hornady Critical Duty® .40 S&W ammunition is a product from the Hornady Manufacturing Company. Developed as the pinnacle of law enforcement and tactical professional ammunition, the Hornady Critical Duty® cartridge was designed to deliver superior controlled expansion and large, deep wound cavities over a wide range of velocities. More importantly, however, it was designed to do so consistently.

Hornady Critical Duty® .40 S&W ammunition is, as noted, a product from the Hornady "Critical Duty®" line. The Critical Duty® line of ammunition was developed as a response to the unyielding needs of law enforcement officers and tactical professionals, and served to correct the inconsistencies associated with the standard jacketed hollow point projectile. All Critical Duty® ammunition features projectiles that boast superior terminal ballistics ratings as well as nickel-plated cases that not only reduce the risk of corrosion, but improve feeding performance as well. Like all Hornady ammunition, the Critical Duty® line is manufactured in the United States at the Hornady production plant in Grand Island, Nebraska.

The cartridges found in each box of Hornady Critical Duty® .40 S&W ammunition begin with the company's patented FlexLock® projectile. The FlexLock® projectile begins with the company's patented FTX® design, which benefits from the use of a state-of-the-art Flex Tip® technology that is employed to eliminate clogging and other inconsistencies often linked to standard jacketed hollow point projectiles. This technology is paired with an Interlock® band that locks the jacket to the high-antimony lead core to provide for maximum weight retention and unparalleled terminal performance. Additionally, each cartridge is loaded with a stable, clean-burning propellant that not only reduces recoil in light-frame handguns, but also minimizes muzzle flash to protect night vision. The result is a unique projectile that delivers exceptional on-target expansion and uncanny consistency.


  • Muzzle Velocity: 1010 ft/sec
  • Muzzle Energy: 396 ft/lbs
  • Projectile Type: FlexLock
  • Projectile Weight: 175 Grains
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