Ice Scraper - Polymer Weapon

This Ice Scraper can also be used as a self defense weapon! It's made of polymer, hard plastic so it's undetectable. The ice scrapper is very affordable and effective!

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Please only use this item for defensive purposes!

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Great Item
Review by Grok
Verified Buyer
These are exactly what they are depicted to be. I don't know if I will be keeping the two that I bought since I am not 100% sure that for someone who took years (decades really) of martial arts training, they will work since they conflict with proper fist shaping (and thumb placement). Those of you who know what I am talking about will appreciate this.

That said, for someone who doesn't have that training, or training to throw one's whole body into or through a blow, these would be very effective force multipliers.

In a situation where a potential victim had made or been forced into the decision to fight back, these would be very nasty to have to contend with. I think they'd lay the average assailant's face wide open with almost any sort of strike, i.e., even one non expertly inflicted. I certainly wouldn't want to have to deal with someone so equipped, even if they were half my size. Translation: I will be giving these to my girlfriend (she's a Quaker but would fight to the death to protect her cats, so I should be ok) and her sister, and ordering one for the truck - for ice, just in case...
Strong For The Price
Review by SurplusCollector
Verified Buyer
First thing I noticed was the quality, and hardness. Also the end is a bit sharp, but I don't think it would break too easily.
Review by Action
Verified Buyer
I've bought two of these and they're rugged. This ice scraper has multiple uses and it fits nicely in you hand and pocket. They're cheap in cost too -so do yourself a favor and add this awesome piece of equipment to your cart.
Well worth its cost
Review by Jose USMCR
Verified Buyer
Buy it. It is super tough and easy to conceal. Very nice to have when you are not allowed to carry a firearm or metal knife. Much better than trying to improvise a weapon when attacked. You can use it as knuckles or if you sharpen it down as a slashing weapon.
Very Durable, tips won't bend
Review by Anastasia
Verified Buyer
These comfortably fit inside your hand and allow you to make a closed fist. These are a lot thicker/rugged then the polymer knife,and these seem to be of higher quality/thickness. After striking a punching bag, (a bodybag, not speedbag) you can see that all the force of your strike is sent through your hand and into the tip of this "scraper." This is definitely a good last means for self defense, and I plan on carrying these on me in the winter for ice scraping. I struck a wall in my garage and it leaves a clean 2.5 inch long line in the wall. The entire force of your hit is focused into the tip, causing maximum damage. I'd hate to be the mugger to get hit with these.

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