Israeli Army Bandage - 4" OD Green

Israeli Army Bandage - 4-Inch

The Israeli Army Bandage is a combat tested and battle proven combat bandage. Designed 4-inches wide with a mobile pad, this bandage is ideal for hemorrhage control. It features a pressure applicator and closure bar to help establish and maintain max pressure on wounds.

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Description / Israeli Army Bandage - 4-Inch


  • Israeli Army Bandage
  • 4-Inch Wide Design with Mobile Pad
  • Designed for Fast Hemmorhage Control
  • NSN: 6510-01-460-0849
  • UPC: 7290011042011

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Manufacturer Israeli Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

High quality

Review by Ivan K.
Verified Buyer

Extremely high quality.

Must have for any ifak

Review by Bonnie V.
Verified Buyer

A must have item for any ifak or trauma kit. Don’t settle for imitations. Hopefully I’ll never have to use this for its intended purpose, but I would much rather have and not need, than need and not have. Don’t forget the other necessities too, Hyfin vent chest seals, CAT TQ, quick clot combat gauze, trauma sheers etc

Genuine Israeli Bandage

Review by Garth O.
Verified Buyer

Don,t settle for the cheap knockoffs. How much is a life worth? This type of bandage is too bulky to fit in the Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit. The 4” will have its limitations, compared to the 6” bandage. It will however, fit in the Blue Force Gear Medium Kit. The difference between the two kits, is their size. The Micro Kit is concealable (under a jacket or coat), while the Medium Kit is not. The 6” bandage is meant more for a larger trauma kit.

IFAK application

Review by Dee L.
Verified Buyer

For quick use in your IFAK. Top grade, easy/extended storage use.

Great bandages

Review by Lynell X.
Verified Buyer

Great product

Compact for EDC

Review by Eaton Y.
Verified Buyer

Came well-sealed; good size for carrying, not too bulky.

Save a life. Maybe mine

Review by Orian U.
Verified Buyer

Always good to have one nearby

Great quality Bandages

Review by Allison D.
Verified Buyer

These are quality made bandages. I just hope that I never have to use them.

Good Enough

Review by Kit U.
Verified Buyer

I kind of think that this type of item is really important - so I tried to break it.

Of course one should use extra dressing if the wound calls for it. On to the materials; the elastic bandage is almost to weak or fragile. With extra dressing in place I applied ample force on it the cleat, it held but I thought the elastic bandage was going to rip but it didn't. I moved onto actually trying to pull the cleat of of the bandage and it did not take much effort to start to pull the cleat off. From there I went to absorbency of the pad that is part of the bandage - not the extra dressing I mentioned.
The native dressing absorbed water quickly but it did not hold up to my attempt to pull the pad apart.

All in all IMO I think this bandage would work; I don't think this would hold up under extreme conditions, hey but if your using this bandage your probably in an extreme situation right? So what I mean is, if your are using this in a situation or area that is clam, and the person is stabilized and ready for transport then I think this would work.
But if you in an active situation and the person the bandage is applied to needs to move under their own power or assistance I don't think this would hold up long.

Different Sizes Are Your Friend

Review by Chassie J.
Verified Buyer

You probably need a couple dozen of these things on-hand for when SHTF. It's a one package bandage ... doesn't require other kit to keep it on the wound right where it's needed. It's vacuum sealed to last and stay as small as possible. Probably make for a great Christmas Stocking Stuffer.

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