Israeli Gas Mask for Kids

Israeli Gas Mask for Kids

Are you looking for a good surplus Gas Mask for Kids? This is a perfect one! This child-size Israeli Gas Mask is just as effective as the Adult Size gas mask. The mask uses the same standard Nato Gas Mask Filter as the adult sized masks use.

Description / Israeli Gas Mask for Kids

These gas masks use NATO standard gas mask filters which are readily available. This ensures that your gas mask will be able to provide you with reliable service for many years.

Why should you purchase this gas mask?

  • This gas mask represents a value that is rarely seen in today's economy. The replacement cost of this gas mask is over $100; you are getting it for under $25.
  • This gas mask is technologically superior to other military surplus gas masks. Most Russian and American surplus gas masks are over 50 years old!
  • This gas mask provides complete protection against all threats you are likely to face both domestically and in the event of a terrorist attack.
  • Israeli Civilian Gas Masks do not come with drinking tubes.
  • This gas mask is available for purchase right now. In the future, sales of military equipment are likely to be heavily restricted and over-regulated.

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPORT SALES. Do not even bother placing an order if you are not in United States. By placing an order, you have agreed that you will not export this product without proper export license.

More Information

Manufacturer Israeli Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great mask just for kids
Review by Bob
I bought two extras so we could let the children play with them a bit so they would not be scared if we had to use them. This is definitely something one must have and always hope to never need it.
What a great mask for kids
Review by Steven
The masks are well made and easily adjustable to my children's size. This is a must have, something you need but hope you never have to use them.
Perfect for safety and halloween!
Review by Robert
My kid keeps wearing whenever he can. Thank you KeepShooting for the great product.
Best Price
Review by Tim
I bough two of these with the extra filter for my kids. I own the adult civilian version and both are great mask. They have the drinking tube attachment and the speech diaphragm. Can't find this price anywhere else!
can't beat the price
Review by Roland
I bought two of these for my 2yr and 3yr and i must say they fit just right, my two kids felt comfortable wearing them and their is plenty of strap slack left so the mask themselves will have a long shelf life on them, i would say these will be a good fit till they hit 12 or 13yrs old, my two kids tried them on and think they are the coolest toys, here's to hoping they never have to use them!
Great Deal
Review by Mo
I am very please with the child mask, the mask is in perfect condition and works very well, great deal...
great family item
Review by Mike
If you have had concerns about fitting those "in between" sized kids, give this a try. I have a small, petite daughter and was worried about not being able to find a safe fit but this did the trick and the quality is great. I bought a couple of extras to share if needed, God forbid.
Much better than that comblock garbage!
Review by Jose USMCR
I purchased one of these for my little one and it appears to be brand new. Israeli equipment is generally top of the line. I know all four of the masks I've purchased from KS were top of the line.
These are Military grade masks and take NATO filters. Stock up now.
Hard to find quality child size mask
Review by Michael
High quality child size mask that is virtually identical to the Israeli adult one -- only smaller. Good seal to a child's face using standard quick adjustment straps. New NATO filter included. The only problem I have is that one lens had a fairly large scratch right across the center of it and the other lens had several minor scratched that were less significant. Nevertheless, a great mask for the price.
Great price!
Review by Nate-X
Purchased two of these along with two adult versions of the masks. They all came in great condition.
good quality
Review by jeremiah
Brand new mask they do fit my three year old with a lot of room for adjustment as they get older, I just hope I don't need them.
good quality
Review by jeremiah
Brand new mask they do fit my three year old with a lot of room for adjustment as they get older, I just hope I don't need them.
I have seen these
Review by matthew
They are great quality and price thanks keep shooting. I will buy this.
Excellent product, great fit on kids
Review by gasman
These masks are of great quality and reasonably priced. Fitted well on 6 and 8 year old girls. Quick shipping, Thanks
Great masks
Review by Mid atlantic prepper
I bought a few other types for my kids but they did not seal very well, But these masks seal very well. I am going to buy a few adult masks to have on hand as well.
great deal
Review by 1shot
good quality mask. great price.wish i needed more of them.
Good quality gear
Review by Former NBC Officer
The masks I received last year were in very good condition for their age. They fit my 4 & 6 yo. and sealed well. These are about the only masks on the market for kids that aren't junk or ridiculously priced. I haven't had the situation to test the surplus filters, live. I'm sure they will work fine for a Fukushima type evacuation situation, which is the most likely reason we will need them in the US.
Awesome gas masks for cheap!!
Review by joshua
These are the same great quality as the Israeli adult civilian gas masks. They make a great seal and take the highly available 40mm NATO filter. Until now I have had trouble finding my kids quality gas masks for reasonable prices. Thank you Keep Shooting!

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