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Individual Camouflage Net – Woodland Camouflage Pattern

Individual Camouflage Net

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  • Individual Camouflage Net – Woodland Camouflage Pattern Individual Camouflage Net – Woodland Camouflage Pattern
  • Desert Camo - Individual Net Desert Camo - Individual Net
  • Individual Camouflage Net – Snow Camouflage Pattern Individual Camouflage Net – Snow Camouflage Pattern

Individual Camouflage Net

These camouflage nets are actually pieces of unissued United States Military surplus. Nevertheless, whether you are concealing yourself from armed enemy combatants or hiding from seekers, the individual camouflage net is a great choice.


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As noted, each individual camouflage net offered by is an authentic piece of United States Military surplus. These nets were originally designed for and used by military personnel to provide an instant camouflage screen against air and ground observation. These camouflage nets have never before been issued and remain in their original packaging. They even include the identification stickers that provide general information regarding the product. Because they have never been issued, each net is completely free from use and is ready to serve.

Each individual camouflage net is constructed entirely from polyester and measures approximately 96 inches by 60 inches, providing 5,760 square inches of concealment. As noted, they are available in one of two different U.S. camouflage patterns – woodland camouflage and snow camouflage. The U.S. woodland camouflage pattern, also known as the M81 pattern, is a four-colored camouflage pattern that combines swaths of green, tan, brown and black and is intended for general cover in both temperate and tropical woodland environments. It is one of the world's most recognizable camouflage patterns and is still in use with the U.S. Navy as well as numerous foreign military forces. The U.S. snow camouflage pattern is a little less sophisticated. It is entirely white and was designed for use in arctic, snow-covered environments.

Interestingly, the identification stickers found on the packaging include the NATO Stock Number (NSN) for each individual camouflage net. An NSN is a 13-digit numerical code that identifies all standardized materials of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. Depending on which camouflage pattern you order, you will see one of two different NSNs. The NSN for the woodland camouflage model is 8415-01-280-3098. The NSN for the snow camouflage model is 8415-01-280-5234. These numbers identify the nets as "individual camouflage covers." Specifically, the "8415" identifies each net as a piece of individual equipment, while the "01" signifies the U.S. as the codification country. The remaining numbers represent the item number.

Consider the individual camouflage net for:

- Camping

- Hunting

- Survival kits

- Fun and games

- Much more…

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Paul 10-295-2017 10-23-201716:14
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everyone should own one. A preparedness necessity
These are one of the first things I ever bought. I beleive if things ever did get bad.SHTF they might save your life.
The winter version should be found also

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