Valued Customers,

Back in December, we here at posted a notice to alert our customers of potential shipping delays as a result of the shift in our nation's political climate and the panic buying that ensued. The changes left us unable to ship with the same efficiency that our customers have come to expect, and regrettably, we fell behind. In the weeks that followed, our shipping department was flooded with an unprecedented number of orders. Whereas we were once able to offer next-day shipping, expectations fell, ranging between seven and ten business days. Today, I am pleased to be able to offer another, more promising update.

Nearly three months later, we are proud to announce that our shipping department is back on track. After an exciting expansion of our shipping department, including the addition of several part-time employees, we have effectively reduced the gap between order date and shipping date. As of today, March 14, customers can expect their orders to ship within two to three business days. Please note, however, that some orders have special circumstances and may require additional processing time, including those orders for firearms and ammunition. Additionally, we have every expectation that the shipping department will regain its ability to ship orders on the next business day by the month's end. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those customers who were patient and understanding during this difficult time, as their kindness fully reassured our dedication to what we consider world-class customer service.

Unfortunately, as I am sure you have noticed, the political climate has only grown more turbulent, and panic buying has yet to subside. Firearms, firearm accessories, magazines and ammunition are as scarce as ever and remain on an allocated status, meaning that these products are not only unavailable at the retail level, but at the wholesale level as well. Essentially, new product acquisition as it relates to the arms and ammunition industries is completely out of our control for the time being, which leaves us unable to offer restock estimates for many of our most popular products. Fortunately, there is a way for customers to remain up to date with inventory concerns.

The best way to keep oneself abreast of changes in inventory is to sign up for product alerts. If you find a product that interests you, but is currently out of stock, click the "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock" link. Doing so will allow you to register for a product alert that will send an email to alert you the moment a product is marked available.

As for in-stock products, any product that is marked available is a product that is currently in stock. If you see something that you would like to purchase, be it a firearm, a magazine or ammunition, add that product to your cart and create an order. This is essential for both mail-order customers as well as local customers, as products cannot not be held and will not be offered for backorder.

Finally, while the increase in sales brought about a delay in shipping, it was truly a blessing in disguise, as the increase in revenue also gives us the opportunity to expand as a company. Our impending expansion begins with greater buying power. In the coming months, you should notice an influx of new products, many of which will be exclusive to While this will not include firearms, firearm accessories, magazines or ammunition, it does include clothing, military surplus and other outdoor equipment, which represents a large portion of our business.

In closing, the future for us here at, and in turn, our customers, looks brighter than ever. Perhaps most important, however, is the fact that our expansion is certainly not limited to increased buying power. Moreover, I cannot wait to receive the go-ahead to pen another blog post detailing the big plans that have been taking shape in recent months – plans that will ensure our continued business for years to come. 



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